Let's Play! TUO is Intetionally Dumb - Pokemon Red Edition (Challenge Run LP)

TUO's Pokemon Red Challenge Run

Hey guys! I'm gonna fill the Orange Islands (along with everyone else) with all the Pokemon LP's that have started to come about. However, rather than doing a randomizer or a Nuzlocke, I will set a set of rules for myself to play while giving myself a preset team that I will have to catch and use throughout the run.

The Challenge

1. I can not use my starter with the exception of being an efficient HM Slave.
2. Intense amounts of grinding will make this game not as challenging as I want it to be. This means I can't gain more than 3 levels on one route (in total, not per Pokemon) by fighting Wild Pokemon.
3. No abusing serious bugs of any kind (there are a LOT of them)
4. All of these rules only apply after Brock is defeated. This is the only time the true challenge starts.

As said I will give myself a preset team. The idea was to make myself intentionally dumb with this as the title said, this means that I handpicked the some of the most inefficient Pokemon to use in a playthrough while maintaining type balance and getting each of these Pokemon at different times in the game, without further ado, I present to you the team:

The F-Team

In-game trade -->

Oh yeah one more note, I will be playing this on Super Game Boy just so the screenshots look nicer.

With all of that, let's get into the start of the LP. I just wanna note that if you have any recommendations on stuff I can improve on (how many photos I put of a specific event, if I should skip stuff, etc.) just note it over here.


As this starts, I am greeted by Professor Oak, I learn about these creatures called Pokemon. No matter how much of his research he can tell me, I will always pick the shitty ones.

My name you ask? You may call me "TUO"

I also have a rival that I will have to constantly fight on my journey towards being the champion of crap teams. uh, what was his name again?

Named after the user here (or the Driver on PS, idk how you might know him). This is because he always has a better team than me (at least in Ubers).

As I now warp down into the world of Pokemon, I go to Prof. Oak's lab and get to pick my first Pokemon! Sadly, they are all good stuff so the only reason I need to pick carefully is to manipulate my rival's choice. What did I pick? And most importantly, what did I nickname my starter? Well, you can watch this along the way or scroll down quickly just to find out if you suck.

Oh Sweep challenges me to a battle, time to reveal my starter!

Alright then, I picked up WeakZubat the Squirtle, as I will make sure that this guy is weaker than my Zubat. Bulbasaur and Venusaur also match poorly against Golbat and Beedrill, so we have something good going.

Right away, I beat Sweep unlike how our Ubers matches go and I gain a useless level up with WeakZubat

See ya buddy.

So that's the first part, tell me how ya like it and what I can do to make it better. Also, should I make an installment to beating Brock, or should I just set up my 2nd part when the challenge truly starts?


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