Twin Long Rods

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Despite having the entirety of their name (other than their respective colors, which have the same number of letters) being identical, the word black in Red-eyes name is abbreviated to a B. while Blue-eyes' white part of its name is not...
Blue-eyes White Dragon holds the words invincible, awsome, and legendary in its description while Red-eyes Black Dragon has the words deadly in ferocious in its description.

Does anyone else see conspiracy and racism here?


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ok im dont even know how to approach this thread so im just going t owait for glen


Alas poor Yorick!
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Wow ones of those twins has 900 over 850 I can tell which one of them got the good genes.

Although I suppose that isn't saying much...


(Virtual Circus Kareoky Act)

GG everyone.
OH OH!!!
I remember this one time when I went the saturday special sale (at least that was what my seven year old self called it because it was on saturday and I always bought the fancy cards)(it was basically this thing in a mall near me (wellfare square it was adoringly called until they revamped it) where a bunch of chinese people sold cards or packs) and there was this group of guys (asian guys) and I didn't have enough for any nice cards so I was just going to buy a pack, and this guy's like wait!!! don't buy it yet let meee choose it and I'm like sure whatever go for it.
so he start's inspecting the packs all serious like and finally he's like, meh, probably nothing good but give it a shot, and he hands me a pack. I paid the lady at the stall and eagerly opened my pack
AND BAM!!! There it was! yamata yoguri whatever I can't remember it's name and like fuck I'm going to preview this post to see.
Man that guy flipped his shit he was all like "ooohhhh man this kid just pulled an ultra!!!" and all his friends were like nigga what??? and came over and I held out my card proudly.

Oh sorry is this not the greatest moment of your life thread?

Ha shit I bet I know where it is too! I'll be back.

God damn
Haven't seen that in years
At Pal
Oh no its a mutated Charmander (no seriously its name is Poke Dra and has a tail with a flame on the end).

PK Gaming

Persona 5
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Holy shit shenanigans aside, the egyption god cards are now legal instead of being commemorative.

Edit: Oh, it seems that Slither the Sky Dragon is still a bonus card, and an official one hasn't been made yet (I guess for obvious reasons)


Banned deucer.

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