NOC Twin Trap Mafia Town win

Texas Cloverleaf

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Atm I'm reasonably comfortable with mel/clarinet/dusk/smogacct/halslot, lynching Jordan and fenrir clears the Poe with the universally scummy slot and the slot smogacct thinks is scummy there

Halslot is fine cause I thought their predecessor was pure
the worst that happens here is town lynching outside me/dusk for some ungodly reason, which wont happen becaude everyone outsude of us is town.

Or you could just lynch duskfall now but i have a feeling that doesnt happen without my flip


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Dude stop throwing if you actually are watcher, I'm not scum you're going to give us 2 mislynches if you carry on like this.

Tell us who you actually cleared if you are town

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