Gen 6 Ubers Gengarite Suspect Alt Confirmation Thread

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Hi all

I'm new here, but I've been playing Ubers since the start of 6th gen/ Late last gen.

Anyway, here are the reqs:
Gengarite Reqs.png
Number 55 on the ladder:

M-Gengar suspect test 3.PNG
M-Gengar suspect test 1.PNG
M_Gengar suspect test 4.PNG

I also noticed that M-Gengar was allowed in the testing unlike Aegis in OU. Why is it so?

Edit: Stupid question lol

M-Gengar suspect test 5.JPG

Edit: I just realized I had to post a full screen shot *facepalm*
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omg can someome plz explain to me how do i make my picture smaller so that i can post it? and fireburn if ur gonna delete this post can u plz tell me how i can post a smaller picture?
You can also click on that little "Image" icon next to the smiley face above where you type. That will wrap the url in [ímg][/img] tags so it shows up as a picture.
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