Uber Warstory: The Chinese bird and walls.


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your team didnt seem very competitive. why would you lead with your spin blocker? also taunting wobbuffet not knowing that counter would still work was pretty dumb. the comments weren't lacking but you could've chosen a better battle to warstory
Physical Mewtwo seems highly underwhelming. If you want a physical set, you might as well SubPunch and be able to knock the stuffing out of Blissey. What good is physical Mewtwo if it still can't beat Blissey?
Phantom 4 is right, Band Mewtwo seems pretty outclassed. You might as well run Scarf Mewtwo, so you can screw Blissey with Trick while being more useful.

You should have Roosted before KOing Giratina... :0 That was the only huge gameplay flaw I noticed. Interesting battle, though.

Also, Ho-oh is Japanese, not Chinese. Dx LOL.

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