co-hosted with Finchinator and soviet

Tyranitar Cup is a team tournament where each team is comprised of three players; the format is ADV OU, DPP OU, and BW OU, which happens to be the same as the format of seasons 11-16 of Smogon Tour. Three-man teams will duke it out in a single elimination bracket until one team is crowned the most powerful wielder of Tyranitar.

  • All formats follow the standard Smogon ruleset. All respective banlists, clauses, rulings, etc. apply.
  • All matches are best of 1.
  • Scheduling should be done through VM correspondence so scheduling attempts are visible to the hosts should activity claims be posted.


No hard deadline; just do it (eventually)!!

italki dogg vs. Team Old School
ADV OU: Earthworm vs. Posho
BW OU: elodin vs. Z+V

Good luck!! Since this is finals, replays would be greatly appreciated.
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Its my fault for missing the agreed time but I had so much on my plate. I will find hsa and play him sometime this week, sorry for delay.
I lost? i think i lost anyways or tie?? not too sure but gg my scizor got downed by his infernape in a double down, a fitting end to the tourny

edit: ok i lost now gg/!

thanks posho and z+v and the host and all our opponents who we crossed paths with etc i think thats everyything said
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congrats earthworm, hsa, and elodin on winning! glad we got to see lots of high class old gen action.

thanks finch/soviet for co-hosting and thanks to all the participants for making this pretty easy to run. see y'all next ttar cup
Ok so I thought this was a joke at first but now I'm just revolted to the point of making a huge post over a fucking unofficial tournament.
[2:08 AM] veetor: @lotuspirare you playing or not breh
[2:08 AM] Dr. Rey's "" Car Facts: mr veetor
[2:08 AM] veetor: dr rey
[2:09 AM] lotuspirare: i gave u my conditions
[2:09 AM] dishwasher jd: what are they lol
[2:10 AM] Dr. Rey's "" Car Facts: he wants his ladder buddy to sign up as well
[2:11 AM] lotuspirare: he must change his avatar to a picture if christopher columbus
[2:12 AM] lotuspirare: for at least 2 months

[3:23 AM] veetor: @lotuspirare
[3:23 AM] veetor: you're playing
[3:23 AM] veetor: with me and hsa
[3:23 AM] veetor: in ttar cup
[3:23 AM] veetor: I signed up on fucking italki
[3:23 AM] veetor: in korean
[3:23 AM] veetor: for you
[3:24 AM] veetor: and I remember you saying "I owe you one mr bugers"
[3:24 AM] veetor: this is your debt
[3:24 AM] veetor: so you're playing
[3:26 AM] lotuspirare:
3:26 AM] Dr. Rey's "" Car Facts: Rekt
[3:27 AM] Dr. Rey's "" Car Facts: Tfw your boy veetor doesnt ask u
[3:27 AM] Dr. Rey's "" Car Facts:
3:27 AM] veetor: u dont play any of those tiers
[3:27 AM] lotuspirare: ,
[3:27 AM] lotuspirare: ok
[3:27 AM] lotuspirare: i told the host to put me back in

[8:37 PM] lotuspirare: i pmed finch
[8:37 PM] lotuspirare: he said he will send it next week

(lotuspirare is Earthworm, I'm veetor)

The only tournament on Smogon that offers an actual prize is OST. Every other tournament, both officials and unofficials, only reward its winners via forums-related prizes, biggest ones obviously being trophies. Now I wouldn't have any issues if this tournament, like every single other unofficial on the site, didn't have a prize, but why is it justifiable that Finchinator is gonna send an actual prize (worth more than winning every other official tournament except for OST) to only 1 member of the winning team?

I find it blatantly ridiculous that a tournament host is being allowed by the TD staff to be this biased regarding this mug. It's obviously not a huge deal in terms of getting or not getting the mug, but what are the ground rules behind it? Like it or not this mug Earthworm is gonna get is much more valuable than any other prize on the site, and I know for a fact I could definitely use one myself to enjoy my coffee during the morning reminding me of this great experience that was the Ttar Cup.

Honestly I just don't know what to say, it's just so absurd to me that we entered this tournament as a team and from day 1 Earthworm showed no interest in playing. If you read the hidden logs you'll clearly see that I had to force him to play with us to begin with, and there's nothing that justifies him getting a mug over me and HSA. If there was a paragraph in the rules saying "a Ttar mug will be sent to the best performing member of the team" then hell I'd be fine with that, but this is literally just Finchinator being biased and not granting a prize he promised to people he dislikes.
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Thanks to the hosts for such a well-run tournament and well done to my fellow italki doggs. Well played to the finalists too. Many years from now I will be sipping on a warm coffee out of my Tyranitar Cup, fondly recalling the highs and the lows of this tournament.

(also I'm now outright 2nd in top doggs when it gets updated)

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