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wtf. why dont we have a general tv topic. well now we do. post what youve watched, or are watching and hope other people post with you

currently im watching s1 of Fargo. excellent tv show and the fact that i never knew how good an actor billy bob thornton is is insane to me.

i'm also watching crazy ex girlfriend. which i used to love a lot but the new season isnt doing it for me. feels like its retreading a lot of the same topics.

riverdale too. this show is fucking epic. its so bad. like amazingly astoundingly bad. its so genuinely incompetent at everything it tried to do except have spooky visuals and shit that its a pure fucking joy to watch. come for hot archie stay for hot biker jughead
haven't been watching much TV lately due to school, the only one I keep up with regularly is The Good Place which is one of the best comedies I've ever seen. the first two episodes of the show are a little weak imo but the rest of season 1 and the entirety of season 2 are masterful. go into this show as blind as possible because there are twists and turns and cliffhangers throughout

apart from that another show I was interested in but haven't found time to watch is netflix's The Haunting of Hill House which has been getting rave reviews; i'm normally not huge on horror but I might watch it over break next week since it's seasonally appropriate
I don't usually watch TV in large amounts, but when I do, I usually watch Air Disasters or Mighty Planes (I am highly interested in aviation). I'm also watching The Purge (the tv one) and The Office (US).


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The Good Place is the best sitcom on TV right now, shit is funny as hell and always stays fresh. I thought the concept would be kinda corny but it really works quite well and the jokes are hilarious. On that note I can't wait for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to come back

I just finished Better Call Saul season 4 as well, this show just keeps getting better and better. I was on and off with the show for its first two seasons but now I'm hooked for real


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Yeah echoing the love for The Good Place, the way they wrote a literal devil as the type of person to ask you if you saw his "dank memes" last night, quote Damn Daniel, and say "Logang for life" is an actually good use of memes in a show, because the character is supremely annoying and that was their goal


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liked all the posts that mention The Good Place, you should definitely start from the beginning as it has a very cohesive story. it and The Blacklist are like the only two shows i devotedly keep up with anymore


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I don't watch western TV a whole lot but it's something I'm trying to do more if only to make myself better rounded. I saw a few things recently though so I guess I'll talk about those.

I finished Killing Eve about two weeks ago; it was really great up until the last episode where the main character just kinda went off of the rails for no good reason and it just became silly. It seemed to spend the last episode or two setting up the plot line that season 2 would follow (having loosely alluded to it earlier on) but I worry that setting up that next plot arc is just going to result in it out-staying its welcome. Fingers crossed it doesn't go to shit in season 2.

Vanity Fair was brilliant; the story was astounding, the characters brilliantly written (especially Becky Sharp, who was simultaniously utterly repulsive yet shockingly endearing: a brilliant paradigm of what a person needs to be to survive in ever-evolving world that she lives in—a world where a lady can no longer survive by simply being a lady (paraphrased)). The casting and acting were both utterly immaculate too; I can think of noone who'd be a better fit for Becky Sharp than Olivia Cooke, nor can I think of a better Lady Crawley than Frances de la Tour. I actually stumbled across the source material for this at the used book stall on the London Southbank earlier today and decided to buy it, so it'll be interesting to see how the adaptation matches up to its source material once I get to the end of what I'm reading atm.

As for my PTW list, I'm thinking of watching The Good Wife, Fargo, Breaking Bad and Wolf Hall at some point soon-ish hopefully if I don't forget/put it off for yet another year; I've seen bits and pieces of all of them from my family watching them but I wanna experience them properly as you can't really follow them that well if you only see segments at random points; I've heard that Wolf Hall in particular is fucking spectacular and what has been released so far is also reasonably short so it shouldn't be hard to get to the end of the existing content. Also wanna watch The Sopranos but with that one I've not actually seen any of it before so I'd be going in completely blind.
I'm watching Young Sheldon, a very kind and funny TV series. Now I like it better than the Big Bang Theory, which has deteriorated in recent seasons, as for me.


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At the moment I am addicted to The Flash. I am on Season 4 and it is by far my favorite TV show ever. Loving the action and drama, definitely keeps me enticed. It also offers a good balance because it isn't all just fighting and violence 24/7, it also has the reality TV vibe going for it. It works really well in my opinion, and I would definitely recommend this to those who enjoy reality shows but also fast-paced action shows.

Survivor is another favorite of mine. Basically it's a reality competition show where contestants are sent to an island and forced to find food themselves and go through challenges to avoid elimination, all for a grand prize of one million dollars. I enjoy competition in general and since this is another fast-paced show, I enjoy it quite a bit.
The Masked Singer. Good lord, The Masked Singer. I can totally get why Ken Jeong got his head spun by Poodle's reveal.

Margaret Cho may be somebody he works with on the reg, but she sounds like Christine Baranski when she sings.


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Netflix Shows are so easy to get attached to compared to cable so this list is mostly from Netflix the binge monster we all love

Derry Girls: a fun, comedic, six episodes, irish (1 british!!) centric series. The characters are lovely, gal. It’s extremely bingeable, and I’ve watched it twice now. Season two is on its way sometime this year 7.5/10
Russian Doll: It was good. Better than I expected for a story that’s kinda just overdone at this point, but hey! they found a way to pull me in. And that’s with the two main characters are just so darn likeable. Overall, 6.5/10
Sex Education: What a show! Just off the premise alone I was hooked. It gave me some genuine laughs, and by the end of the season I was dying for more. Asa Butterfield is adorable too. 8/10
RuPauls Drag Race (and all stars): I had to throw this in. 9/10

Currently watching pen15 it’s so cringe at times, but I love it. This is actually on Hulu (shocking). A 24 and 31 year old play 13 year olds in seventh grade, and the rest of the cast are actually 13 year olds. It’s a wild premise that works honestly


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im watching patriot on amazon prime and it whips ass. it has a real dark sense of humour about it and the plot is intriguing. its seriously good


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Also I would recommend the first few episodes of "When they See Us", super good documentary miniseries about the central park 5.


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I didn't care about GoT at all but HDM adaptation is gonna make me order HBO. My donger is fully raised for this.


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ok if ur gonna watch a historical costume drama you should watch The Borgias, unlike the other historical costume dramas on netflix, this one is about Cesare Borgias aka Machiavelli's prince in The Prince so there is actually a plot and not just boring court nonsense.


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i'm watching Terrace House on netflix and its fucking perfect. I am a huge reality tv junkie but i like it more when its sincere and "Real" feeling. and a lot of western reality tv has been getting away from that. Terrace house is such a breath of fresh air, with complicated characters and relationships and a very high level of sincerity
Idk if any of y'all have seen disenchantment on Netflix, but I'm currently watching it and loving it. The show itself relies on predictable humor, which honestly makes it funnier imo. It's rewarding to find a show that plays into and recognizes what they're doing as far as plot goes.

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