Ubers Premier League I [Week 1]

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Ok well its Midnight here and I have uni tomorrow so probably won't be able to play Michael. Have been online pretty much all day this weekend and last weekend and haven't seen Michael on.


we will become who we are meant to be
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You have until 23:59:59 GMT to finish all battles. There should be about 14 left. After that, I will start handing out activity wins/coinflips.


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<&hsa> when you switched out
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Yes man that was a VERY gg.
I would like to start apologizing for not trying vry hard to play for this. With dat said, I V'med MOET yesterday so we could play (he wasnt active in 2 days), but he got in today, and didnt answer me. I just saw he leaving, mismatched for some minutes. >.<

If his team subs him out, just VM me and I will play.
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