Tucci's Shop! Shiny, legendaries and breeds.

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I can add inn a 5 IV timid synchronize ralts holding a starf berry or a BM item (I don't have any other shinies...)

I should mention that I can't trade before Monday, though - unless you can clone the Timburr and trade me a clone back
I dont really need any of that.
I'll get a Shiny Mawile and a shiny Scizor today, will you trade for one of those?


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In response to your CMT, i can easily take on that RNG request; however, i didn't find anything that caught my eye at the moment in your thread, sorry. :/
whats the ability of

Landorus-T | Naive | Intimidate HP Ice

OT: Kaspar
ID: 01948

in the normal form ?
HA or normal ability ?
Hmm. Okay, what about your breedables? Are those Kalos Born and what balls are they in?
All of them are, mostly on pokeballs.
I can give you those 2 shinies for the Heracross, or the Genesect, or I give you a shiny+some breedable pokemon (I can breed almost everything that is possible to do on X/Y)
Interested in a Shiny 31/31/31/31/31/31 impish Giratina for your shiny mawile and scizor or Genesect? You can CMT for anything else that might interest you as well, although I still need to update it with a bunch of things.
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