Ubers is now a tier; a new Metagame called Anything Goes is added; M-Ray is banned from Ubers

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Something I'm curious about is does this mean Dragon Ascent is banned, or is it still usable by Base Rayquaza in Ubers? Since technically you could go the entire battle without pressing the Mega Evolution button. That said, Mega Stones have been banned rather than the capability to Mega Evolve and Dragon Ascent is essentially the equivalent to a Stone. But of course, it's different in that it's a move.
So I just have to ask if it's Dragon Ascent or the capability to Mega Evolve Rayquaza that's banned. I won't really mind either way, just seeking clarification.
It says "Mega evolving Rayquaza will not be possible" in the OP. You can use Dragon Ascent, you just can't Mega Evolve.
So the box with "Mega Evolution" is not there when you go into an Ubers match regardless of moves, if I understand correctly?
Correct. It is enforced the same way as most other clauses. When clicking "Find Battle" on the Ubers ladder, you implicitly agree to not evolving Mega Rayquaza. When paired up, both players have agreed to the clause, and therefore the Mega Evolve button is useless and not appear.
now this is just weird. but the good kind of weird.

i've always disagreed with the fact that ubers was simply a banlist and not an official tier. good work for making it one!


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I am very happy with Ubers becoming a tier (imo it was already, but it didn't ban things) Ubers never was the balanced metagame and it will never be but I think with the possibility to ban things, the metagame will be more balanced and more fyn. Definitely didn't see this coming, I did see coming a complex ban because M-Ray was just ridiculous, but this is fine for me too.
I agree with people above me who posted that Anything Goes is not a reason to ban stuff. Very Overpowered stuff like M-Ray definitely needed to die, but other less OP (but still OP stuff) like E-killer are things that make Ubers such an awesone tier
About time Ubers became a tier, but i feel like AG should still have species clause and sleep clause. Imo those should be natural boundaries for any tier and im sure M-Rayquza wont be the only thing banned from ORAS ubers, so I think they should consider it for people who will still want to use whatever gets banned from ubers in a competitive manner.


i'm sorry mr. man
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On one hand, I'm somewhat surprised that this happened as it totally goes against the ubers mindset that has been established for the past generations. On the other hand, boy am I glad to see something that disgustingly gross and competitively unhealthy banned, as it was literally on every team. Most of the time it was you getting swept by mega ray or sweeping with mega ray. Gamefreak, what in the world were you thinking when giving this a mega evolution and the ability to hold an item. GG.
Wow, this is pretty huge! I did a double-take when I saw the news, ahaha. I was expecting something to be done about Mega-Rayquaza, but I didn't expect a whole new tier. Pretty cool if you ask me!
While totally not competitive, AG sounds like a lot of fun for dicking around in :3c
AG=Gen1 Ubers
But seriously, this is like when you could mega evolve Latios while holding a soul dew in hackmons. Except Latios couldn't one shot all of ubers single-handed.​

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Btw just to be sure because I don't have more than one Rayquaza in ORAS.

We can only MegaEvolve ONE Rayquaza, even in AG, right?
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