U.S. Presidents Mafia -- Night 4

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Oh I just noticed there are two lynches instead of one. I guess we should try to make the mafia reveal more members (do we know all of them yet?).

Impeach thunda
The stakes were high for the President's who were getting impeached minute by minute while the real political machines behind this maelstrom remained hidden. Suddenly, dak, Twash, and thunda was thrown into the crowd of senators. Fortunately though, thunda went un-tried as dak and Twash got the boot.

Dear dak,
You are: Hiram Ulysses Grant.

Perhaps the worst, and first, political scandal in U.S. History occured under your watch. On the brightside, you certainly did progress the Reconstruction that Andrew Johnson was so reluctant to pursue. Yet, it's amazing how everyone forgets about that yet remembers the scandal, isn't it?

Either way, you now enjoy ruining the reputations of other presidents so as to put them on "your" level. Every even night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - Credit Mobilier on X." The person will be framed for conspiracy, much like you were, and they will be followed with an impeachment the following day.

You are not alone, the rest of your "team" consists of:
- Misaki-Chi / President Harding

You are allied with the Scandalous Presidents. You win if the Scandalous Presidents win.
Dear Twash,
You are: George W. Bush.

2001-2009 -- the highlight of your life. Or, so you would like to think. Many people enjoyed your first term while they critique you harshly on how you handled your second term. However, you did this all for a good cause. You needed to stop Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and whatever other middle east country you felt necessary. Though historians tear you down now, you figure in a few years they'll appreciate what you did.

Until then though, you have decided to help the U.S. Presidents in halting the corrupt Presidents that have located themselves in the country. Every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - War on Terror at X." The person whom you target will want to fight you personally, as well as your army. Since they are fighting you, all night actions from the target will be directed straight at you, as if it were a nuclear bomb. Keep in mind though, you may not target the same President twice.

That's not all! You carry: <snip>

You are a U.S. President. You if the U.S. Presidents win.
However, this was not all. Shade had resigned his post as he no longer felt adequate enough to rule the country.

Dear Shade,
You are: James Buchanan, Jr.

Your Presidency was quite.. eventful to say the least. You lived through Bloody Kansas, Panic of 1857, and most importantly -- the beginning of the Civil War. Historians claim you did absolutely nothing to prevent it, but you feel that you could do nothing to prevent it. Hence, you have allied yourself with the U.S.. Presidents to show them that you really did try your best.

For that, you have a very interesting ability. Once in the game, you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Day X (the following day) - Start the Civil War." A frightful Civil War will take place and conspiracy theories will go crazy. On the day that the Civil War takes place, two Presidents will be impeached.

However, since historians claim you were one of the worst presidents, if not the worst, you have a kind of setback. You will be impeached at the end of Day 3. Fortunately though, there is a way in which you can prevent this! You must find a method for your survival, or you will be impeached.

You are a U.S. President. You if the U.S. Presidents win.
With two more shots to the bullet, how will the U.S. Presidents fair?

You have 48 hours to send in PMs, update will be at 4:00 EST on May 08, 2009.
Why would Bush be a good guy, he ruined the U.S. completely and is the reason most of your people are living in destitution right now. Oh yeah and now everyone hates America because they see Americans as meddling do-gooders that no one wants around.
Iraqi War? War crimes? Lying to the American Public over and over? 9/11 scandals?

granted they don't have cool names. but he is the worst president in recent memory. the only one who comes close is Nixon.

edit: sorry for saying serious things in a fun mafia game, but I had to. I was baffled when I saw he was a US President. haha.
Actually a lot of people say that he handled 9/11 really well, but that is beside the point. Katrina on the other hand..

The year is: 1867

"The President has vetoed the bill again!" Headlines like these began to run rampant when President Johnson was in office. However, he no longer is with us as he was impeached, and for this game, he likewise has been impeached..

Dear Flounder,
You are: Andrew Johnson.

A fairly unknown president, you never really accepted Abraham Lincoln's policy towards African Americans during the Civil War, you felt that they were given too much freedom.

So you vetoed everything, and asserted your power. Too bad the people didn't like that since they decided to impeach you, making you the first President in history to be tried for impeachment. What an honor! Ever since you were impeached your powers became limited, and for that, all you can do is contribute to the impeachment of a President. Your vote will be considered to be worth two vote. After all, who doesn't like a President that was tried for impeachment?

You carry: <snip>

You are a U.S. President. You win if the U.S. Presidents win.
However, that wasn't all. Going into the basement you find poisonous gas in the air.. The air was dense, no sound present. After searching around, in the corner you find the very first president lying limp.. There was no saving him.

Dear Jimbo,
You are: George Washington.

The first president, ah yes, you have this coveted label that no other President in history can ever have. You also led the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War to victory as you defeated your enemy: the British. Although political factions were really not in existence yet, and although you claimed to be neutral, we all know you were really a federalist. Stop trying to hide it George!

Yes, as the first President, you have gained the first insight on how to rule a new country. Not many men in history have this privilege. For that, you learned to watch everyone's moves. Every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - Unite America with X." The President you chose to reveal will have his role PM sent directly to your Smogon inbox! Yes, everything about that person will be included. You must use this ability wisely, the fate of America is in your hands!

You are a U.S. President. You if the U.S. Presidents win.
With this the night ended... Or so you thought! Paul Revere came rushing to George Washing to send him a letter... but I guess that didn't work out too well.

McGraw has won the game! Oh wait, no he didn't. We have captured him.
-- The Lobsters
With this, the night really ended, for real. 24 hours after the first vote will end this day.

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