U.S. Presidents Mafia -- Night 4

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A majority has been reached. billymills will be impeached.

I'm a little busy atm, if Rev hasn't updated by the time I get back, I will.


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After an unanimous decision, it looked like billymills had no way out of his name being stained forever after.

The note he left behind after running away with his tail between his legs said this;
Dear billymills,
You are: William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton

Zippergate. Oh Monica. Oh, my. Why did I do you, is probably what you are thinking right now. Well, what's done is done. Everyone knows about it, and you were impeached, luckily, not convicted. You sat in your seat of the White House for the last two years simply wondering why you did that.

Now, you are here to fix your mistakes: by allying with the Scandalous. I guess that isn't really fixing it, but I suppose it's better than just feeling sorry for yourself. Every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - Sending Monica to X." The President to which you send her will not be able to perform his/her functions during the night. All actions will be directed to Monica, which, in this situation, is not a character so you are perfectly safe.

You hold: the Gas Mask. If you are ever inspected, the results will be skewed so as to make it seem like the opposing President was distracted during the night. However, after this happens, your mask will disintegrate and you will be informed of this. You may move the gas mask around if necessary.

You are not alone, the rest of your "team" consists of:
- <snip>
- Misaki-Chi / President Harding
- dak / President Grant

You are allied with the Scandalous Presidents. You win if the Scandalous Presidents win.
And with that, night 4 begins. Let's finish this guys!
The ruthless impeachment process began with yet another familiar face as the amount of Presidents began to dwindle down the final few. Fortunately though, the night was highly quiet, except with this little notice left on the doorpost of GreenPikachu..

Helppp, I have been abducted... AGAIN
Day 5 Begins, 24 hours after the first lynched placed.
First post for lynch posted, I won't be here in 24 hours so either AvatarST will have to update then or the update will take place at 4:00 EST, which is 28 hours from now.
The last votes were cast for the impeachment. However, there were no impeachments. Rather, it was announced that the United States of America was completely taken over by the anarchist group: The Lost Presidents. No one stood a chance, the game had ended.

Demon238 revealed himself to be part of this Lost Presidents group, whom had completely transmuted through the lines of the U.S. Presidents. By the time everyone had noticed, it was too late...

Dear demon238,
You are: Albert Arnold "Al" Gore Jr.

You have lived an accomplished life. You have served as Vice President under Bill Clinton for 8 years, you have won the Nobel Peace Prize, you have advocated for the emphasis on protecting the Climate through the movie "An Inconvenient Truth," but the one thing that mattered to you, you never got. That was the presidency. It aggravates you to think that you could have possibly won, but due to the miscounting in Florida, you lost the race. You were close but you were torn away from winning by President George W. Bush.

Now, it is your time to get back. Who silenced Florida? Who silenced the conspiracy? Who silenced the presidential race of 2000 from exploding into what it should have been -- a huge, scandal? Who? Well, now it's you who can silence! Every night you may PM Serenity and AvatarST with, "Night X - Inconvenient Truth on X." They will be silenced during the following day. If they speak, by posting in the impeachment thread, they will be immediately impeached under the Espionage Act.

You are not alone, the rest of your "team" consists of:
- GTS / Vice President Palin
- RB-Golbat / President McCain
- thunda / President George H. Bush

You are allied with the Lost Presidents. You win if the Lost Presidents win.
The truth was revealed! Thunda, RB-Golbat and GTS laughed as Demon238 took control of the White House, and became the President. He had indeed won the election of 2000, and now he had become the official President. The LOST President.

Suddenly, a huge rocks fall on all remaining Presidents leaving AvatarST and Serenity the final two survivors.

Winners: Lost Presidents [[demon238, Thunda, GTS, RB-Golbat]]
Hosts [[Serenity, AvatarST]]
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