Tournament Ubers Premier League VI - Finals [Won by the Defiant Durians]


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Art by NicoReaper !​

Welcome to the Finals of UPL VI!

Important Things to Remember

  • Good sportsmanship is expected. We have an Unsportsmanlike Conduct infraction for a reason, and we will use it if needed. Semi-aggressive play is fine, but don't go overboard.
  • Use your VM walls to schedule matches. VM activity will be a big factor in deciding activity wins.
  • If you wish to replay a disconnection, you MUST have submitted your team by FORUM PM to me before your match. If this is unclear, here is the information from the previous SPL thread:
Ah, the big beefcake. I'm going to go ahead and put this out there: we reserve the right to judge any individual match on a case by case basis, regardless of assumed precedence set. If you don't like that, you are welcome to not play. Be aware of this.

Also, to protect yourself as much as possible from DCs and timer issues, play on Showdown (because it has an at least semi reliable system of rejoining after a DC) and make a gentleman's agreement to not hit timer and not be hour-a-move dicks.

That said, here is the main way we will probably handle DCs / timing out:

To handle all DC're gonna submit your teams to me via a Pastebin before the match. You don't have to submit, but if you do, you protect yourself from the opponent taking a win. If you do DC (and you can't rejoin the battle) and you haven't submitted your team, your opponent will have the right to take the win. Yes, I'll most likely make a judgment call if he is on his last turn with 1 Pokemon at 5% and paralyzed and with you at 6 100% health Pokemon, because the only way to lose this is to misclick multiple times. However, if you're at 6 100% Pokemon and your opponent is at last Pokemon 10% needing to crit flinch you 6 - 12 times for the win, I'll give him the win if you DC and haven't submitted your team.

I know people will beg me "to use common sense for a judgment call" for all cases and I would normally agree, but I am giving you all a 100% out by allowing you to submit your team. Basically, submit your team, and protect yourself and your team from any and all DCs. It's a simple procedure that removes almost all subjectivity from a decision regarding a DC. Unlike with the scheduling restrictions, all you have to do is submit the team your are using at anytime before the match takes place, and you'll have 100% protected yourself. Read this rule and understand this now before you join the tournament. Since I'm stating this now, I'm basically going to ignore you if you DC, didn't submit a team, and "had a guaranteed win." Expect it. Also note that I'm going to let the PLAYER (not the team), decide whether he is going to take the win or go another route (replay same moves, replay different teams, etc.).

To further ensure no funny business, if, in the case of a DC replay, there is any concern from either party about funny business, both parties have the right to request a screenshot of the current Pokemon's stats in battle. This is irrelevant for Showdown as you can simply rejoin a battle there, but PO allows you to see the currently out Pokemon's stats if you scroll over it with your mouse. Just hit PrntScrn (windows) while scrolling over it if requested by your opponent, preferably with proof that it is a screenshot of that actual battle (consider including the opponent's request in the battle screen in the screenshot).

Regarding time outs, they are a bit more complex, specifically because some timeouts are due to DCs. The best we can do for this scenario is say that there is some number between 1 minute and 2 minutes (which we will not publicize) that we will set as a limit for timing out, and if you timeout with more than that limit time remaining, we'll assume it is a DC, whereas the opposite is a true timeout. A true timeout defaults to a loss, while the DC timeout is prone to the DC rules (did you submit or not).

  • YOU MUST SAVE A REPLAY/LOG OF YOUR MATCH OR IT WILL BE CONSIDERED INVALID. These are fun to watch and can be used for statistics and to chronicle new metagame developments over the course of UPL, so you should do it anyway!
(5) Defiant Durians
vs Luminous Lunalas (3)

USM Bo3: PurpleGatorade vs Dominatio
USM: Exiline vs Holy Ghost
USM: skysolo14 vs Leru
ORAS: Gunner Rohan vs Poek
ORAS: Lycans vs Samqian
BW2: Kebabe vs Alex Walls
DPP: M Dragon vs Highlord
ADV: Kushalos vs Melle2402


Additional notes:
  • Pokemon Showdown is the default simulator for all metagames unless both parties agree to play on PO. If you play on anywhere that isn't PS!, you must save a log of the match. In the event of a disagreement, you must play on PS!
  • Arceus is banned from DPP Ubers.
  • All matches are Best of 1, except for the Best of 3 USM slot
  • On Week 2, Ingrain Smeargle was banned. You can read about it here:
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Despite the fact that the lolcopter Lunalas turned into this, I’m not too petty to say ggs and gl in finals.
Now time to do some shoutouts:
March Fires - Amazing manager and aussie brother from another mother. Came through every week to help in every gen, truely a goat. S/o to you and Reje for picking me up, despite knowing I was gonna travel through Asia, much love.

Reje - Great assman, but an even greater memer. We’ll meet in Amsterdam my friend.

Terracotta - The Italian Stallion. Goat usm player and gave this tour the best reverse 6-0 I've ever seen.

KyogreF4N - Another usm legend. We've been teammates before, but man did you come through this tour.

iry - And how can I forget Iry. You were one of the ones on our team who I never heard of, but man you're a great guy. Always there for the team, great presence and amazing player. Just stop playing from the favelas and get your net together for next year ;)

orch - Bald American eagle and goth fanatic. Great guy, innovator, and quality memer when it comes to mons.

darrell1297 - Top tester and top oras player. Been your teammate in god knows how many teamtours, so we'll prob see each other on the same side again in the future.

ZoroDark - Absolute bw monster. We didn't talk that much, but when we did you were fun to talk to.

ogasian - OG player from China, first time having a teammate who's actually 12. Another good friend and great chat presence. Let me know when you're coming to Japan brother.

absdaddy - Dad. My actual biological dad. Dw about the last few games, you carried the first few, you're a beast. Come with Reje to Amsterdam and we'll make sure to cheers to the muk.

TrueGodsLeftUs - I could say so much more about you, but like with the rest here I'm gonna try to keep it short. The man, the myth, the memer. Quality player, chat presence, and legendary memer.

Mr.378 - The Iron man. Even though it didn't happen last year, we got to play together now. Don't worry about your record, you're a living legend despite of it and I couldn't have wished for anyone better to adv/oras for mukkers.

pasy_g - The Prodi_g himself. Actual goat who made Swellow look good in ubers. Always posting blob emojis and helping everyone out in the adv department.

Joyverse - Gay Indian. Even though you couldn't pull through as the caged lucky charm this round, you're a good guy. Was fun having you around.

WreckDra - Like the housekeeper you never knew you needed. Helped out a lot, and like everyone else on this list, a great guy to be around.

James Jimmy - My fallen brother, risen once more from the ashes to help us pull through. Prob my first ubers brother as well, was great having you back.

steelskitty - Even though it has been short, this mukker at heart has been helping out everyone, and a lot at that. The demimale a top lad for sure.

It's been an absolute blast lads, didn't expect to find this amount of enjoyment in this game again, and you guys are the ones to thank/blame for that. Had my mind made up to dip for good by deleting my account after this tour, but yall make me wanna come back for another year. Couldn't have wished for a better team and teammates. Cheers lads.
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March Fires

Tournament Banned
It was a good run mukkers. I don't think I'll be managing again so I'll say a few words for the sake of it (and likes). I know I was a lazy shit and my timezone and constant drunken-ness meant that I couldn't be around for a lot of the prep, testing and games and that probably contributed to some of the challenges that we faced, so I'm sorry that I couldn't have done more for this team. Regardless of the unfortunate result though, I had one of the funnest UPLs managing this team, and it was an absolute fucking blast doing it with you guys - couldn't have asked for a better team and I have no regrets.


Reje: man, i am so glad you convinced me to come back and manage b.c holy hell that was a journey - from killing ourselves in tryouts tryna play a metagame neither of us really understood to our constant drunk antics i couldnt have asked for a better assman. One day we'll have that cheap af whiskey together.

absdaddy: we've been in UPL together every season and I'm honoured that you played for me - it was a wild ride and im hella glad we gotta do it again. I know you're not happy with your end result, but just know it's only a game, and you're a fucking beast at it. #GGENESEX

Mr.378: the IRON MAN. thank you for passing on the dragceus mantle to me man, meant a lot. your record this tour did not at all reflect your player level and that's unfortunate. however, you're still a great player in my mind and i have no regrets buying you. i'm glad we got to do this together and give the dragceus another shot. maybe next time we'll be more fortunate.

LucosDICampos: sorting out your scheduling issues was a steaming pile of hot kangaroo shit tbh. but it was worth it cos you're a top player and a true lad. hf in japan and keep slaying as you do.

Terracotta: man you're an absolute USM machine and I'm glad we got you. i can definitely see you going far (whatever the fuck that means in this wastoid of a game) and you and your bulk up marshadow will forever be one of the greatest UPL moments. sorry your platypus got eaten en route.

iry: another USM monster. you and terra really saved reje and i's clueless asses by supporting USM on your backs. you're a great player and like terra, i'm sure you'll achieve some pixels or whatever inane shit smogon pretends is significant. for the love of god, get yourself to a place with actual internet though lmao.

KyogreF4N: you started off rocky but holy fuck did you become this team's most clutch player. keep at it you beast.

orch: while i will never fully understand your metagame perspectives I still think you're a solid af player and I'm glad you got to do what you do best a few times - goth trap some people.

darrell1297: im pretty sure you spoke a grand total of 7 times throughout the whole tournament but you were still a quality team member and solid af player. thanks for playing tiebreaks for us at a moment's notice champ.

ZoroDark: my OG PO bro - you were so 'lucky n bad' this tour but i love you nevertheless and know you're a boss player. you're a great guy to hang around w. and im glad we got to play a UPL together. hope to see you around hungover sometimes.

ogasian: you will forever have lost to a tangrowth in my mind. you were such a help in BW though and i'm hella glad i had you on my side . i wish you could have gotten to play more but our team was saturated af.

TrueGodsLeftUs: ah, lasen my old friend. you were the memegod that we didnt need and didnt deserve either. ;) i wish we could have unleashed you more, but i didnt want to crush the ego's of your opponents like you did hack's waterceus. you're a beast and i will meet you and reje some day.

pasy_g: i didnt talk much to you at all but you brought a swellow and almost won so i have nothing but respect.

Joyverse: the gayest indian. you're a funny fella, and i'm sorry you didn't get to play more - i know you wanted to. thanks for being the caged indian luck charm. one day you'll be as edgy as steelskitty.

WreckDra: you put in so much work for us man, thank you. you truly deserved to start and im sorry you didnt get to. thanks for being clutch sub when we needed it.

steelskitty: you actually suck so much. i blame u for everything and i hope u accidentally stub a toe or something. but also massive thanks for helping out with teams and testing

James Jimmy: you obsession with pepe, attempts to get people to ladder and never ending thirsty was pretty funny tbh. awesome cheerleader though and great chat presence despite the aforementioned cancer.

JAJSHUWG u bunch of degenerate insomniac losers.

ggs to all the teams we played, they were fun series regardless of any hax or salt that occurred. GL to durians and lunala's, hope to see some quality games.
Joyverse - Gay Indian. Even though you couldn't pull through as the caged lucky charm this round, you're a good guy. Was fun having you around.
Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 6.10.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 5.43.46 PM.png

Stinky Fruits Owned By Pohjis vs Kakkoi Kawaii Kyurems

USM Bo3: PurpleGatorade vs Dominatio - This is one hell of a serious match. And we know what Dominatio can do in such moments.
USM: 6IX9INE vs Holy Ghost - Baguette power too strong :eyes:
USM: skysolo14 vs Leru - Eh, it's Leru. I'll be careful.
ORAS: Empo vs Poek - '-')
ORAS: soviet vs Samqian - Sam can only dream of beating Soviet fwiw, Hail Santa!
BW2: Kebabe vs Alex Walls - Alex will give a good fight, but the crusader is taking this.
DPP: M Dragon vs Highlord - Mariano senpai will be the 1 in Highlord's 5-1.
ADV: Kushalos vs Melle2402 - :melloat:

This is going to tiebreak. I can guess what Lunalas are gonna bring this tiebreak, but the endgame depends entirely on what Durians are gonna hit them back with. Good luck both!
March Fires and Reje - The two of you are probably the chillest of all managers out there. Thanks for picking me up and actually giving this smogon run a touch of meaningfulness for me. Tape, I kinda hated how you were the only one offline while we were there on voice or chat just chilling not giving a shit about sleep. Reje, you're just too good, no words to describe you!

absdaddy - In all seriousness, I absolutely disliked the esteemed tier of DPP Übers before getting to know you, but you helped me gain a newfound interest and showed what the tier truly meant; dropping fucking dracos. Also Blues For The Red Sun is best Kyuss album, glad we can agree on that!

Mr.378 - The Iron Man himself. It's kinda strange how I ended up with Tape and you again after PO UML 2, you helped me up my ADV game and also be the top of my go-to peeps for Smogon lore. Thanks! :)

LucosDICampos - I'm surprised you haven't passed on to the weeb side even though you're in Nippon. You're one of the few anime/manga enthusiast whom I can really trust upon when it comes to suggestions. Glad to have been a teammate along with you. Oh, yeah, your ORAS too good.

Terracotta - BU Marshadow is the best mon, only next to Sub DD Zyg. Glad to have you with us bro.

iry - I'm still confused whether you're gay for Terra or just one of his many alts. Hah, jk, you're awesome and we should be playing ADV more lol!

ZoroDark - Fellow PO person and all around nice person, glad to have you around. You rocked BW!

orch - You're a nice person. I'm sorry for pissing you off everyday ;-;)

Freddy Kyogre - Where were you dude?

TrueGodsLeftUs - Having a solid in-house memer never fails and we had you! Glad to have known you better!

pasy_g - You're as JAJSHUWG as it can get, IDK from where you get all those teams from but goddamn buddy, you're highkey one of the best drug team dealers ever. Also you should have brought Sub Salac Dodrio, you didn't listen.

James Jimmy - This guy came from the dead to help us around and spread the thirst for bobs and vagene even though everyone was gaying around because of Regay, Ogaysian, and Sexualskitty. You're a blessed nigga, boy. Obligatory devil's horns! \m/

WreckDra - Dude, you broke the damned Dragceus ADV curse while being an all around prep-god, helping us all the chances you got. I'm extremely happy I got to know you more! Thanks for being there! Also I like Firepower more than Redeemer, am I bad?

ogasian - "IT'S A FUCKING LATIOS!" No, no it's not you blind chink. Ily tho, no homo. >_>)

steelskitty - Remember when I won the moral victory from the bench by smashing you in bo3 randbats? Or do you remember this? Now that UPL is boutta come to a close, idk whether I can bully you again... Or can I?

darrell1297 - LOOOOOOOOL!

Serial EKiller - Another aussie who's been a buddy all the while, you're a nice person to talk to. Sad, we weren't in the same team this UPL. Oh well.

Cya all next UPL, hope we can muk em' up together once again! JAJSHUWG!
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