Tournament Ubers Premier League V - Meme Cesspool

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no for real where is gsc ubers theres no post motivating why it hasnt been included this year that i can see

id love to play a gsc ubers bo3
i think it was removed cos from last upl till now, no gsc ubers tour was held(and i doubt more than 2 dozen games even played), so the tier's really not popular+very likely difficult to fill with a player for 6 teams

maybe some very general resources like common sets or a couple sample teams+tours would help spike interest and we could see it back next year
looking very forward to this BO3 BW2 pool -thats including you Blim- best of luck everyone, get practicing make this as good as it possibly can be and relive the glory days of when UBERS wasn't full of fukboys with over glorified egos and cheap tactics.

also fuck _____ (guess who)
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