U.S. Presidents Mafia -- Night 4

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Welcome to the U.S. Presidents Mafia game! Serenity and AvatarST will be acting as the narrators.
Please refer to this thread: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54155 for all the rules.

It is April 1782, the war against Britain has ended. People rejoiced as we saw the end to Britain's terrible and corrupt rule, and now we were to defend ourselves against any possible crises and problems. This was good enough for us.

Peace -- at last.

Or so we thought. Of course, not many people imagined we would be under a unified federal government, it was as if it were a dream. Everything seemed fine, until... well, now.


Former President Carter has been brutally murdered! This headline spanned all over America. President Carter claimed that he saw the ghosts of past presidents appear in his house, trying to strangle him as he laid bare in his bed. Such an occurrence was bound to happen, President Obama knew that such a day would come -- he had almost hoped that it would happen.

According to a prophecy, the future of America following the Revolutionary War was to hold some trifling events that would shock America at its core. It proclaimed that the administration of a select President would try to help an unknown faction of ex-Presidents. It became apparent to President Obama, in April 2007, approximately 225 years after the end of the Revolutionary War, that this prophecy was to be fulfilled under his own Presidency. Of course, he believed he could handle it. Little did he know that the faction would not come directly from his administration, but it would come from the benign senate who would try to frame President Obama for conspiracy. Hence, it started. The year of impeachments. The year in which history would repeat itself, America would find itself in another war -- a war against herself.

Now it is up to a handful of Presidents to weed out all current flawed Presidents who have allied themselves against the greater good. They may have been ridiculed, or severely critiqued, anything that would make them take vengeance against the federal government.

And so it began.. In 2009, nothing would stay the same.

The faction win conditions are as followed:
You are allied with the Lost Presidents. You win if the Lost Presidents win.
You are allied with the Scandalous Presidents. You win if the Scandalous Presidents win.
You are a U.S. President. You win if the U.S. Presidents win.
There also may be other factions that are not mentioned above, however, for privacy, we will not reveal anymore win conditions.

This is Night 0.
You have until Thursday, April 30th 2009, at exactly 7:00 PM EST, to send in your PMs. Failure to do so may possibly lead to your disqualification from this game.

The user list is as followed:
1. Jedil
2. Jimbo - Impeached Night 3 - U.S. Presidents - George Washington - Inspector
3. RB Golbat
4. Lightwolf - Impeached Night 1 - U.S. Presidents - Andrew Jackson - Hooker
5. Fishy
6. Stoo - Impeached Night 2 - U.S. Presidents - James Polk - Thief
7. GreenPikachu
8. Thunda
9. dak - Impeached Day 3 - Scandalous Presidents - Ulysses Grant - Even Night Killer
10. Flounder - Impeached Night 4 - U.S. Presidents - Andrew Johnson - Mayor
11. Twash - Impeached Day 3 - U.S. Presidents - George H. Bush - Martyr
12. Toothache - Impeached Night 2 - U.S. Presidents - Ronald Reagan - Bodyguard
13. Shade - Impeached Day 3 - U.S. Presidents - James Buchanan - Civil War Starter
14. GTS
15. Misaki-Chi - Impeached Day 2 - Scandalous Presidents - Warren Harding - Thief
16. McGraw
17. Bass
18. Fishin - Impeached Night 1 - Neutral - Adolf Hitler - Killer
19. Veedrock - Impeached Day 1 - Neutral - Mao Zedong - Silencer + Delayed Hooker
20. Billymills - Impeached Day 4 - Scandalous Presidents - Bill Clinton - Hooker
21. demon238
22. Earthworm
23. darkie - Impeached Night 1 - U.S. Presidents - Abraham Lincon - No night ability

I apologize to those who did not make it into the game, there was an astounding number of people who wanted to join and I simply could not let everyone play. I will pick substitutes at my discretion so do not fret if you are not in.

One other thing, I cannot emphasize enough how much you guys need to send the PMs not just to me but also to AvatarST.
I don't really get it, I'm bad at this Rev halp lol

Nevermind, I'll read everything again in the morning. Maybe it will make more sense when I am awake and alert.
Ahh, AST has informed me of a mistake I put in some of ya'll's role PMs.

Some of the U.S. President's win conditions say:
"Part 1. You if the U.S. Presidents win."

It should say:
"Part 1. You win if the U.S. Presidents win."

Aff, I tried to minimize mistakes. Sorry if this affected you!


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The year is: 2009

As President Obama intently picked his cabinet members, he made sure to run the necessary background information for any ties to devious organizations and the like. I guess he forgot to search their tax histories as a few of his cabinet members have been deceiving the government! But that's besides the point. President Obama's first 100 days in the 'house' seemed eventful, but nothing tied to Carter's death nor were there any deaths following him.. for now.

Suddenly, on the night of his 100th day in office, headlines entitled "Organized Mob in the Senate Detected!" was plastered all over the news. FOX News had been alerted of such activities and things proved false until a senator from Missouri went missing. His body was found a few days later along with Vice President Joe Biden. Fortunately, Biden wasn't hurt, he had just been kidnapped.

Who would want to kill a senator from Missouri? Who would want to kidnap Joe Biden? Why were these things taking place now? Obama wants answers! For that, he has issued that an impeachment take place -- the one voted by the masses of past Presidents would take the boot.

Once the first impeachment vote has been cast, the update will take place within the next 24 hours.
Keep in mind you are posting like this: 'Impeach AvatarST.'

PMs will be sent out shortly, please be expecting them.

Now that all PMs have been sent out.. President Obama received a new message, he read it..

Jimbo has gone missing! Where can he be? Please find him immediately.
- Senator, Missouri
Just for clarification, Biden is not Jimbo, he was simply a character.
Most of you guys probably know by now, but Veedrock has claimed Chairman Mao, a converter type role. Cthulu from Apoc, basically.

Very nasty. Lynching him is probably for the best.

Impeach Veedrock
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