Tournament Ubers Premier League V - Week 5

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won in 4 ggs (game 1 was a literal tie so we played the series from scratch after that)


probably the best conclusion i could've asked for my run in this tournament. really good opponent, pretty intense and close games. big shoutout to l56 for trusting me and to the barrington dynasty for keeping this tier lit
how can u say i missed scheduled time if u made no effort to see if i was there? hint: i was on discord waiting for my team to mssg me when you were online, but you literally said nothing. i could just as easily claim u missed scheduled time because nobody on my team knew you were there rofl

i'm fairly unavailable tomorrow myself, but i could do prior to 11:30 A.M or after 8:00 P.M gmt-7 if serga or anyone else is willing to actually play the game instead of going for activity lol, but if not i don't see any justification for an activity call when neither party communicated well enough despite both supposedly being online. if anything, a double sub makes more sense, but i'd much rather, y'know, actually play pokemon in the pokemon tournament lol


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I know act aint the best outcome and hope to see u guys play but I mean if your rely on your teammate to pm you if your opponent gets on then at least do /user serga and try to pm him. That way the pm will reveal the alt etc. Also it's just smart to just showup at the time you scheduled even if your opponent never isn't online. How are you supposed to ask for a sub or go for activity yourself if you didn't even log in yourself. just my 2 cents


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Problems said he couldn't play and asked to be substituted out. However, Minority Suspect has failed to do that between then and now, even though I have waited all weekend for him to do so. Since I need to attend University and therefore cannot stay on for any longer, I'd like to make an activity post.
Yea don't make that insinuation.

It's not my job to babysit your inability to schedule a time. Man up and offer times that both players in question can meet. I've seen dozens of busy players with off timezones schedule without a problem. In the future, try scheduling at the start of the week rather than waiting till the end.

Glory be to our immanent activity win.
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