Tournament Ubers Premier League V - Finals (Won by Defiant Durians)

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I would like to request an extension on behalf of Bossness, as it appears that he and Kebabe are unlikely to be able to battle before the deadline.
Incorrect. Kebabe posted on Bossman's wall, but he received no reply. Clearly it seems that there seems to an activity problem from your end, and that is no grounds for receiving an extension. Kindly sub someone else in.

Defiant Durans (5) vs The Burning Red White Kyurems (3)
SM Ubers: Exiline vs HunterStorm
SM Ubers: obii vs Thimo
SM Ubers: Pohjis vs hyw
ORAS Ubers: Californium vs Lacus Clyne
ORAS Ubers: Reje vs Lord Outrage
BW2 Ubers: Kebabe vs Bossness
DPP Ubers: M Dragon vs Alex Walls
ADV Ubers: zf vs Melle2402​

Go Durians.
Pulled back again. 2-0 win, S/O Fardin for g2 team
ggs exiline

Been a great tour lads. Congrats to the Durians on a wonderful UPL, and it's good to have an exciting finals.

S/O to Transcendent God Champion for picking me and believing in me throughout the tour. It takes great balls to form a UPL SM core around AG mains, and I honestly couldn't have asked for a better manager.
S/O to Thimo for all the help throughout the tour. I still believe this was the best buy of the UPL.
Also, S/O to every member of Kyurems. GLORY BE TO OUR IMMINENT VICTORY!

P.S. -
Just noticed that I sent some pms to Exiline that were meant for someone else. Not a dick move, that was an honest mistake.


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Lost in 3 GGs. G1 didn't go my way at all, plausible MU -> unwinnable in 3 turns, was fun playing this UPL and I didn't have it in me to play the best of my ability and finish the job G3 and I really let my team down that game G1 G2 G3

Guess I'll do my shoutouts here too since will probably be my last series this UPL. I know a lot of me had quite a distaste to me in the past, but I want to leave that in the past and make better for my future in the community upon my return, so here goes.

SparksBlade you're getting the first shoutout, you had a huge role this UPL, regardless if you only played one series, your dedication to testing teams and getting players ready for their opponents was really fundamental, allowed me to get my head down when I faced my UPL opponents and without you I probably would not have pulled the results I did.

Pohjis you've been a great dude, preparing me for games and keeping my mentality up, gathering info I required for opponents when I've been busy with IRL and it's fantastic

Kebabe You made BW look interesting to play for me and I really want to get into it, congrats on ur 6-0 record

M Dragon Exiline obii slurmz I met you all through Durians and it was fantastic to see, you've been impeccable teammates and I hope to see you more in tours, especially Exiline, hope you make SPL.

@zoroarkforever Idk how to tag you, but It's been great finally being on a team with you, your metagame knowledge is fantastic and I hope we get to play more tours together

Reje I know we had a rough time to begin with, but you ended up being very chill and I enjoyed getting to know you, your memes made me laugh too.

Aberforth Krauersaut soviet I know you 3 didn't get to play much, but it was fantastic having you all as team mates, keeping team charisma up.

Astounded I wish I could have pulled better results for you, but I managed to match your first UPL record in the end, which is better than I expected to do.

Gunner Rohan I'm not sure where to start with you, you've been a fantastic manager, you've really gave me the space to develop that I required and I came a long way as a player, Im not sure how to thank you enough, you are the GOAT.

Lord Outrage benbe I wish our series' could have gone better

Lacus Clyne Arii Stella Mysterious M you've been good friends to me and I hope that really stays, it's people like you that made it welcoming to return to the community. Arii, Lacus, I hope you have more anime recommendations for me soon!
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Looks like we're going to tiebreaker lads.

I need both managers to PM me one tier to play in the tiebreak of their choosing. I will then alert the managers of the three tiers to be played in the tiebreak (SM is one of the three by default) and each manager will pick a player from their team to play in each slot. Whichever team wins in 2 out of 3 of those tiers wins the tournament.

Each tiebreak match will still be Bo3.

Gunner Rohan Transcendent God Champion
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