Tyranitar Cup: Round 3

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co-hosted with Finchinator and soviet

Tyranitar Cup is a team tournament where each team is comprised of three players; the format is ADV OU, DPP OU, and BW OU, which happens to be the same as the format of seasons 11-16 of Smogon Tour. Three-man teams will duke it out in a single elimination bracket until one team is crowned the most powerful wielder of Tyranitar.

  • All formats follow the standard Smogon ruleset. All respective banlists, clauses, rulings, etc. apply.
  • All matches are best of 1.
  • Scheduling should be done through VM correspondence so scheduling attempts are visible to the hosts should activity claims be posted.
  • Replays are not required in win posts (but are cool!!!!).


Deadline is Sunday, January 7th @11:59pm EST!!

MemePL vs. Team Old School
ADV OU: Obliviate vs. Posho
DPP OU: qwily vs. SOMALIA
BW OU: bluri vs. Z+V

ADV OU: Kingler12345 vs. PasY_G
DPP OU: Christo vs. Fakes
BW OU: Arifeen vs. eren

dodriobrate vs. lol
ADV OU: Earthworm vs. eden's embrace
DPP OU: HSA vs. Analytic
BW OU: elodin vs. TSR

anal geek+goons vs. Listen Up (greatest Oasis song)
ADV OU: Espeonage. vs. p2
DPP OU: analysis geek vs. Algeria4Ever [act]
BW OU: Djokra vs. KyogreF4N

no team name6 vs. team

ADV OU: hyperbeem vs. We Three Kings
DPP OU: blast95 vs. Jimmy Turtwig
BW OU: MiyoKa vs. Luigi

The Chad Earthquakes vs. US West B Team
ADV OU: Tokyo Tom vs. UD
DPP OU: Triangles vs. z0mOG
BW OU: Void vs. psychicmewtwo

no praj no peace vs. Charlie's Angels
ADV OU: ez vs. Wamr
DPP OU: praj.pran vs. Miere
BW OU: xray vs. Gochan

the breadsticks christmas carol tour vs. Thinking Birds
ADV OU: dekzeh vs. CrashinBoomBang
DPP OU: Stone_Cold vs. TDK
BW OU: steelskitty vs. McMeghan

good luck have fun and lmk if I made pairing mistakes
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Banned deucer.
calling activity

opponent already missed first scheduled time and isn't responding to my attempts to reschedule


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calling activity on mcmeghan. we scheduled for 9pm est, which was over 3 hours ago. i've been idling on smogtours since then and he never showed. now, i did say that i'd be available at 9pm est or past that, but i gave him a generous window of time, and i think it's unreasonable to expect me to play past midnight -- especially since i told him earlier in the week that the only reason i would stay up until 11pm was for homework, meaning he probably knew that i wouldn't want to play this late. my availability is now limited due to copious amounts of homework and other commitments, so i don't want to play today unless i absolutely have to.
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