NOC Twin Trap Mafia Town win


Final Votecount

XnadrojX (4) - Duskfall98 (#176), Texas Cloverleaf (#195), apricity (#224), smogon account (#231)
Duskfall98 (2) - Clarinet (#212), XnadrojX (#214)

Not voting - Fenrir Aesir

Will once again let metal sonic handle flip


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Anyways let's try see who else goes in the lynchpool with me I guess because regardless of any reasonible logic I'm fucking town, don't hammer me yet
Sorry for dying there folks, I've got my computer back now though.

I won't hammer currently for the sake of (1) the fact that I'm barely caught up aside from a skim and (2) day's so far gone on for like 8 hours? Dusk should've been lynched Day 2 and idk why y'all didn't, but I'll do a quick read and see what's up.

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