U.S. Presidents Mafia -- Night 4

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Hey peeps, slow down here. I have done nothing wrong. My role has absolutely no side effects on the target. I 'converted' Jedil last night. Ask him if anything happened to him. I have like the easiest win condition and you guys are acting paranoid because of some previous mafia role. Speaking of that role, would such a small game really have some 4th party like that? You guys are overreacting. In a big mafia, I'd understand, but it's a tad ridiculous here. Please reconsider this impeachment, I am harmless.


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Surrounded and with everyone's fingers pointed at him, in an unanymous decision, Veedrock had gathered enough votes to be impeached.

He didn't seem shocked, but rather, he stood strong. "You're all wrong. Capitalism is not the answer.", he proclaimed.

"Power is with the people. You may stop a man, but you can't stop the revolution."

Before he could continue his speech, he was taken in by the authorities and quickly deported.

Dear Veedrock,
You are: Mao Zedong.

Red! After your rise to power in 1949, you made 1/4 of the world Communist, and now you enjoy spreading this new found joy to everyone out there. The United States do not seem to enjoy your presence to they made a special effort to not include you in much of their negotiations. Hence, you've been barred from most of the Western community.

You though, like most of your communist collegues like Stalin, do not enjoy people talking against your government. For that, every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - Spread Communism to X." By spreading communism to people, you do two things to the President that you targeted. Firstly, they will not be able to talk the following day -- after all, talking against the government is a bad thing in China. Secondly, the next night, after the day you silence the President, your target will not be able to perform any actions.

You carry: <snip>

You may gain new abilities in the future.

You are a neutral. You win if you are the last one standing.
No love for commies in the West. Surprise? I think not.

Night 1 has started. You have 48 hours to get in your night PMs, but an official deadline is still TBD until Rev arrives.
A couple people have still not claimed to either me or Jedil, you know who you are. If you still haven't I urge you to contact us as soon as possible as we may begin randlynching possible suspects.
The year is: 1845

It has been my greatest honor to be the Vice President to Andrew Jackson, and it will be to the greatest benefit for all if you people, people of America, elect me as the next President. John C. Calhoun has done many a great things for our country, although it may be said that he may have been the sole factor for the beginning of the Civil War. However, that is not important. As Calhoun gave his speech to the masses in South Carolina, Andrew Jackson stood beside him, looking upon the crowd with glee. He knew that Calhoun had the guts to be President, and Jackson also knew that he would exert an insurmountable force upon him as President.

Suddenly, a gang of Native Americans came out of nowhere and bombed the stage where Calhoun was located. As Calhoun disappeared, the masses started to roar. They wanted someone to pay for this. They chose: Andrew Jackson.

Dear Lightwolf,
You are: Andrew Jackson.

As Commander of the American Forces during the Battle of New Orleans, the most famous battle during the War of 1812, you gained a good amount of respect when you ran for president during the 1820's. Your aggressive policies towards the American Indians, however, adds to your credit of being one of the most powerful Presidents in history. No other president was so determined to advocate ethnic cleansing.

However, that is a thing of the past. You have changed, you love American Indians. LOVE them. Every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - War of 1812 against X." Your target will be too worried about fighting you, so that they will retreat without doing any damage to anyone during the night.

You are a U.S. President. You win if the U.S. Presidents win.
The legacy of Jackson would be cut short, 1845 was a year that everyone would remember...

The year is now: 1865

The Civil War has ensued for about 5 years now, and things are finally getting back to normal. The Emancipation Proclamation was now in order, and things were beginning to look good for the African Americans. Their best friend was in office, and they were promised many new things. That was until the Presidency of Andrew Johnson.

The election of a new President was to be in order, however, conspiracy notes were supposedly found within the confines of Lincon's mansion. This angered African Americans. Why? The papers noted that Lincon was only granting privileges to blacks so that he could cripple them from the inside. He wanted to to make them think they were gaining freedom, when in reality, everything would only lead to chaos for them. Lincon denied everything. He said that he would never do such a thing, and that someone tried to frame him. Regardless, the masses did not like this and decided to impeach him. The benign senate agreed with his impeachment, and he was to never be President again.

Dear darkie,
You are: Abraham Lincon.

Who is the 16th President? Abraham Lincon! Yes, practically all Americans know who the 16th President is -- this is quite the honor if I can say so myself. You led America through one of the most major internal crises in history, and you allowed more rights for African Americans. It's not just the whites who love you, but it's also the blacks.

Unfortunately though, you currently do not have an ability.

You carry: <snip>

You may gain an ability under certain circumstances.

You are a U.S. President. You win if the U.S. Presidents win.
The year has shifted once again! It is now: 1949

World War I, World War II, Holocaust -- all the more merrier, or so Hitler believed. Although his philosophy of mass killings went unnoticed for a few years, this had ended. The Nuremburg Trials were to follow and things would hopefully return back to normal. As Eisenhower commanded the search for Hitler, he never appeared. That was until they found him, dead, with many slashings over his body.

Dear Fishin,
You are: Adolf Hitler.

You were the leader of the National Socialist German Workers political party, also known as the Nazi party. One of the most brutal fascist and totalitarian leaders in history, you're a firm believer of "the ends justify the means" and you won't stop at anything in order to achieve your goals - Germany's goals that is. It's all for Her, Germany is our only god.

Every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - Exterminate X." The person you targeted will be dead the following day. You waste no time with impeachments; you remove people the way it should be.

You may gain new abilities in the future.

You are a neutral. You win if you are the last one standing.
Now that Obama looked upon the deaths of these people, he was glad that he had gotten rid of a mass killer, but at the same time, he appeared distraught at the sufferings of two very fine Presidents.

A note was found on Adolf Hitler:

I have taken GreenPikachu hostage, just try to find him.
Day 3 Begins, 24 hours after first post.

People have been asking me about stealing, yes, you may steal from the dead if you want.
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