Twilight Princess NOC-Signups

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I'm neither in nor a beginner, but just as advice to the hosts, be sure to put "send a PM to confirm that you have received your role PM" or something similar in the actual role PMs because I know quite a few people don't read all the rules before playing.
Randomized player list (thanks to

1. Box
2. theangryscientist
3. Aura Guardian
4. Yoshinite
5. Eagle4
6. Citro
7. Woodchuck
8. CB Terrakion
9. blackhawk11
10. Gronkasaurus Rex
11. Cereza
12. Obbmud99
13. Metal Sonic
14. Lightwolf
15. Fire Blast

Potential subs: Celever, Anno Nyme

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