U.S. Presidents Mafia -- Night 4

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Where have you been? Last time I checked people can not die night 0 yet three people died last night. Btw if you people do not know, it was our vigilante that killed Fishin.
As demon238 took control of the village, he plighted towards Misaki-chi whom he had suspected to be of the wrong crowd of Presidents. By the time they had gotten to her mansion, it seemed like she had written her own resignation out..

Dear Misaki-Chi,
You are: Warren Gamaliel Harding.

Other than the fact that you have an interesting middle name, nothing really happened during your presidency. Oh wait! Except for one of the biggest political scandals in U.S.. history, the teapot dome scandal! Of course, let's not forgot that you had nothing to do with it, it was just everyone surrounding you that took part in such atrocity.

Okay, so let's give you credit, you really weren't that bad of a president. So what? Your name has been tainted by the mere fact of your administration. For that, you have taken the time to carefully plan out what to do next. Every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - Teapot Dome Scandal on X." That person will have no choice but to give you the items he/she is carrying, much like how your administration received all the bribes leading to your destruction as President.

You are not alone, the rest of your "team" consists of:

You are allied with the Scandalous Presidents. You win if the Scandalous Presidents win.
Night 2 begins.
You have till May 05, 2009 at 5:00 PM EST to send me your night PM.

Also: GreenPikachu has been found, he was not hurt at all!
The year is: 1849

It has been four years since the impeachment of innocent Andrew Jackson, and now another uproar was occurring. "Why would you want the land from Mexico? Are you trying to bring us down?" Such accusations against this President has been seen all on the front covers of many newspapers. Of course, this president denied everything. Suddenly, Senator Clay accuses Polk of conspiracy on the basis of manipulation of the masses into believing that receiving the ceded territories from Mexico was democratic. He claimed it was actually no different from the enemy Great Britain. And so Polk was impeached.

Dear Stoo,
You are: James Knox Polk.

Manifest destiny, anyone? Yes, you United America all the way to the end of the Western border of the continent, establishing America as one of the powerhouses during the nineteenth century. Most people do not know though, that you were the first President to retire after running and not seek a re-election. You did not need this, you did much to aid the United States and now you must aid them one more time.

Every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - Conquer X." The target of your choice will be threatened by your expanisionist views and surrender all items he/she may be carrying. This will prove extremely heavy in the crisis to come.

You carry: <snip>

You are a U.S. President. You win if the U.S. Presidents win.
However, that was not the only impeachment that took place.

The year is now: 1988

The next President of the United States is... George H. Bush! Reagan was ecstatic. Who would have thought he would make the Presidency.
Reagan was happy with his legacy. Besides the Iran-Contra Scandal, Reagan was known for many great things, especially his domestic economic policy known as Reaganomics. Unfortunately though the press heard that he had deceived the banks into believing that they were being taken care of, when in actuality, Reagan was receiving bribes from these head honchos of the bank to keep their industry afloat. Once the press got hold of this story, it was all over for him...

Dear Toothache,
You are: Ronald Wilson Reagan.

A time of peace and prosperity -- yes, you were one of the very few Presidents who had the luxury (luxray) of having such serenity. Your economic plan is what most historians praise you for. You were the one who negotiated with the USSR, you helped aid the fall of the Berlin Wall -- although that technically happened under the next President's term. Now, you have allied yourself to take down those who have threatened your country -- you especially hate communists.

Every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - Reaganomics on X." Since you are so well liked, whomever you target will likewise be well liked and will be protected from harm during the night.

You are a U.S. President. You if the U.S. Presidents win.
It was only an impeachment of the good Presidents, when would a real baddie show up?

You have 24 hours after the first vote, majority will lead to an impeachment.

On a side note, on top of Reagan's body was this note:
Demon238 will be released if you donate $100,000.
-- P.E.T.A
CNN: This just in, we have reached a breaking point in our society. A CIVIL WAR has started. There will be TWO impeachments. The top TWO Presients with the votes this day will be IMPEACHED.
Thunda I thought you were my friend. :(

You won't be disappointed with this lynch. Unless your name's Thunda, in spite of me getting something right! >=[

Honestly, trust me. Just this once!
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