Championship - Type A Ubers Pentathlon I - Round 1


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calling act, I've tried rescheduling enough. The one time my op was able to come he was late by an hour and i was about to leave. We decided to play the next day but he never showed up unfort.

Quote vs. KyogreF4N
Groudon. vs. Slurmz
vs. Britania
CKW vs. zugubu royale
Midnight vs. MetalGro$$
blazenix vs. GNDL
parivard vs. Aalbaniaa
Marshall.Law vs. The Trap God


[16:44:42] +Mysterious M: !pick DBW, Hugo
We randomly picked: Hugo

[16:45:23] +Mysterious M: !pick Bushtush, Double Switches
We randomly picked: Double Switches

[16:46:02] +Mysterious M: !pick contacting, Mr. Miner
We randomly picked: Mr. Miner

[16:46:43] +Mysterious M: !pick Hurricane, Bris Brown
We randomly picked: Bris Brown

[16:50:20] +Mysterious M: !pick Jhonx, Reje
We randomly picked: Reje

R2 up in a few, if you feel bothered or deserved you need act while i flipped you, feel free to pm me, although all of those were dead!

e: Benbe gets act win, i coinflipped but he had proof of activity so the pairing will change in round 2 as well.
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