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Hey! My name is Ross and I've been on PS purely up until now since Ledybot is now permitted here. This is going to be just for Pokémon I've recently RNGd or TSV bred on SVexchange, everything has proof except for breedables. Proof is available upon demand until I get around to listing them all in a pastebin.


Please edit your comment or make a new comment whenever you request a new Pokemon.

Everything is free for all, no redistribution clauses and everything has been cloned.

For any of the Pokémon please deposit a Gastly nicknamed "Ross" IF there is only one Pokémon for that dex number listed, if there are 2 or more (such as the Ditto’s or Necrozma’s) use the nicknames listed HERE and look for the Pokémon you wish to receive.

Pokémon Details
I've RNGd pretty much everything in Pokémon Omega Ruby, Moon and Ultra Moon with a few rarer exceptions. This includes non shiny and shiny competitive versions of all the UBs in UM, all the Tapu's, almost every legend and dozens of bred Pokémon. These Pokémon will be distributed via Ledybot which you can see more about below. If the displayed IVs aren't perfect then the Pokémon will be Hyper Trained most likely. Scroll down to the bottom to see complete details and click on the individual Pokémon to see more info.

Pokémon Details (May take a minute to load.)

Example of proof

Giveaway Times

I'll be sending out batches of Pokémon every day, usually in the evenings PST time. If you do not deposit a Gastly looking for the Pokémon you want and have it nicknamed properly then Ledybot will not send you your requested Pokémon.

If I'm free then I'll most likely send it earlier than a day but I'm giving myself some leeway.

Completed: 1050


RNG Reporter
DSEmu for the dittos

Ledybot is a program that can automate the GTS Giveaway process and scan the GTS for multiple Pokémon at once with a deposit rate of one Pokémon per minute. It never edits the Pokémon nor does it alter anything in game. I have given away around 2,500+ Pokémon with this method within the last month or two. Approved by Nexus.

Request Form

Please post your request and update your post once you receive it, once you do receive your Pokémon you can order another one. If you deposit while Ledybot is running you should receive it within 5 mins.

If ordering a ditto please include the HP or whatever spread you want in Bold.

Pokemon Name and Dex #:
OT and TID:
IVs of the Pokémon:

If you want your TSV checked, include your in-game name and trainer ID.


The Pokémon's Porybox link like here.



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Hey Ross I see that you’re on smogon now :)
Pokemon Dex #: 488
OT and TID: Ross, 960027
IVs of the Pokémon:

Thank you!
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Pokemon Dex #: 795
OT and TID: Ross, ID No. 960027
IVs of the Pokémon:

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