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Welcome to the sixth installment of the Ubers Premier League, hosted by Aquasition with the assistance of SparksBlade until the start of the tournament.

For those who don't know, Ubers Premier League is a team tournament modeled after SPL, where the best players duke it out in multiple Ubers metagames.

These are the 6 teams that will be in the tournament as well as the managers. Links to their Discord servers will appear here as I get them.

DaReal Drizzlers - Managed by Nayrz (Discord)
Jubilant Jirachis - Managed by Level 56 (Discord)
Alolan Mukkers - Managed by March Fires (Discord)
Defiant Durians - Managed by Pohjis (decided to not make a server, contact him personally: Pohjis#3319)
Luminous Lunalas - Managed by AriiStella (Discord)
Choice Bandits - Managed by The Trap God (Discord)

To get onto a team, you first need to sign up in this thread by posting with the following format:

Metagames Played:

We ask for your name for organization reasons and for the auction (will come to that later). The metagames played are those that you have experience in and are willing to play (so what a manager can expect to put you in and see success). The metagames that will be featured in this tournament are as follows:

USM Ubers x 1 (Bo3)
USM Ubers x 2 (Bo1)
ORAS Ubers x 2 (Bo1)
BW2 Ubers x 1 (Bo1)
DPP Ubers (No Arceus) x 1 (Bo1)
ADV Ubers x 1 (Bo1)

Inactivity is simply if you have any extensive period of time where you will be unavailable, (for example, gone on vacation for a week in early May) this is incredibly important for the managers to know so that they can do their best to make sure the team doesn't suffer from inactivity.

An example sign-up:
Name: Sweep
Metagames Played: ORAS, DPP
Inactivity: Will be preparing tests for my students, and checking them later.

After signing up, the next step is to go advertise yourself to teams to increase the chance of getting bought in the auction. The best way to do this is to go onto their individual Discord servers and follow whatever process they have for tryouts.

In case it wasn't clear already, Discord activity is heavily encouraged for those wishing to participate in this tournament. Discord activity is important not only for sign-ups but also for spectating the auction and working with your team during the tournament itself. It is absolutely vital for UPL to be an enjoyable experience for you and your team.
Although it may not raise your chances of getting picked, you are more than welcome to come discuss the tournament on the Ubers Discord.

If you were picked last year to be on a team, you may be eligible for retention. This will be handled by team managers during player signups.

Once the period of Sign-ups has been completed, there will be an auction on Pokemon Showdown(in a TDB groupchat) on a soon to be announced date. Each of the 6 teams will have 100k with which to buy 8 players and 2 required subs for a total of 10 players minimum. Bids will start at 3k and the live auction will proceed in typical SPL fashion. (Don't worry if you don't understand what that is, they are details that only the managers really need to know and they already do) The required slots are subject to change depending on the turnout for sign-ups.

Before the auction and after sign-ups, managers may choose to buy themselves for the set price of 20k.

The actual tournament will start, likely, on the week after the live auction. There will be a 5 week long playoffs between the 6 teams and then a final, 6th week between the top two teams to decide the winner of the tournament.

At any point up until the first week of games, teams may organize trades of players or player retention rights amongst each other (that may also involve money). Any teams interested in conducting a trade will need to PM Aquasition the trading conditions the two teams agreed upon so that it can be made official. If trading retention rights, the retained player must agree to play for the new team.
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