Ubers Ubers Last Chance Qualifier No Johns - Round 2

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Banned deucer.
i told him that i am +5 and will play at 5pm he said yes and then did not show up and on the last day said i misunderstood i dont get how im in the wrong
We would have known there was a miscommunication if you had shown up for the initial appointment we made at that time tuesday, but you forgot, and we didn't discover the timezone mistake until the day before deadline, where I still continued to offer you to play me for a good 24 hours later, but you ignored me until the deadline arrived.

Additionally, you called the activity before even waiting for your 5 o'clock recommendation to conclude; this shows that you made the least effort to complete the games and just wanted to get an activity win, sorry I don't know what to say to you. Consider reading your opponent's timezone and the given availability they gave you instead of giving a vague time without specific time zone mentioned that could either be 4 AM or the actual time they proposed you depending on the timezone.

I have a friend (bonafide student) that plays at 6am I thought you were that type of guy
Also funny you say this because when you called activity, you called it 15 minutes before my 6am so you did not even honor the time you proposed and left before waiting out properly. So you basically failed to show up twice for the time you offered in your own time zone where as I was always available for mine.
Ummmm I said 3pm +5 you said yes and didnt show up I really dont see whats soo hard for you to understand if you say you can play how am I supposed to know you cannot play??
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