Ubers Premier League I - Week 7

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Week 7

The Turboblaze Folgorios(5)
vs The Hazy Ho-Ohs(3)

BW2: Blim** vs Jayde
BW2: Funkasaurus vs FLCL*
BW2: 1996ITO vs Tobes*
BW2: -Manu- vs ssbbm*
DPP: Iconic* vs twash
DPP: The_Chaser* vs BKC
DPP: Blue Eon** vs Foster
ADV: Colchonero** vs MarceloDK

The Soul Dew Strongs(4)
vs The Defiant Durians(4)

BW2: alexwolf* vs Sasha the master - i'll save the PMing for you guys. you both contacted but neither of you actually made the effort to get it done: you cant do ps you cant do po. coinflipped.
BW2: CTC vs Anikrahman1995** - 1 vm per each, no further contact. anik's activity post saved him from a coinflip
BW2: Yehom vs Sweep
BW2: PsYch071c** vs ZoroDark - no reply from zorodark
DPP: -Mind- vs Iris* - both posted in the thread but no vms
DPP: . Robert vs Sheetanshu** - he quit :x
DPP: Mysterion vs davidness* - no effort to get it done from both after missed time and no further contact
ADV: locopoke* vs SoulWind

The Black City Blazikens(4)
vs The Psycho Killers(4)

BW2: Bryce** vs Ojama
BW2: Melee Mewtwo vs Zephir*
BW2: gr8astard* vs Gabranth
BW2: Problems** vs KidChameleon
DPP: ModestGarchomp vs Private
DPP: Alex Walls vs Cristal**
DPP: kokoloko** vs giara
ADV: LonelyNess vs Aqualouis*

The Resort Area RoboGroudons(5)
vs The .Krazy Kyogres(3)

BW2: H-C vs aim*
BW2: Fiction. vs Donkey*
BW2: mostwanted* vs High Impulse
BW2: syrim vs dragonuser*
DPP: Marshall.Law* vs Dubby
DPP: M Dragon** vs Kennen
DPP: Conflict* vs JabbaTheGriffin
ADV: McMeghan* vs Danilo


** - activity
* - coinflip

Deadline: July 23rd.

If anything with the line-ups is wrong managers, let me know ASAP!

Last week of regular season lads, get these done.
Lost an absolutely intense and great game to Yehom. Low Kick had a 50/50 shot at killing Arceus or so, oh well, I have had enough luck in UPL.
Confirming win, great and very intense battle. I thought the freeze was the nail in the coffin, but Arceus pulled the win for me in the end. Very good game Sweep
Is sweep the only person that gets his matches done on time.

I mean really, the first thing you have to do to win UPL is ACTUALLY PLAY THE FUCKING MATCH. This is a fucking disgrace.
I should play with MM tomorrow, for what it's worth (we talked yesterday around this time but he quit irc early today)
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