Ubers Premier League I [Week 1]

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I disconnected in the first battle (I was in a good position to win imo) but he accepted to replay with different teams and I won. Gg and thank you dude
I haven't got reply from my rival, this afternoon I said mind on PO if he wanted play me in the moment, he declined my match and I haven't got reply from him now, activity.
The Turboblaze Folgorios (0) vs The Soul Dew Strongs (0)
BW2: -Manu- vs Syrim
BW2: Blim vs Donkey
BW2: Emily Zhang vs PsYch071c
BW2: Funkasaurus vs .Robert
DPP Pre-Arceus: Blue Eon vs -Mind-
DPP Pre-Arceus: Iconic vs locopoke
DPP Pre-Arceus: The_Chaser vs michael209
ADV: Colchonero vs Floppy

The Black City Blazikens (0) vs The Hazy Ho-Ohs (0)

BW2: AkhiMarth vs Jayde
BW2: White symphoni vs FLCL
BW2: gr8astard vs Tobes
BW2: Problems vs ssbbm
DPP Pre-Arceus: WhiteQueen vs twash
DPP Pre-Arceus: Alex Walls vs BKC
DPP Pre-Arceus: kokoloko vs Foster
ADV: LonelyNess vs MarceloDK

The Resort Area RoboGroudons (0) vs The Defiant Durians (0)

BW2: Pedrock vs MOET
BW2: H-C vs Sweep
BW2: Fiction. vs Sheetanshu
BW2: mostwanted vs Anikrahman1995
DPP Pre-Arceus: Marshall.Law vs SoulWind
DPP Pre-Arceus: Conflict vs Iris
DPP Pre-Arceus: M Dragon vs Pkrs
ADV: McMeghanvs davidness

The .Krazy Kyogres (0) vs The Psycho Killers (0)

BW2: aim vs Ojama
BW2: CTC vs Zephir
BW2: High Impulse vs Gabranth
BW2: dragonuser vs KidChameleon
DPP Pre-Arceus: CherubAgent vs Private
DPP Pre-Arceus: Kennen vs Cristal
DPP Pre-Arceus: JabbaTheGriffin vs giara
ADV: Danilo vs Aqualouis


what matters is our plan!
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^no you didn't

won gg

be grateful i let you restart the match 5 times and then let you change your team that just happened to have the perfect counterlead


So I've been on all day, and my opponent was on, and didn't respond to my vm or try to contact me in any way while he was on a few hours ago, all at the time he appointed. I have to go for a few hours but will be back on before deadline.
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