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Ubers Player Spotlight - #7

Ubers Player Spotlight is the place where I interview notable and respected players from Ubers, the tier where the fiercest monsters combat and exert apocalyptic force. People I choose to interview are the elite players who excel at taming the strongest monsters and have been consistent throughout tournaments and is well respected by the community.

I am open to suggestions (DMDW#8155) about the players that can be interviewed, but please keep in mind that suggested players are subjects to review by me and Ubers moderation team. With that out of the way...

Spotlight #7:


Most Known For:

Within the community, I'm mostly known for hosting a myriad of official and unofficial tournaments (including Uber Seasonals Regular Season and Playoffs, UGTT II, DPP Cup IV and Smogon Tour live tours), being a relentless contributor to several areas of Smogon (Tournaments, Ubers, The Flying Press and Smogon Social Media) as well as being an Ubers Room Moderator. As a player, my resume is a bit more modest, winning the atheist grandpas tournament (No Arceus SM Ubers) and only really being invested in DPP OU and ORAS Ubers, playing both tiers in several team and individual tournaments (winning the most recent RoAPL with the Porygons and making finals of my first UPL with the Kyurems as well as making the Drizzlers roster for UPL VI).

Favorite Pokémon:

This is no secret to anyone that has interacted with me on Smogon. Klefki is my favourite Pokemon by far, with Yveltal, Venomoth (yeah ik it's weird), Whimsicott and Escavalier coming in as a few others I really enjoy. Klefki's simple design and the idea behind it being so unpretentious and silly, coupled with it's immense utility and the incredible role compression that it provides in my favourite metagame (ORAS Ubers) are just some of the characteristics that create this allure towards the magical set of keys. I've also always found it funny how a keychain of all things could pose a threat to the behemoths dwelling in Ubers, so it stuck with me ever since XY came out.


Since I'm always interacting with users on Discord, Ubers Room and Smogon, I feel like most people around Ubers know me pretty well. Nonetheless, my name is [redacted] and I'm a 21 year old Brazilian male (half Italian too) living in Rio de Janeiro. I'm currently studying economics at university here in Rio and my main hobbies are travelling (it's one of my biggest passions and I can talk about it for hours), listening to music (I'll listen to just about anything other than country music, despite my absolute favorites being Rock, Rap, R&B and House), practicing and watching sports (I've played just about every major sport and I practice them regularly, ranging from team sports such as football and basketball to individual competitions in tennis, table tennis and winter sports). In my free time, I love meeting new people and developing friendships, as well as playing games (mostly FIFA, NBA 2k and mons, with a few others sprinkled in occasionally) and reading/writing. To round off the things I do with my time, I enjoy going out but I also love staying in and watching a good movie (I absolutely adore psychological thrillers and just intelligent movies in general) or TV show. If you ever feel like talking about any of the topics I listed above, do not be shy to drop me a message and we can definitely engage in conversation about them. On the "music topic", the song that came on while I answered the above question has been one of my favorites as of late.

What is your name's origin?

I initially called myself "Klefkwi" on PS/Smogon due to my fondness for the Pokemon, but I quickly moved away from it for a multitude of reasons, the main one being that dream is what I use on other online platforms, as I feel like it's a term that fittingly embodies my outlook on life, always being open to new experiences and never being afraid to take a leap of faith. Neither username has anything to do with my actual name for what it's worth.

What made you start playing Pokémon?

I can't exactly pinpoint when or why I started playing Pokemon, but I do recall getting a Fire Red cartridge at some point in my early childhood, which is probably where it all started for me. However, Pokemon never was and still is not my "main game" of choice, always tacking a backseat to the FIFA series, which I've played religiously for 14 years now (I'm extremely competent at those, so feel free to challenge me at any point). My favourite Pokemon game has to be Soul Silver, reigniting my passion for the series and prompting me to join the competitive side of Pokemon (which I did roughly in 2014). I've never really had close friends that played this game and I'm mainly a "console gamer", which might be why it took so long for me to really get into 'mons.

What inspired you to play Ubers?

I never really "picked" a tier when I first started playing competitive Pokemon in XY. I didn't want to play with many restrictions and felt like I was more comfortable being able to use any Pokemon I wanted, which naturally led me to Gen 6 Ubers, boasting a beautiful balance between the sheer potency of threats and the delicate integration of these in a competitive setting, making for an entertaining and dynamic tier. As a newcomer, I messed around with 6 Klefkis in Anything Goes for a moment before fully committing to Ubers, eventually finding it to be a more alluring metagame. Apart from the aforementioned ORAS Ubers, I now am also heavily involved with learning and getting better at DPP OU, discovering that same pull towards it that ORAS Ubers once exerted on me.

What is your favorite generation of Ubers?

If you've made it this far in the interview, it is no secret that ORAS Ubers is my favourite generation of Ubers, followed by DPP. The ladder was at it's most active during those days, with tournament play blossoming alongside it, due to the skilful nature of the tier. With most "legends" of the tier making a name for themselves in the sixth generation, it was undoubtedly the most cutthroat setting in the Ubers scene. On a more fundamental level, I've always enjoyed how ORAS matches played out and the general foundation of the metagame has always been extremely appealing to me.

What is your favorite playstyle?

I pride myself in not being a one-trick pony and always trying to keep my opponents on their toes when it comes to the teams I use. Nevertheless, Bulky Offense and Hyper Offense are definitely my preferred styles of play in Ubers, as I've always enjoyed the mental game of Pokemon: the predictions, the manoeuvring that it takes to expertly put your opponent in awkward situations, which naturally translated to standard but aggressive team choices, accentuating my proactive yet calculated way of conducting a Pokemon battle. With that being said, I'm definitely not afraid of pulling out the occasional stall or balance build, since being experienced with different styles is obviously important to reach some form of success in this game.

What is your opinion on Gothitelle & Gothorita suspect?

I'm extremely one-sided when it comes to the Gothitelle suspect and it's results. First of all, I'd like to point out that regardless of it ultimately not getting banned, the fact that we're able to hold suspects tests and have genuine community input on what should be in the tier is already a gigantic plus for the development of Ubers, opening up avenues for growth down the line for both the playerbase and the metagame, which walk hand-in-hand. As far as the content of the suspect goes, Gothitelle/Gothorita should have definitely been banned. Quoting a close friend of mine when asked the same question "it effectively has a chokehold on half of the teambuilder simply by existing and can essentially invalidate whole archetypes on its own if it appears which I feel as a Pokemon itself is a unhealthy element". The fact that Gothitelle completely nullifies certain builds and tips the scales heavily in favour of it's user in a broad enough range of situations is enough to warrant a closer look. That coupled with the fact that entire groups of Pokemon and strategies are essentially wiped from the tier with the mere threat of Gothitelle showing up is enough put me over the edge on the "pro-ban" movement. Removing Gothitelle and Gothorita from the SM Ubers metagame would mean multiple things, ultimately converging towards a more sound and balanced tier.

Are there any elements of the metagame that you deem unhealthy?

I've talked about this several times with my closest friends within Ubers, as well as the tier leader himself. Other than the aforementioned Goth conundrum, I feel like the overall state of Ubers right now is very positive, and I do not believe anything else should or will be changed in the near future, as Ubers is a very stable and enjoyable tier to play.

What is your the most memorable game of Ubers?


Hack vs. Fireburn - SPL XIII Week 5 (I think it's week 5?)

Since I've talked so much about ORAS in this interview, I'm gonna drop one of the SM games that stuck with me the most as of late. This game was played in early SM, which was my favourite phase of this generation in terms of gameplay. As you can see from the teams, players were still trying out new builds and Pokemon, with Hack bringing an interesting Astounded-esque webs team while Fireburn opted for the more balanced approach, despite still displaying some "techs" like Timid Fire Blast Arceus Water and Rock Slide Yveltal. The game is not only memorable due to the names on each side of the field (both former TLs and Hack probably being the best Ubers player of all-time, with Fireburn being no slouch himself) but also because of how the match unfolded. With several shifts in the overall landscape of the game and it's fair share of big turns, this game is an accurate representation of my views on early SM Ubers, an interesting metagame which allows for innovation and tends to produce a quality affair.

How was your experience in this UPL with DaReal Drizzlers?

My experience on the Drizzlers this year was nothing short of sensational. When comparing it to my previous run at UPL (on the Kyurems), we didn't make it as far, but the tournament was considerably more enjoyable and fun for me. I admire both of my managers, Nayrz and Fireburn, who put together not only a really skilled team but also a team that contained some of my favourite people on this website. Be it my Kyurem teammate HunterStorm playing alongside me again, showing me once more why he's one of the top SM Uber players in activity or some of my closest friends on Smogon like Cynara and steelskitty, two people I absolutely love despite all the jokes and name-calling. Moving along, you have 3 of the best players this website has to offer, those being Finchinator, Hack and BKC, which are also amazing and helpful people on top of that (I've teamed with them in other team tournaments too). To round it off, I got to meet a whole new group of people or at least get to know better some people I already somewhat knew, the former consisting of the superstar that is Serial EKiller, the ADV Ubers Professor Melee Mewtwo (easily the most valuable piece of our team) and the french newcomer SiTuM. As for the people I got to know a bit better, those would have to be the always cute fourmi and apparent Monopoly wizard Minority. Our team was always in a good mood and I think it was an incredible environment to be a part of, something I hope to find again in whichever team I end up next year.

What do you like / dislike being an active tour host in Tournaments subforum?

The biggest thing about hosting tournaments for me is the feeling of contributing and being a positive influence in this community. I love helping people out and being able to provide an avenue in which players can enjoy themselves. Therefore, I also love participating in tournament discussion and interacting with these players that ultimately join my tournaments, trying to find ways to make them more inclusive, more entertaining and just a better experience in general. With that in mind, there isn't a single tournament that I've ever disliked hosting, even if DPP Cup IV, Smogon Tour live tournaments and the Uber Seasonals are probably the highlights of my still modest stint as a host on Smogon, which I also only plan on increasing for the foreseeable future. As far as negatives go, there aren't too many situations that bother me while hosting, but if I had to point at something it would probably be having to deal with people that show a general disregard for rules and manners, as well as people who absolutely take the volunteer work that hosts do for granted.

Would you mind describing your experience in PS room as one of the most notable auths in Ubers Room?

Despite being a room moderator, I wouldn't say I've been an auth member in the Ubers Room on PS for that long, being voiced around the end of 2016. However, I've had enough time to see other members of staff come and go, some even come and go and come back again (shoutout Aurora) and I feel like I still retain the same feeling about the room as I did when I first joined. I feel like the PS room for Ubers is a great place for new people to acclimatize themselves with the competitive level of this game, being a watered-down version of other areas of discussion, such as Discord or forums. The Ubers room has a more relaxed or "chill" feeling to it, which means it's easier to fit in as a newcomer, since the veteran community can be very unforgiving to newer players sometimes. It's also a great spot to work on your craft as a Pokemon player if you're not polished enough to compete in more "prestigious" tournaments and if you're a more casual player it allows you to communicate and interact with other people without having to commit to anything or go out of your way. With that in mind, the moderation for the PS room is relatively lax and more about helping people rather than cracking down on rule-breakers. You'll be trying to find ways to make resources more accessible, starting impromptu tournaments and just answering questions most of the time, regardless of the occasional ban or mute. As a consequence of that, my experiences within the room have been mostly positive, since that vibe fits right in with my own preferences, as I am a contributor over anything else. Of course there are adverse situations and annoyances, but that comes hand in hand with managing a group of people, regardless of the size.

What new users or players in Ubers do you look up to?

I don't think I look up to many people on here as players, as I mostly focus on the personal side of things and trying to find people that I feel comfortable with. However, as far as the best of the best are concerned, I'd definitely have to say Hack for all things Ubers (especially during Ubers Classic where we tested a lot in all of the oldgens and he opened my eyes up to a series of things), BKC, august and crayon pop for DPP OU and probably Cynara for SM Ubers (she sucks at DPP Ubers and ORAS Ubers btw) even though we seem to be getting in a fresh breath of talent into the Ubers scene with some newer names. Regardless of this, there are a ton of other names on Smogon that similarly aggregate both the playing ability and the rich personality, which means I can create friendships with people that are already successful on this platform (Astounded, Level 56, Omfuga, Lord Outrage, steelskitty, Lacus Ichinose, obii and Mr.378 are just a handful of other names that fit this bill). All things considered, I can't possibly shout out every positive influence I've had or every player that has considerably helped me throughout the time I've been on Smogon, but I'd like to thank everyone from the general Ubers community, the Tournament community and the Brazilian community on Smogon for being very welcoming and kind people in general, ever since I got into competitive Pokemon.

What are your advices for new players getting into Ubers?

If I had to offer one piece of wisdom from my time on here is that you should always aim to be a positive presence, regardless of your Pokemon skill or the "clout" (I hate when people use this term on here) you seem to have. Those who are able to add to the community have always stood out to me a lot more than players who simply know how to obtain results. Playing-wise, do not try to cut corners or take shortcuts, be patient and take your time to build your teams, test them on the ladder/tournaments and do not feel discouraged if you don't seem to be noticed. Opportunities always present themselves at one point or another if you're consistent and relentless, so continue to network with other players and build up on your game and eventually you will reach whatever level you see for yourself.

Would you provide us with a team and add a brief description?

Steel (Excadrill) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Mold Breaker
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Rock Tomb
- Rapid Spin
- Toxic

Kevin (Gengar-Mega) @ Gengarite
Ability: Levitate
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Protect
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Blast
- Destiny Bond

Finch (Groudon-Primal) @ Red Orb
Ability: Desolate Land
EVs: 136 HP / 200 Atk / 32 SpD / 140 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Precipice Blades
- Stone Edge
- Rock Polish

Serial (Arceus) @ Life Orb
Ability: Multitype
EVs: 240 HP / 252 Atk / 16 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Extreme Speed
- Shadow Claw
- Recover

Hunter (Rayquaza) @ Life Orb
Ability: Air Lock
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
- Draco Meteor
- Dragon Ascent
- V-create
- Extreme Speed

Sarah (Xerneas) @ Power Herb
Ability: Fairy Aura
EVs: 96 HP / 104 Def / 244 SpA / 64 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Geomancy
- Moonblast
- Rest
- Sleep Talk

Despite it not being my build, this is what I used for my one match during this season of the Ubers Premier League (against Evuelf). It's a pretty standard take on excadrill offense, but also a really consistent and fun team to use, so I definitely recommend that you try it if you're struggling to pull off wins in ORAS.

. . .

Completely off-topic but I'd like to end this by shouting out DMDW for giving me this opportunity to be interviewed and some people that didn't make it anywhere in this interview but that I feel like I should mention because they're people I really enjoy (I definitely forgot someone but whatever): 4gb Arii Stella Bhris Brown Chloe H83 Dominatio Evuelf Holy Break Luna Nat Nayuki Thimo TonyFlygon.


Thank you Dream for spending the time to answer the questions! Feel free to ask other questions in this thread!
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Why are Brazilians the worst Ubers players?
Will we ever get a tournament without Frenchies lucking their way through?
Who is the most disgusting user to play this tier and why is it Reje?
Who's better: iry or terracotta?


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are u sure u didn't mistype "english" as "economics"
when are u gonna write another analysis
who's the luckiest player you've played and why is it me
when are we doing our bo99 in battle factory
do u plan on face revealing bc i'm thoroughly convinced u look like a klefki irl
English isn't even my first language, mate :bloblul:
whenever I have some time to spare I'll try to get more involved with analyses and translations for sure
it's definitely either you or Bhris, no doubt
We can settle that showdown whenever I have a few spare hours to dunk you
I've already shown my actual face to someone in the Ubers community, but I can confirm that I am actually a klefki irl, yes

What is your opinion on GeriTerumi?
Worst user of all time, even somehow worse than you :blobtriumph:

Top 8 Ubers players at the moment?
Where do you see yourself in 2-3 years?
What is your opinion on GeriTerumi?
Instead of telling you a Top 8 for Ubers, I'll give you a list of people that I think would be drafted in the 10 slots for Ubers in snake if only mains were considered for it (no particular order): TTG, Sarah, Fireburn, Gunner, Exi, KyogreF4N, Garay, Holy Break, Leru and idk the last slot
Hopefully already graduated from uni and working absolutely full-time, doing what I enjoy. I also hope to find someone to share my life and dreams with, since I haven't been in a committed relationship for a few months now
Worst user of all time, even somehow worse than Lacus and you :blobtriumph:

Why are Brazilians the worst Ubers players?
Will we ever get a tournament without Frenchies lucking their way through?
Who is the most disgusting user to play this tier and why is it Reje?
Who's better: iry or terracotta?
Probably because we're too busy hosting tours
Doubt that
Oh it is most definitely Reje or melvin
Both solid players, but I'm more inclined to say terra

Would you use Swagkeys if possible?
How did I do as UPL host?
Cutest user?
Sure, why not?
You did fine and you picked up on most of the things pretty quickly, until you disappeared :blobsad:
either Chlo or HB

Why am I so much better than you in every tier we play ?
- How do you deal with countless people who john in tours (I had loads of people who kept johning in the first tour I hosted ;-;)
- It seems to me that you like veteran players, but are there any newcomers / new players that you are keeping an eye on?
- Who is the best person in Ubers Discord and why is your answer 'Aquasition'?


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As someone who is struggling with drive to play at the moment, what keeps you going (playing/contributing/statistic mining/tour hosting)?
Is there a format you would like to see implemented into ps?
Is DMDW your child?


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- How do you deal with countless people who john in tours (I had loads of people who kept johning in the first tour I hosted ;-;)
- It seems to me that you like veteran players, but are there any newcomers / new players that you are keeping an eye on?
- Who is the best person in Ubers Discord and why is your answer 'Aquasition'?
Make sure you enforce deadlines and don't let players take advantage of your concessions, just make sure you have sound deadlines and you properly enforce them, especially if they have no particular reason to be missing those deadlines.
I appreciate anyone that can be consistent, which is probably why I pay more attention to the veteran guys, but sure, people like Terracotta and PurpleGatorade have been pretty impressive.
Definitely Aqua
Rate this country song on a scale of 1-10?
As someone who is struggling with drive to play at the moment, what keeps you going (playing/contributing/statistic mining/tour hosting)?
Is there a format you would like to see implemented into ps?
Is DMDW your child?
I feel like a balance is ideal to keep you motivated with things. I can't possibly entertain myself for too long with just one thing, so I try to always keep a reasonable balance between playing, contributing to the tier or to certain communities like tours/translations and actually hosting tournaments. It allows me to give back and give people the opportunity to play and have fun while also allowing me to play the game, interact with people and just be helpful in general.
I wish XY Ubers was a playable format :(
Not that I know of :blobshrug:


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hey, big fan here!

What would you say to any aspiring ubers players, especially those who are looking to build?
What's kept you around in the ubers and tours community for so long?

What's one really cool aspect about the current ubers meta?
What would be your favourite ubers generation and why?
Finally, would you rather host tournaments or would you rather mod the ubers room?


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hey, big fan here!

What would you say to any aspiring ubers players, especially those who are looking to build?
What's kept you around in the ubers and tours community for so long?

What's one really cool aspect about the current ubers meta?
What would be your favourite ubers generation and why?
Finally, would you rather host tournaments or would you rather mod the ubers room?
Talk to other players, share ideas and take bits and pieces that you learn from other people to add to your own knowledge. That way you'll consistently be able to make more complete and diverse teams.
Definitely the players. There are some amazing people on this website and being able to interact with these people is what keeps me still here.
I think it's really cool how the new mons play such a big part in how the tier currently functions (especially Necrozma-DM), breathing some fresh air into Ubers and allowing it to be vastly different from any previous generations or tiers.
I already touched up on that during the interview, so no point explaining it again, but it is ORAS Ubers.
Why not both :blobthumbsup:
what are your rankings to ubers snake pool?
Tier 1:
Berry Forest Bushmasters: The Trap God, pasy_g
Terminus Taipans: Cynara
Lanakila Nagas: SoulWind, Sharow-san, GaryTheGengar
Tier 2:
Goldenrod Gliders: HunterStorm
Cianwood Cobras: KyogreF4N
Lake of Rage Leviathans: Garay oak, Mysterious M
Black City Mambas: Exiline, Alpha Rabbit
Sootopolis Sidewinders: Zesty43
Tier 3:
Shinto Ruin Serpents: Leru, Paycard, RedEmption
Ambrette Astrotias: CKW, Fireburn

These rankings are based on the assumption that the first name listed alongside the team's name is the one that will be starting in Ubers. If that is not the case, these may change drastically.
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