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Welcome everyone to the sixth edition of the Ubers Premier League! In preparation for what is no-doubt a fun filled season of exciting battles, exciting drama, and exciting raging at my activity calls, we will be taking manager applications to see who will be heading our six teams this year!

Managers are expected to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Will be active for the entire tournament (~1.5 months)
  • Will fulfill all responsibilities of the position in a punctual manner, including but not limited to team submission, ensuring activity of players, and making substitutions.
  • Can be trusted to uphold sportsmanlike conduct
If you think you've got the chops for such an enormous responsibility, please sign up! Format your post like this:
  • Bio: Why are you qualified for the position? Why do you think you'll be a good manager? Do you have prior experience? Those are good things to put here.
  • Commitment: A pledge that you will be active for the entire tournament and send your lineups on time.
Having Assistant managers are fine, but they will not be officially supported, so you don’t need one if you don’t want one.

Signups will be open until Tuesday March 13th, 2018, after which managers will be selected. I'll have a short conversation with all the managers to iron out some final details, and then we'll get the ball rolling!

Managers should also mention what team they want to take over, or in the case of any returning managers, take back.

Feel free to hit me (or my fellow co-host SparksBlade) up on the Ubers Discord if you have any questions!
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I'd like to retain my position as manager of The Cipher Syndicate.

Bio: Managed in UPL V, played for Drizzlers in UPL III and IV. Also have experience playing in SPL and PSPL. Been around for long enough and active enough to know the community well and can create a reasonable draft plan. Know both modern and old gens, so I'm in touch with the scope of the tour.

Commitment: I'll be active for the entire tournament and will send lineups in on time.

No word yet on who will be my assistant manager this year. Qualified and interested parties feel free to reach out.

Level 56

Faded memories
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Bio: been a part of this community for quite a while now and managed in the previous two additions, so I know how all of this works. Would like to manage again because I love managing

Commitment: Will be active and will do my best to send line ups on time

Additional: As I'm gonna be managing the Grand helix fossils again, I would like to request my team's name to be changed to The Jubilant Jirachis n_n

hello, the UnburntStella is here to manage in this prestigious UPL.

Bio: I've been part from this community since I joined smogon, back in UPL IV I gained the ''cheerleader'' role, back in UPL V I gained the ''lolicon'' role, however I've redeem myself and now I am more than a cheerleader and I've transcended from lolicon to moecon (in a healthy way), I got a lot experience in team tournaments and I'm proud to have my unspl team in finals being the 1st in standings.

Commitment: I might joke a lot but I am going to take this serious, I will do my best being around, will send lineups in on time and help my team as much as I can.

Additional: I'd like to take the Dragceus (preferably) or the Kyurems and rename the team to The Luminous Lunalas, also the gorgeous Leru :blobnom:aka Ubers Champion is gonna be my co-manager n_n he has managed in snake draft btw. we both promise to behave and will abstain ourselves from weeb stuff. (perhaps)
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I'll take any available team since I don't have any real preference.

Bio: I've been a player and contributor in the community for quite awhile. I've played in the last two UPLs and have the experience required in every generation of Ubers to guide a group of motivated players. I constantly work with new and growing players in the community, while also keeping tabs on every tournament (since I participate in all of them) so I know the playerbase quite well and will put together a strong draft plan. All in all, I have an extensive knowledge of the entire playerbase allowing me to formulate a strong draft plan, the knowledge and experience in multiple tiers that it takes to help guide a team in preparations and strategy and lastly, I have the leadership skills to build a motivated and connected team.

Commitment: I will be active throughout each day of the tournament and will submit lineups on time. I will also uphold sportsmanlike conduct and ensure my entire team does as well.

I will take Dragceus or Kyurems and Omfuga will be my official assistant manager. Will be changing the team name to the tourbanned terrakions Choice Bandits and will be using Marshadow as a mascot. I won't be playing in the tour this year so I hope to still participate as a manager, thanks for the consideration :toast:

edit: I'm ok with taking over durians as well since no one has made an official signup post to claim them yet.
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so i just quit yday but im back (yay) because i promised my friend we would do this. also im not so secretly hooked on mons, just like the rest of you.

BIO: hi im a piece of sticky adhesive that is commonly found in many households. i come in many forms such as masking, duct, measuring, scotch and many more. i have played in the past 3 UPLs and am very familiar with the way that the tournament runs, while also having been one of the most active players in the old gens (re: classic). i also play the newer gens and keep up with the current metagame so im not just an old fart. i think that my adhesive qualities as a common stationary type means i am well suited to leading a team this UPL because i will be able to ensure the team is coherent and cohesive thanks to these leadership and material attributes. considering all of this, i really do think i can tape together a strong team and lead them to victory. My assman will be my fellow PO bro REJE the MUKKING. here's a picture of us two so u can see how great leader we will be. Our name will be the Zapping Zekroms.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.28.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.28.25 AM.png

Commitment: ill be super active and promise i wont quit randomly while also sending line ups punctually (even early bc my timezone places me so far ahead of you). i will also make sure that my team upholds sportsmanlike conduct bc i am a good person. also im rly dedicated to making UPL actually hype this year and have some cool things planned so pls pick me.

P.S. sorry sparks for my head kabloom yday
Manager selections are over! Here are the six teams who will be duking it out in UPL VI:

DaReal Drizzlers - Managed by Nayrz
Jubilant Jirachis - Managed by Level 56 (formerly Grand Helix Fossils)
Zapping Zekroms- Managed by March Fires (Formerly Devastating Dragceus)
Defiant Durians - Managed by Pohjis
Luminous Lunalas - Managed by AriiStella (formerly The Burning Red White Kyurems)
Choice Bandits - Managed by The Trap God (formerly Cipher Syndicate)

After SparksBlade and I brief the managers on how things are going to work + settle some details, we'll put up player signups! Stay tuned!
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