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Thanks to NicoReaper for the banner!
Welcome to the Playoffs of the first iteration of Smogon Ubers Classic, where the top 8 players from our three Ubers Cups will battle it out to win the Ubers Tour Winner banner!

But before getting into the finer details of how the rules for playoffs work, I wanna extend my thanks to Arii Stella, Lacus Clyne, and SparksBlade for hosting the individual cups. I would also like to congratulate the 8 (10?) players on making it this far, and appreciate the turnout that we received in all the cups.

Each series will be a Bo5, with the higher seed picking the first generation from ADV, DPP, and BW. From there, the loser of the game will pick the generation for the next game, and so on. A generation may only be picked a second time if all others have been played in at least once. No generation may be picked more than twice.

Here are the top 8 after our three cups:
  1. Hack - 27 Points
  2. March Fires - 19 Points
  3. steelskitty - 14 Points
  4. Hamhamhamham - 9 Points
  5. Pohjis - 9 Points
  6. CKW - 8 Points
  7. I Shuckle - 8 Points
  8. Tie between My Thunder, Melle2402, and ZoroDark
My Thunder vs Melle2402 vs ZoroDark
Tiebreak deadline: December 1

Round 1
#1 Hack vs #8 Melle2402 (extension)
#2 March Fires vs #7 I Shuckle
#3 steelskitty vs #6 CKW
#4 Hamhamhamham
vs #5 Pohjis

Round Deadline: December 7
Replays are required.
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