Tournament Ubers Premier League VIII - Power Rankings


The discord goes silent and the jaws of every UPL participant drops. All eyes focus on Nayrz, whose string of consistently poor decisions are finally met with a beacon of hope. History has been made, and we are all a part of it as UPL for the first time ever has expanded to 8 teams. Welcome to Ubers Premier League VIII, where the consistent saltiness and trash talk will surely make up for the dip in quality of games due to the two-team expansion.

Welcome to the Power Rankings where we are going to be doing a few things different this year. Among the usual rankings which include a team write-up, tier rankings and overall rankings, I will also be included a few predictions such the following: Dark Horse Team, Dark Horse Player, Rookie of the Year, Flop of the Year, and MVP. Will the Durians take home the title for the fourth consecutive year? Can the new expansion teams cause an up-set? Can Nayrz learn French in time to lead his team to victory? Only in due time will we know these exciting answers, but until then – let us speculate!

Let us all give a special shoutout to Minority for hosting this year, it is a thankless job and most certainly a headache. We all appreciate you as we as a community strive to put Ubers back on the map and in the hands of competitive tournament play. Next is Lord Thorx who took the initiative to set up the PR’s and get results, could not have done it without you brother. Thank you to everyone who participated in ranking players, you guys are the heart of this community. And finally, thanks to me for stepping up, leading the New Era Stag and having the determination to see the community succeed. Despite the best efforts of Highlord and Dream to consistently give this community an unwarranted bad name, users such as Belvin, Cynara, and myself are determined for this wonderful community to prosper. So, without further ado, let’s get it.

Choice Bandits
Managed by steelskitty + iry
SS: crucify
SS: Alpha Rabbit
USM: Hugo Barrington
ORAS: Dominatio
BW: Endill
DPP: Lord Thorx
ADV: squinn
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): Zesty43
Subs: Peli, Rhmsitb, Shitegotreal, WreckDra

Steelskitty and iry are no strangers to teaming together as iry was the ADV ace for the Bandits last year. These two got together and came up with seemingly what many could consider an ambitious line-up. The initial plan for them was to lock in BO3 with one of the best available options in the draft in Zesty43, his job will be to anchor down the most stacked tier in the tournament. Zesty is a high risk, high reward buy for the price he went for as he did not quite meet expectations last year. However, he can silence critics if he can perform at a high level versus the absolutely stacked BO3 competition. Crucify and Alpha Rabbit are holding down the front lines in SS, and many would consider crucify an absolute essential piece to the Choice Bandits puzzle as he has a lot of hype surrounding him, can he perform in his first UPL? Dominatio and Hugo Barrington make up the questionable picks section of the Bandit’s roster as there was hot debate about their status within the community. While there is little doubt about their in-game performance, the overall hope is that they can be decent and clean community members and re-brand themselves. Their BW features Endill which they bought low on in order to utilize the excellent BW building skills of steelskitty, one of the best to ever do it. ADV rounds out their line-up in the form of Squinn, a UPL staple who may be poised for a breakout year.

Overall thoughts: This team is well rounded – Zesty, Hugo, Dominatio, and Crucify should carry the team to a lot of wins if they all play to their tier potential. If they can remain a cohesive unit and work well together, they could be poised for a solid tournament.

Player to watch: While all eyes are on Crucify, it might be to early for him to be the carry the team needs. For that reason, I am predicting Zesty to be the player he was meant to be last year and provide veteran leadership to this team. Zesty was clearly Steel and iry’s main guy, so the team’s success is largely on his shoulders.

Dapper Dracovish
Managed by Stone_Cold + absdaddy
SS: Icemaster
SS: cromagnet
USM: Eternal Spirit
ORAS: orch
BW: Carl Murray
DPP: absdaddy
ADV: hs
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): PurpleGatorade
Subs: Ophion, shrang

Veteran describes the duo of Stone Cold and absdaddy, who leave a lot of questions marks coming into this tournament. Can Stone Cold be efficient enough to lead an Ubers team? Can absdaddy stay unbanned until the end of the tournament? They lead off with an aggressive strategy of manager-retaining absdaddy for DPP due to the weak pool, and then shocking the UPL world by paying a total of 20k for a Durians staple PurpleGatorade who can flex SM and BO3. Icemaster and Cromagnet lead the SS positions for the Dracovish which makes them on paper one of the strongest duo’s, but their lack of experience in UPL could work against the Dracovish. Sheet savior Eternal Spirit flexes along with PurpleGatorade in SM/BO3 and while his results in Ubers are lacking, his overall tournament experience could work in his favor. Orch and Carl Murray are tasked with ORAS and BW respectively and both are absolute wild cards in this tournament. Orch has a knack for the game but has underdelivered while Carl Murray ran a train on his PO BW Ubers opponents, but this isn’t the minor leagues, it’s the majors. HS rounds out the team in ADV and after he was unable to participate last year, he has the itch to excel for this 8th installment of UPL.

Overall thoughts; This team is high octane with a high risk formula. Spending 40% of their budget before the draft began has positioned this team directly on the backs on PG and absdaddy to perform as two of the best in their respective tiers.

Player to watch: Although veterans absdaddy and PG are expected to perform, it’s icemaster who will be the player to watch. Touted as a top player at his position, he possesses the tools necessary for the team to go over the top. It’s in his hands for the Dracovish SS slots to succeed.

DaReal Drizzlers
Managed by Nayrz + Melee Mewtwo
SS: TrueNora
SS: Ballfire
USM: Perry
ORAS: Persephone
BW: 64 Squares
DPP: Staxi
ADV: l'habitat
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): SiTuM
Holy Ghost, default0, LaBalladeDesCieux

Unfortunately for Nayrz, his Alzheimer’s kicked in around the 30-minute mark of the draft and he forgot it was a multi-gen format. Despite drafting an all SS team, their team is surprisingly well-rounded. Hoisting the undisputed best SS duo, the Drizzlers made waves by making TrueNora the player to watch of the entire tournament. Expectations are high for this ladder hero, and like many of the top SS participants, it will come down to whether they can perform on the main stage. Ballfire is the second half of the highly touted duo and is no slouch himself. His self-sufficient play style should complement Nora as they look to defend their #1 ranking. Perry, Persephone, and 64 Squares make up USM, ORAS and BW with below average expectations. 64 Squares and Perry have high upside potential while Persephone is a relative wildcard, recently known for participating in ORAS OU for SPL. 64 Squares boasted a 8-0 record in CPL absolutely dismantling his opponents, this could be a seriously good pocket pick. Staxi holds down the weak DPP pool, and despite him not maining the tier, his overall skill level makes him an excellent choice to take that slot. Speaking of high skill level is l’habitat, named by many as a top 5 SS player, he’s taking his talents to ADV after placing runner-up in the finals of Ubers Classic for ADV. SiTuM rounds out the team as one of the weaker talents in BO3 – but hey, it’s Pokémon, anything can happen when you least expect it. Oh, MM2 exists too.

Overall thoughts: This is a top-heavy team that decided not to retain any of the previous year Drizzlers. They live or die by their SS, and if it fails, expect them to fail. Luckily, if one person does not work out in SS, they have unlimited options to sift through making that a very unlikely scenario. Nayrz having PTSD after his teams overall 2-14 in current gens Ubers last year led to him trying a different formula for success.

Player to watch: TrueNora has the pressure of the entire team on their shoulders. This goes beyond wins, Nora is tasked with being an active leader and someone who can provide consistency to their teammates. If they can be a 5-tool player, this team can be extremely dangerous.

Defiant Durians
Managed by Skysolo + Enzo Gorlami
SS: Skysolo
SS: TonyFlygon
USM: byronthewellwell
ORAS: Duncajuwon
BW: Kebabe
DPP: Hamhamhamhamham
ADV: The Kyle
Subs: Cam, Catalystic, benbe, Steve Angello, Krauersaut

The CHAMPS ARE BACK, with puppermaster Pohjis tactfully retaining three of the absolute best players from the previous iteration of UPL. The trio of TDK, Kebabe, and byronthewellwell were a combined 16-1 last year, putting on an absolute clinic. Is it reasonable to think that will be repeated? No, it is not. But it increases community expectations of these players. Joining this absolutely stacked trio is Skysolo, who takes their previous UPL record up to 21-2 meaning that it’s up to the remaining players to get a single win if this team picks up where they left off last year. As an aside, byronthewellwell should absolutely give Ojama tips on how to appropriately tank his price while avoiding a ban. A round of applause is necessary. Moving on to ORAS, the roster falls down to earth for a brief second with Duncajuwon, however with ORAS being one of the lesser-respected tiers, he shouldn’t be underestimated. Hamx4 and The Kyle make up the non-SPL Premier League staple tandem as these two enter absolutely every PL on the site. Whether they will be good or not is to be determined, but you can bet your ass they will continue their participation streak. And no, Tony Flygon was not forgotten – the jerk staple was a no brainer for this team and his battling abilities make him the deciding factor for this team’s success. If he takes it seriously, this team could be very well on their way to a 4th trophy.

Overall thoughts: The Durians got away with highway robbery by getting Byron for 16k and getting an absolutely stacked core 4 of the best Ubers players in the tournament. Of course, while that type of success isn’t normally sustainable, the Durians defy expectations every year. If these guys have an off-weak, I am unsure if the rest of the team can pick them up or not, but they have plenty of sub options should someone perform below Durian expectations. Gunner, Skysolo and Pohjis did a knockout job with this team and it’s clear they are early favorites.

Player to watch: TonyFlygon is my pick for player to watch. Tony is a fantastic teammate and he isn’t afraid to bring out pocket picks in order to throw his opponents off guard. If he can chain together consistent wins, this team will have an express trip to the grand finals.

Delta Rayquazas
Managed by Mysterious M + Blim
SS: Goat Heart ♥
SS: Jaajgko
USM: The Dovahneer
BW: Chill Shadow
DPP: Aishia
ADV: Wamr
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): Garay oak
Substitutes: TSR, Ismakhil

Myterious M and Blim look to repeat their Most Wanted success by adhering to the saying: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Garay ascended to a different level during Most Wanted delivering a performance of a lifetime. He looks to maintain that success by pairing with one of the most talented and controversial players in the tournament, Goat Heart. His talent isn’t in question, his morals are. If Goat Heart stays on the interstate and doesn’t detour on any back hyw’s, he should be in route to a very successful tournament. Jaajgko joins Goat Heart as the second half of this stout SS core. His finalist placing during the winter ssnl allowed for a jump in his stock and turned a few heads along the way. These two guys are two to keep an eye on. The Dovahneer and CKW both sit around the middle mark in their respective tiers and both offer enough skill to have positive success. Chill Shadow on the other hand made a public statement similar to xray’s declaration of SS OU only, that he would only touch BW Ubers this tournament. A positive record is expected out of CS, let’s see if he can adjust to his new home, which shouldn’t be hard given the assman. Aishia and Wamr round out the team with relatively low rankings, but in DPP, it’s all relative as Farceus has restructured the metagame. This team overall has an extremely high ceiling and their high-risk picks are in low-risk tiers evening it out. Overall, Mysterious M and Ubers GOAT-Candidate Blim came in with a plan and executed it well.

Overall thoughts: Can Goat Heart be a secondary leader? Does he even need to be? Mysterious M and Blim offer incredible support to their already stacked ace duo of Goat Heart and Garay Oak. The sky is the limit for this team. Blim having a credible pilot in BW along with the SS+BO3 core should give this team a lot of wins this season. Time will tell if it’s that easy, but this team is an early playoff candidate in my eyes.

Player to watch: Goat Heart. He could really take this team over the top with a solid performance. Being a consensus top 3 SS player by the majority of the community, if he can join Garay’s efforts as a carry, I am hard pressed to believe there is a better SS core than the Rayquaza’s.

Devastating Dialgas
Managed by Mr.378 + Terracotta
SS: Reje
SS: 100%GXE
USM: HunterStorm
ORAS: Lasen
BW: Hack
DPP: Manaphy
ADV: IoSonoNeon
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): March Fires
Substitutes: loving1096, malefic

Considered by many as pre-week 1 favorites, with a stout draft that has very little downside to their tiers – tie Dialga’s vision was quickly derailed by p2 being…ps2, and loving1096 forgetting he signed up for UPL. However, even without these two players, the Dialga’s look absolutely stacked with Hack and March Fires being the two retains that Mr. 378 and Terra decided to build around – and for good reason. Hack was a monster last year and his ability to play any tier at a high level is an asset to admire. March Fires has a lot to prove after hitting only .500 last year, the hype around could be warranted though. Their SS is middle of the pack to the lower side of the spectrum as Reje is their SS1 and had a lot of hype surrounding his ability. 100%GXE is a great 3k buy to take a risk on as the meta is new and still unexplored. HunterStorm is a top tier pickup with a lot of hype, but he’s been a ghost for some time, it’ll be interesting to see if he can pick up where he left off years ago. It’s another low risk pick where his upside is greater than his downside. Next up is Lasen and look guys – lightning very rarely strikes twice. Lasen is determined to rise from the ashes and redeem himself and I am expecting a spectacular effort out of him. Coupled with his best bud Reje, and their verbal target Mr. 378, I expect that this trio will mesh absurdly well. Manaphy rounds out DPP and it could go either way, he’s a competent player and DPP is a coin flip tier as it stands. The player base for DPP will be defined once this tournament comes to a close. ADV isn’t worth mentioning – IoSonoNeon has nothing to lose and that can make a player dangerous.

Overall thoughts: This team has excellent chemistry by targeting a group of close friends. If Tape and Hack can show motivation at a high level and carry this team, they could go places. However, if that motivation dips, they could easily crash and burn and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Hack and March Fires decided to not give a shit. This team’s success could very well be decided by how well they do in the early weeks.

Player to watch: For the Dialga’s I am opting to watch two players who interest me, the first being Reje. Most of the players to watch here are going to be SS guys, because what people don’t realize is – the SS1 player usually has the responsibility of carrying not only hit slot – but often making viable teams for SS2 and the BO3 slot as well. Reje gets the opportunity to be a carry. He seems to be in form and really feeling himself at the moment, and if Hack and March Fires play to their expected level, Reje should settle in easily.

My second player to watch is HunterStorm. A highly regarded player, if HunterStorm can come out of the gate entirely in form, the Dialga’s will be sitting pretty come late August. A player with tremendous upside, and for a reasonable price, he could very well be one of the best buys in the draft.

Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs
Managed by Cynara + Djokra
SS: dice
SS: Shuwri
USM: Lopunny Kicks
ORAS: dream
BW: watashi
DPP: Melle2402
ADV: Finchinator
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): lax
Subs: Thiago Nunes, belvin, Watchog, Jordy, Nalei, Lazy_bread27

If this were SPL instead of UPLVIII, this team would be the consensus #1 team no doubt about it. Sheet record, individual skill, try hard attitudes, a little bit of controversial personalities – this team has it all, it’s like a bootleg Dragonspiral Tyrants for UU. These guys could absolutely kill it, or they will crash and burn in Real Housewives of LA fashion. Either way, if you are a spectator and want to be entertained, I encourage you to look no further than the Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs. Before I begin, I do want to defend the Ho-Ohs because their rankings aren’t exactly fair. In terms of individual skill, these guys are top notch. In terms of Ubers related skill, they are lacking. Does that really matter? Probably not, given that it’s Pokémon and I’d be very surprised if any of the heavy hitters dipped below .500. To begin, Dice is a top tier talent and while his SS Ubers knowledge is understandably shoddy, he also has the potential to completely sweep the pool. Keep in mind, this is a seasoned veteran facing a pool of rookies, experience matters and Dice has plenty of it. Shurwi joins Dice as the second half of the Heavy Duty tandem and expectations are low in general. The potential is there for this tandem, but it’s going to be a matter of Dice’s overall motivation. Lopunny Kicks is a SM main, and I am guessing that the theory behind his drafting is that his skill in the tier could translate to Ubers? He took a dip in SPL, but he could excel in a tier where he is one of the more tournament experienced participants. Dream and Watashi make up UPL VII Bandits Core where Dream is expected to either go 0 wins, or 7 wins. Dream has the utmost confidence in himself, but the community is a mixed bag of opinions about him – ORAS is his signature tier however and the community seems to value him highly for the ORAS pool. Watashi will play his games on day 1 as long as you pass him a team, otherwise expect 100 lines by tournaments end and an overall .500+ tournament record. Melle steps into DPP – which before I get started on that, let’s take note that Cynara did the bizzaro Nayrz strategy and drafted half of the ADV pool which included two of the best at the tier, Melle and Finchinator. Melle isn’t as well versed in DPP, but he will pick it up and have a decent record I am certain. Finchinator could be the standout ADV player and if he adopts a winning attitude towards UPL, he could be a serious force in this tournament. Lax rounds out the Ho-Oh’s starting lineup and has one of the most warped rankings I have seen yet. Lax is a top player on this entire site and his 2019 tournament year was one of the most absurd performances to date. He is ranked last strictly due to Ubers knowledge, if the ranking was based off individual skill, then I would be hard pressed to put anyone above him at the moment.

Overall thoughts: A beautiful accident? A train wreck? Cynara’s protest against the Ubers community? There’s a lot of storylines here, and here’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so: if they care, they will win a lot. The chances of that happening are slim, these are all big personalities and there’s potential for a lot of juicy UPL drama which the community is absolutely salivating for. Will Dice get into an argument? Probably. Will Dream say some shit that makes him utterly unviable? Definitely. Will watashi have more than 200 lines? Slim chance. Will Belvin have any contributing value? He hasn’t for years. One thing is for certain though, these players are like Ash and Pikachu. Separately they are absolute butthole, but when they combine their efforts, they are a dark horse for the playoffs.

Player to watch: I am giving it to Dice here. He has an innovative mind for the game and is really freaking good at Pokemon. I think that Cynara and Djokra can get him to care at a level where he puts forth actual effort into this tournament. Finchinator most likely will go positive leaving either Dice or Lax as the two players who could really help elevate this team. Lax is way better than his PR ranking indicates and I will make a bold prediction that he lands at least 5 wins IF he puts forth effort into this tournament.

Manly Melmetal
Managed by Alkione + KyogreF4N
SS: Royal1604
SS: Fc04
USM: Sharow
ORAS: fourmi
DPP: Tomahawk
ADV: Kushalos
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): KyogreF4N
Lacus Ichinose, Thimo, Fogbound Lake, Ayoukoo, Corazan, Kei Kikuno

First, I am pretty sure no one had more fun during the draft than Alkione. His automatic .5k for every single bid became almost routine and at one point, I was certain that he woulda .5k’d literally anyone who was nommed. They have an interesting team of personalities; a French mix up with a lot of high-risk players. The innocence of Alkione is shown here as I believe he will learn a lesson about scouting friend groups before drafting. Lacus Ichinose specifically may end up being a wasted buy due to their schedule and their unfamiliarity with many of the users. Problems and Kushalos are similar cases where you may get them trying hard, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were subbed midway through the season. Skill wise, the talent is there, getting them all to play and stick around is going to be a necessary test as a manager. The French SS core of Royal and Fc04 dead middle of the table, with a potential for high upside given that they have KyogreF4n as their captain. Sharow is expected to do well in the USM pool and is viewed rather highly among his Ubers peers. Fourmi remains middle table in the shit show that is ORAS and should produce good results. Their roster gets interesting with these next 3: Problems, Tomahawk and Kushalos. Problems and Kushalos can be red flags if they aren’t drafted with their jerks, but they are both very high ceiling and risks worth taking. Tomahawk is resurging out of nowhere and I think could be a dark horse for a very good DPP record. We round out this line-up with the captain KyogreF4n, a top player in this entire tournament and the guy expected to lead this team to a championship. Can he do it? He’s got hard work ahead of him.

Overall thoughts: I think that if KyogreF4n can stay consistent, his performance can motivate his team to excel. If things ever go south, I don’t know if this team can recover. Alkione and Kyogre are new managers, the key to success for them is working hard, carrying the French gens and letting their veteran old gens do their thing. If they try to micro-manage the old-gen egos, things could get ugly.

Player to watch: Royal1604 and Problems. Oli is a polarizing player whose highs are incredible, and his lows are bottom of the barrel. He has a tough task ahead of him with this BW pool, but if he can gain immediate confidence, then I expect a strong showing form him. My unlikely hero though is Royal1604. Much like Zesty last year, high expectations tempered with mediocre results. The consensus though is, he is very good and with a UPL under his belt, I am expecting him to take it to the next level.




  • Drizzlers: TrueNora + Ballfire
  • Rayquazas: Goat Heart + Jaajgko
  • Dracovish: icemaster + cromagnet
  • Bandits: crucify + alpha rabbit
  • Melmetal: Royal1604 + Fc04
  • Dialgas: Reje + 100%GXE
  • Durians: Skysolo + TonyFlygon
  • Ho-Ohs: Shuwri + dice
Right off the bat, the Durians get a 7th place ranking which as we all know, is too good to be true. Tony is ranked second to last, but his tour experience and ability to adapt to any tier should push him and Skysolo up further as a duo. Meanwhile, no surprise who the #1 ranking is. TrueNora has all the hype surrounding them and they face tremendous pressure, but Ballfire being the 6th ranked SS player makes him no slouch. Meanwhile, the Rayquazas and the Dracovish nearly mirror each other in SS ranking with Goat Heart and Icemaster being beside one another and Jaajgko and cromagnet being paired towards the middle. Overall, this is about what you’d expect and if one thing is prevalent here, it’s that these rookies have a lot of hype surrounding them: can they deliver?



No surprise that Byron is #1 in USM given he went undefeated last UPL and has maintained his form over the past year. If PurpleGatorade was ranked in USM, it would have been a tight race which instead leads to Byron taking over by a large margin. Sharow on the other hand seems to have come out of nowhere as the #2 recipient given their rather cheap 7.5k price tag. This pool overall will be quite a competitive pool given that even the last ranked player is exceptional, and the bottom 4 players were all ranked relatively close to one another with Lopunny Kicks and Perry technically being a tie. I expect a lot of change from this USM pool and it will be especially telling how users such as Hunterstorm and Dova perform.



This pool is rather uninspiring and given the top ranked players, this is anyone’s tier for the taking. Lasen had a down year last year, and still ended in 2nd while dream who’s often criticized is still a 3rd place ranking. It’s clear that teams had the same strategy of buying low in ORAS while beefing up their other tiers. Dominatio was a whopping 15.5k for ORAS whereas Lasen and Dream hovered around the 8k mark. Everyone else was 5k or less, meaning that it’s up to Dominatio to perform at a high level given the resources spent on him compared to the remaining 7 ORAS starters. So far, this tier seems the least interesting of every tier, it’s going to be up to these guys to step it up and give the fans high-level matches. Otherwise, let’s just bring in BO5 and ditch ORAS for good.



Holy moly: Now we’re talking. One of the highest leveled tiers in the tournament, BW. Endill unfortunately is the odd man out as everyone else is relatively close in ranking. Hack was able to give el Kebabe a run for his money surprisingly, meanwhile Watashi sits at his normal pedestal and problems and Chill Shadow round out the upper half which was expected. Carl Murray is the surprise entrant into this fight, having exceptional BW Ubers results outside of Smogon, can that skill translate? Meanwhile 64 squares may be the most underrated player of the tournament. His recent success hasn’t been convincing enough, however I wouldn’t ever bet against a man with a chip on his shoulder, watch out for him.



Nayrz nuking DPP Ubers has caused most of the mainers to shy away from the tier. Melle, who claimed DPP was his worst tier and that he seldom played it got a 2nd place position meanwhile, most of these players wouldn’t of been playing DPP a year ago. Abs is the consensus number 1 by a long shot and the only one of the old guards participating this year, a surprise to many. His 20k price-tag may end up being worth it after all if he can find consistency and an edge over his opponents. Thorx, Manaphy and Staxi all have some sort of DPP results to back up their positions with Staxi reaching classic semi’s. It would be to no one’s surprise if any of these fellas were able to have an above-average tournament. Tomahawk unfortunately is a victim of recency bias as he’s fizzled out and has been forgotten – although being an underdog while knowing the tier could be to his advantage.



Note: To keep the integrity of this tournament, everyone listed after p2 will be shifted up a spot with the benchwarmer for the Dialga’s taking the 8th slot. Excellent drafting by the Dialga’s getting the top ranked ADV’r for dirt cheap – unfortunately now you know why he was dirt cheap. Lesson learned kids: if it looks to good to be true, then it is too good to be true.

Moving on, Kushalos takes our top seed in ADV over Finchinator despite both men being absent since last year and Finchinator having the better record. It was a close race between the two however, and I would rank both similar in skill level. ADV appears to have some exciting new talent among them and I think players like hs, l’habitat, and the kyle could make major statements. The bottom half so close that we have a 3 way tie – which shows no justice to any of l’habitat’s recent results as an ADV finalist in classic. Look for them to be a dark horse in ADV.



Okay, let us immediately focus on the elephant in the room. This community just gave last years 6-1 BO3 player, and arguably the MVP of the entire tournament a 4th place ranking. SS is a new tier, so that is a major factor – and with Garay Oak’s dominance and the consensus he’s the best player of the entire tournament – it’s understandable TDK is ranked below him. Not to mention, a guy who was 2-2 last year (despite his 2019 classic performance) is ranked 2nd with questionable activity gets ranked above TDK and KyogreF4n. Either way, this is quite possibly the most stacked tier in UPL and it’s the most demanding. Any of these guys could blow up and have an undefeated record – even lax who is sitting at the bottom is debatably the best player when it comes to raw skill. We as spectators are in for a treat because this pool is going to be an absolute bloodbath.

Final Results:

1) Devastating Dialgas
2) Manly Melmetal
3) Choice Bandits
4) Dapper Dracovish
5) Delta Rayquazas
6) Defiant Durians
7) Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs
8) DaReal Drizzlers

Definitely not the result many of you expected. First off – to you managers who placed high, don’t get too excited. First place seldom wins the tournament, so let’s temper expectations. In fact, the last place ranked team of this past SPL won the whole tournament. And the last place ranked team in Tsunami’s UUPL PR won the entire tournament. Does that make DaReal Drizzlers the low-key favorite? Not exactly. Nayrz going heavy on new gens was a risk, and it could be one that pays off given his new gen flexibility. However, the shock of tour lays at #6 where it’s clear that the Durians high spending strategy on their core 4 costed them slot rankings – along with that absurd BO3 ranking of TDK. However, a narrative where the Durians aren’t the odds on favorite is a narrative I can get behind. Congratulations to the Dialgas and the Melmetal for defying expectations. Alkione showcased a risky draft strategy and while time will tell if it pays off or not, it at least landed him a sweet spot on the PR’s. Meanwhile, Mr. 378 was the king of the draft – we gave him a last place ranking in ADV despite drafting the #1 ranked player and he still persevered as the top spot. While one could contribute p2’s low price and high ranking as not effecting Daniel too much allowing him to splurge in other gens, it’s clear they did their homework and picked a group of guys favored by the community.

Note: Now that pre-season is officially over, the editor is going to take a stab at a few accolades for post-UPL. If you’d like to participate in your own predictions, feel free to copy my format.

Dark Horse Team: Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs

Dark Horse Player: Reje

Rookie of the Year: Icemaster / TrueNora

Flop of the Year: March Fires

MVP: Garay Oak / Hack


Closing: Thank you all for tuning in. It was a blast, if the quality dipped at the end, it’s because it’s late and I did this in one sitting. And nah, I didn't gp myself - it's nearly 3am, i'll do it later. Sorry. OH! And before you get randomly offended by your ranking or a joke made, remember that this is all in good fun and were all a dysfunctional family. Let’s have a good drama free, clean, UPL. Cheers!!


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Recapping Week 1

Week 1 is in the books folks and it was a perfect week in terms of wins and losses as no ties were given. It was no surprise whatsoever that the Durians picked up right where they left off last year, as they swept the #2 team in the pre-season PR's, the Manly Melmetal. Off the back of their now undefeated SS core, they were able to snatch away the 1-game momentum the Melmetal had and show why they are the team to beat. The Bandits, Dracovish, and Rayquaza's also picked up wins as all three stand at a +2 BD. The pre-season tournament favorites, the Dialga's put up a close fight with the top-heavy Raqyuaza's, but the all-star duo of Garay Oak and Goat Heart proved to be way too much for the Dialga's to handle. Meanwhile, over on the Dracovish front, they acquired a 5-3 win over the Drizzler's in which it was a battle of SS cores, where the #1 ranked SS OU core faced off against the #3 SS OU core. It was a win for the rookie Dracovish duo, in what was otherwise an extremely close series over all. Lastly, the Bandits took on the Ho-Oh's in what originally looked like a wash, the Ho-Oh's stayed resilient at the end and fought back to protect some of their BD.

If you thought SS was figured out, think again. It was announced this evening that Baton Pass will be banned, and this new meta sees yet another minor change. We saw an eclectic mix of pokemon used and week 2 we are sure to see a further mix of usage. Going forward, I fully expect for the SS metagame to be an entirely different metagame come the end of this tournament. One thing that is consistent though, is the #2 pre-season SS player, Goat Heart, dismantling my Dark Horse prospect of the tournament. However, I fully expect Reje to see a full recovery and the Dialga's to get on the right track during week 2. Meanwhile, it was a battle of the SS rookie titans as Icemaster and TrueNora faced off in what was a dominating win for Icemaster. I expect TrueNora to come back with a vengeance in week 2, whereas Icemaster seems to be in excellent form for his rookie debut. Although it's still early, the SS pool will begin to take shape as we begin to see who truly has this tier figured out.

Meanwhile, on the BO3 front, it seems my pre-season statement about TDK were correct. TDK has shown why is he an integral part of the Durian's mega-core as he seemingly took down one of the BO3 favorites, KyogreF4n making a real statement that his 6-1 was no fluke. Meanwhile, it was #1 vs #2 when Garay Oak took out March Fires cementing himself at the player to beat for BO3. Zesty defended against an upset and took out lax while SiTuM created an upset with a 2-0 win over PurpleGatorade.

1. Goat Heart up 1 spot
2. Icemaster up 1 spot
3. crucify up 1 spot
4. skysolo up 3 spots
5. TrueNora down 4 spots
6. Jaajgko up 3 spots
7. cromagnet - up 3 spots
8. Reje - down 3 spots
9. Ballfire - down 3 spots
10. TonyFlygon up 5 spots
11. Shuwri up 1 spot
12. Royal1604 down 4 spots
13. Fc04 down 2 spots
14. AlphaRabbit down 1 spot
15. dice down 1 spot
16. 100%Gxe
no change

Goat Heart slides into the #1 spot with his dominant performance over Reje. Icemaster is on his tail after a solid showing against TrueNora. Everyone's favorite 20k superstar crucify impressed in his rookie debut against Dice and that performance moves him up to a solid #3. Skysolo could definitely be argued for being a top 3 player, but he falls just out of the top 3 for now, however there is a consensus that he has the ability to beat anyone in the pool. TrueNora hangs onto their spot in the top 5 by the skin of their teeth. TonyFlygon is the man of the hour with a whopping 5 spot change, from 15th to 10th. The Durians can set Tony up with success and his overall solid play can carry him up the rankings, watch out for him. Shoutouts to Cromagnet and Jaajgko who continue to stick next to one another on the ranking. It's clearly defined that the new #1 duo to beat is Goat Heart + Jaajgko, followed closely by Icemaster and Cromagnet. Skysolo and Tonyflygon also went 2-0 for their team and in the 3rd position for top 3 duo's atm.

1. Sharow up 1 spot
2. Hunterstorm up 1 spot
3. Hugo Barrington up 1 spot
4. byronthewellwell down 3 spots
5. perry up 3 spots
6. The Dovahneer down 1 spot
7. Eternal Spirit down 1 spot
8. Lopunny Kicks down 1 spot

The UPL community saw an early upset as Sharow beat the tar out of byron, knocking him down 3 spots. We all expect byron to get it together and get back in form, he is a Durian afterall. Meanwhile, Sharow was impressive and might be the guy everyone has their sights on to beat now. HunterStorm picked off where he left off years ago, getting a win for his team and Hugo knocked off Lopunny Kicks in convincing fashion. This pool was pretty consistent with their rankings as the top guys pretty much all won, sans Perry who was ranked last and climbed a whopping 3 spots just out of the top 4.

1. Dream up 2 spots
2. fourmi up 2 spots
3. orch up 2 spots
4. Dominatio down 3 spots
5. CKW up 1 spot
6. Lasen down 4 spots
7. Persephone no change
8. Duncajuwon no change

Yeah, you are reading this correctly. Dream is #1. What a world we live in. A testament to how dogshit this tier is, truly. Dream dethroned the high-priced Dominatio and now making claims site-wide that he's the best ORAS player in the pool. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, forumi and orch tie dream for the highest positions jumped with 2 a piece and both looked solid overall. Lasen and Dominatio took a considerable dip which is to be expected after a loss, but both are expected to get back on track next week assuming they don't play one another!

1. Kebabe no change
2. Hack no change
3. watashi up 1 spot
4. Carl Murray up 2 spots
5. Chill Shadow down 2 spots
6. PROBLEMS down 1 spot
7. 64 Squares no change
8. Endill no change

Only two drops and two gains for this rather consistent tier. Kebabe utterly annihilated Problems by catching him off guard early on. Hack also had a dominant showing, proving that it will be the battle of the titans once these two guys meet. Meanwhile, Carl Murray HAS ARRIVED. The PO enforcer has made his way to UPL and had a very close game against 64 Squares in which he was able to overcome the pressure and clutch the series win for the Dracovish. Watashi won against Endill to no one's surprise. Endill has a tough task ahead of him in order to climb the rankings, maybe SGR will come out of the depths before long to carry the Bandits BW back to glory.

1. absdaddy no change
2. Lord Thorx up 1 spot
3. Hamx5 up 4 spots
4. Staxi up1 spot
5. Aishia up 3 spots
6. Melle2402 down 4 spots
7. Tomahawk down 1 spot
8. Manaphy down 4 spots

Our first real shake up and here's some things to note. First, Staxi lost but went up a spot. He brought the #1 ranked player, absdaddy as close as possible to defeat and maybe if a few factors went differently for him, he'd be up even further. He played well vs a tough opponent and thus he moves up a slot. Second, Hamx5 leaps a whopping 5 slots and that's no surprise given the team he's a part of the and support he's given. If you're a Durian, it's like you get a buff of confidence, play and team support. Melle drops to spot 6 and let's be honest, Melle isn't a DPP main and it'll take him some adjusting to the tier. He's a consensus top ADV player and he's doing his best. I expect him to get on the right track as he has an incredibly high ceiling. Same goes for Tomahawk, he's getting his feet wet again with the Farceus meta and actually looked good in his game. Overall this is a tough pool and anyone can take a game off anyone, it'll be interesting to see how things shape up. Aishia in particular jumps to the top 5 and it's hard to guess exactly how this pool will turn out next week.

1. Squinn up 2 spots
2. l'habitat up 3 spots
3. The Kyle up 4 spots
4. Kushalos down 3 spots
5. IoSonoNeon up 3 spots
6. Finchinator down 4 spots
7. hs down 3 spots
8. Wamr down 2 spots

Reminder, the previous ranking of this had Kushalos as #1 due to the banning of p2 and IoSonoNeon got put in spot 8 automicatally. With that said, Squinn is the king of the hill at the moment taking down Finchinator meanwhile The Kyle had a huge jump increase of 4 spots defeating the #1 ranked Kushalos. ADV has the most mixups so far with every spot flip flopping exponentially. That means only one thing is certain, I expect next week spots will be diversified even further as it's looking like there is no consensus #1 at the moment. Squinn shouldn't lose very many games due to the advantage of having iry as his assman, so I am expecting him to maintain his slight advantage. Meanwhile, the abysmal pre-season ranking of l'habitat has been shaken off as they showed their classic final ranking was no joke. I am expecting a good performance out of them.

1. Garay Oak no change
2. TDK up 2 spots
3. Zesty43 up 3 spots
4. March Fires down 2 spots
5. SiTuM up 2 spots
6. KyogreF4N down 3 spots
7. PurpleGatorade down 2 spots
8. lax no change

Your BO3 player is much like the quarterback of your team. The responsibility to handle 3 tiers is immense, and all of these guys are heavy hitters when it comes to Pokemon, that's why when it comes to the tier with the most talent in the pool, it is BO3 without a doubt. Now, with that out of the way, I made a prediction last week that the low TDK ranking was completely unjustified, and what do you know, I was correct. He skips 2 spots from 4th, to 2nd and he does so in dominating fashion. Of course, the only person he doesn't pass is our #1 ranked player, and the consensus best player in the tournament, Garay Oak, who won in 3-2 series vs March Fires, who was previously #2 and gets knocked down to 4. Zesty meanwhile came in with a chip on his shoulder after last year's performance and he showed his team that he is ready to take the next step as a player by being the backbone that their team needs. He jumps to top 3. KyogreF4N and PurpleGatorade are world class ubers players that just had a down week, expect them to jump back at it next week.

1. Defiant Durians up 5 spots
2. Delta Rayquaza's up 3 spots
3. Choice Bandits no change
4. Dapper Dracovish no change
5. Devastating Dialgas down 4 spots
6. DaReal Drizzlers up 2 spots
7. Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs no change
8. Manly Melmetal down 6 spots

So, the kings are back on their thrown. They had the most dominating win of every team, having a +3 BD, and although they looked like they could be slipping after Byron got tossed in the first game, it was clear that they are a unit of a team, and that is why they climbed 5 spots to the consensus first place, where they rightfully belong. Next up, you could make a case for any of teams 2-4 to be in the 2 slot as all 3 came away with a win and a +2 BD. I went with the Rayquaza's because the duo of Garay + Goat Heart looks near unbeatable at the moment. They are two top 5 players in the tournament arguably and that tandem alone should make this team a major playoff contender. Meanwhile, the Bandits went with Zesty as their big buy and the guy they wanted to lead their team along with Squinn as a retain and they both delivered. The Dracovish put 30k combined into their SS OU core, and it seems to have paid off big time dethroning the #1 ranked SS Duo. Their pocket pick of Carl Murray clutched the week for them making them a serious contender. The Drizzlers go up two spots despite a loss, as the backend games of their series with the Dracovish were extremely close and if their rookie SS duo can get it together, they are set up for a very nice season ahead of them. The Ho-Ohs looked to be getting it together at the end and the Melmetal went in with high expectations but unfortunately had to meet the Durians week 1. I expect their results to normalize in the coming weeks.

This section will include one highlight match from each series to look out for. Usually based off current records, but the best player doesn't always have the best record right? Moving along:

Dapper Dracovish vs Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs
Match of the week:
BW: Carl Murray vs watashi

Carl Murray had a introductory test where he played 64 squares, who was coming off a red hot CPL.. The pressure was on for him, where he got to be the decider of the week and he came out victorious. Now, he gets an even bigger test as he plays one of the best players in the game, watashi. Expect this game to be a battle of two of the better players, and you can expect a big jump in the rankings for the winner.

Defiant Durians vs Delta Rayquazas
Match of the week:
Skysolo vs Goat Heart ♥
BO3: TDK vs Garay oak

Shoutouts to TonyFlygon vs Jaajgko for just missing the cut in what should be an excellent game. Skysolo vs Goat Heart should be a bloodbath, as the captain of the Durians faces off against the most expensive player of the Rayquaza's draft. Quite frankly, given the incredible matchup that Goat Heart was able to get versus Reje, I am expecting him to take this one. Meanwhile, it's a clash of the titans as TDK faces Garay Oak in a potential grand finals level match. The pressure is on Garay to guess what TDK will bring and dissect him from there. I expect TDK to go into super saiyan clicker-mode vs Garay and maybe that will be enough to dethrone Garay from atop his throne.

Manly Melmetal vs Choice Bandits
Match of the week:
Sharow vs Hugo Barrington

Both guys are red hot atm with Sharow taking the #1 PR spot from Byron. Meanwhile, Hugo is the 3rd ranked player on the PRs. This is an opportunity for Sharow to showcase his dominance of the tier, or it's a chance for Hugo to potentially leap to that #1 spot. Expect a tight match from these two.

DaReal Drizzlers vs Devastating Dialgas
Match of the week:
TrueNora vs Reje

Okay, Perry vs HunterStorm is maybe the better match on paper, but it's not near as interesting as Nora vs Reje. You have two players, both ranked extremely high and both lost somewhat convincingly. This is an opportunity for one of these to bounce back with inspired confidence meanwhile the other could be sent into a loop of desperation wanting desperately to get a win before being 0-3. This is all of the drama we need right here. Can Nora live up to the expectations that the Drizzler's have for them? Can Reje put his match vs Goat Heart to the back of his mind and come out swinging? This match it lit, and one I highly anticipate.

The Race for the MVP

As the weeks get further along, I may limit this to the top 5, but for now, I am going to give you 10 players I think could be MVP candidates for the season. Now, BO3 has a huge advantage given the amount of games played and the quality of player pool - however, I don't think it'd be fair to judge primarily on that, so I will be basing it individually off what each player means to their team. A guy who is 3-0 and helps build multiple tiers has more weight than a guy who is 3-0 and gets passed teams which is where their advantage may come from. Without further ado, this will be in order with the front-runner leading the pack.

1. Garay Oak - Rayquazas
2. Kebabe - Durians
3. Zesty43 - Bandits
4. TDK - Durians
5. Icemaster - Dracovish
6. Hack - Dialgas
7. Goat Heart - Rayquazas
8. absdaddy - Dracovish
9. Sharow - Melmetal
10. Dream - Ho-Ohs

While this list will become way easier to differentiate as the weeks go on, I think it's important to note that Garay Oak is the man to beat. His Most Wanted performance was a statement, and it's a statement that has continued throughout week 1. Kebabe allows the Durians the luxury of being up 1 game every week and that cannot be understated. He is a franchise player who seldom loses and is a huge part of why the Durians consistently win week in week out. Zesty is probably the biggest surprise, but if you look at the Bandits, identifying anyone else who could take the leap to MVP is questionable. Maybe crucify or Hugo if they keep up their consistency, but what you get out of Zesty is the whole package. He can pick up tiers quickly, he can test in every tier and he adds support to every tier. Zesty is the whole package and he was a gamble to build around, and after week 1, the gamble has paid off so far. TDK and Hack occupy the mid to upper half of the rankings as both are picking right back up where they left off last year. TDK was most likely the MVP last year, if there was in fact an MVP it would probably go to him. 4 total games lost all season, a tiebreaker performance, and an absolutely monster 6-1 record, he's a guy who can climb the MVP ladder effortlessly no questions asked. Meanwhile, Hack does it all and he's a monster in his own right. He's looking to lead the Dialga's and is a shoe-in for a 1-0 start just about every week, that type of importance rivals that of Kebabe's. Icemaster sits between the two as a rookie whose tasked with contributing in SS for both SS slots + BO3, however having cromagnet as a teammate and builder does take some of the weight off his shoulders. He had a statement win vs TrueNora, let's see how he does from there.

On the back half of the MVP rankings we have Goat Heart and absdaddy, two guys who play different tiers but have similar roles for their team. Absdaddy took a gamble by paying 20k for himself, however he has delivered his first week with an impressive win where had to claw from behind in order to steal the victory from Staxi. But, outside of his play he is contributing to most old gens tiers setting his team up for as much success as possible. Goat Heart follows the shadow of Garay but his skill in SS is unmatched at the moment. In terms of skill, Goat Heart may even be equal and him and Garay could easily swap tiers played without much of a loss anywhere, he could also probably be ranked higher, but he didn't really get a chance to play Pokemon because the game was such a stomp. I hope to see him challenged this week. Sharow and Dream are dark horse MVP's at the moment. Both made statements in their tiers by beating the #1 ranked guy, and the similarities stop there. Sharow is quiet, Dream is loud and already claiming he's the supreme ruler of ORAS and will be undefeated. If Dream can go undefeated, he has a nice shot at the MVP ranking, but he's going to have to dig deeper and find out a way to get his team some wins.

Overall, this is a stacked player base, and I could see week 2 changing things dramatically. There's a lot of good players who are looking to make statement for week 2, and we as spectators should be lucky that we get to witness it in all of its glory. Let's have a good second week of UPL VIII!
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Recapping Week 2

Folks, what a crazy week 2. The Durians got completely embarrassed. Dream and Orch had a wet noodle fight where at one point, the game stopped progressing because these two were shit talking each other in the Ubers Discord, LOLEXCUSE ME? TonyFlygon is a top 5 SS Ubers player. A week 2 trade has been confirmed by Minority sending Melle to the Dracovish in exchange for hs. The entire PRs are getting shaken to the core. However, one thing is consistent and that is the most dangerous duo in the entirety of UPL, Goat Heart and Garay Oak. These two are looking to make a statement. Another statement being made is by the Manly Meletal who overcame a big deficit to force a tie vs the Choice Bandits. This team is slowly finding their groove and they are looking for a player they can depend on; Fc04 and Fourmi may just be the players they need in order to make a deep run this season. Meanwhile, the Dialgas finally get a win vs the underperforming Drizzlers. I think the Drizzler have some amazing talent and it's about time they get their shit together. There is a silver lining however, their BW LBDC took down the carry for the Dialgas, Hack. And Ballfire got a win under his belt showing that he has what it takes to help lead this teams young SS core. The Dracovish defeated the Ho-Ohs showing consistency among every tier, but it was the storyline that the Dracovish and Ho-Ohs have swapped players that made the headlines.

Overall, the SS tier continues to show refinement, however creativity has continued to be shown. Goat Heart, Icemaster and Crucify are leading the pack in terms of record and are showing they are the real carries for their teams. The UPL VIII Dark Horse bounced back vs the former 1st seed, True Nora. Nalei also made their debut this week after having a reputation for being a good player, and they got a win over Cromagnet in what was a nice game overall. Meanwhile on the Bo3 front, the clash of the two titans between Garay Oak and TDK went to a game 3 where Garay edged out TDK showing that it's going to take an immense effort for anyone to touch him this tournament.

And as an aside, because I didn't specify last week, it's going to be said now. These PR's are an opinion piece. The goal is to give this community something that no other community has, and that is effort towards the biggest tournament in Ubers, and it's to give you guys just a tiny shred of sports like content. It's exciting to see where people are ranked, and it's exciting to see how things shake up each week. There's no formula I use, there's no perfect way to rank each person and each team, I do it how I see fit. So just sit back and enjoy the content. As we work towards re-legitimizing this tier, I am looking for constructive criticism and feedback as to how I can make this even better. Your opinions are something I take seriously, so please reach out if any ideas come to mind.

Without further ado, let's get into it.

1. Goat Heart no change
2. Icemaster no change
3. crucify no change
4. TonyFlygon +7
5. Reje +3
6. skysolo -2
7. cromagnet no change
8. Ballfire +1
9. fc04 +4
10. Nalei new addition
11. Jaajgko -5
12. Shuwri -1
13. TrueNora -8
14 FogboundLake new addition
15. Rhimsitb new addition
16. 100%GXE no change

Inactive: Royal1604
Inactive: Dice
Inactive: Alpha Rabbit

The top 3 are unchanged, but even if they were labeled in accordance to difficulty, I think it would stay the exact same. Crucify took out Fogbound, meanwhile Icemaster and Shuwri faced off in what was an anticipated matchup and then of course the main event of Skysolo vs Goat Heart where Goat Heart showed that he's just on another level entirely in SS atm. The top 3 is now cemented two weeks in, however there are still questions to be answered. Is Crucify legit? His two opponents he's faced are on the bottom level of the rankings. How will he fare vs higher level opponents? Meanwhile Goat Hearts resume is stacking nicely, and if he keeps this run up - he will be a top candidate for MVP. The surprise here is, Tony is in the top 4 cementing himself as a top SS Ubers player at the moment. Can he keep this up? While I do doubt that he can, he's been extremely fun to watch and maybe he's a glimmer of hope that can keep these Durians afloat. To round out the top 5 is Reje, who bounced back in a huge way in a do or die with TrueNora. This match was important for momentum as the loser surely would be facing disheartenment. However, being strong mentally is a key factor for success and if TrueNora can stick to their game, they will be just fine. Facing two top 5 players is a tough task for anyone and their schedule should hopefully get easier. The second largest jump is Fc04 who breathed life into this Melmetal squad that many counted out. They secured a tie which is huge considering they were down 0-3. Fc04 played a strong game and showed what he's capable of. Ballfire did the same for his team being one of the only wins. He had a lot of hype going into the season, let's see if he can continue to deliver. Shuwri and Jaajgko both sit at 1-1 and a case could be made that neither should be down too much as Shuwri faced Icemaster whose #2 and Jaajgko lost to #4 ranked TonyFlygon. If they recover next week, they will see a surge back up in the rankings for sure. To round out this section, we have new addition Nalei who may just be the breath of fresh air the Ho-Ohs need. They are down, but they are far from out. If Nalei can show consistency in SS, then Shuwri and Nalei could be a very good tandem going forward.

1. Hugo Barrington +2
2. HunterStorm no change
3. Sharow -2
4. Leru new addition
5. perry no change
6. Eternal Spirit +1
7. Cataclystic new addition
8. Lopunny Kicks no change

Inactive: The Dovahneer
Inactie: Byronthewellwell

There is a new king atop the hill as Hug Barrington took out the #1 ranked Sharow to advance to a stout 2-0 record. Hugo is huge carry for the Choice Bandits as he joins Crucify and Zesty as a part of the 3 headed monster for that team. HunterStorm also continues to play as if he never left - nabbing a win over Perry and contributing to a dominating win for the Dialgas. Leru gets the 4th spot as a new addition, who needs no introduction as a successful ubers player. Byron took the week off and should come back in full force ready to make a statement. Seeing how this tier shakes out should be quite entertaining. Eternal Spirit played one of the best games of the day versus Lopunny Kicks, and don't let their positions fool you - it was a good game that went down to the absolute wire. That moves him up 1 spot right under perry who saw no change as the 5th position.

1. orch +2
2. fourmi no change
3. dream2 -2
4. loving1096 new addition
5. Duncajuwon +3
6. CKW -1
7. Dominatio -3
8. default0 new addition

Inactive: Lasen
Inactive: Persephone

It was the main event that no one knew that they needed. Orch vs Dream had gone the distance, the game was close - until it wasn't And in that moment, Dream took to discord in the middle of the game to where orch followed him. The community was in disbelief, were these idiots really arguing in discord instead of playing the rest of their match out? Orch took the win, but neither player looked good after that stunt. However, Dream played a solid game for the most part and got caught off guard. He's fully expected to bounce back in this tier and I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't drop another game. Orch gets the jump to #1 after taking out the former #1 seed. Fourmi takes out the pre-season #1 ranked Dominatio and many are beginning to wonder if he can bounce back. Fourmi is having a fantastic UPL so far, going 2-0 in ORAS and again, is someone who is showing consistency for the Melmetal, something they desperately need. Loving1096 has emerged and while he seems to be somewhat of a ghost, if he can keep his performance up, the Dialgas maybe have reliability in ORAS. Duncajuwon is the jump leader, advancing 3 spots and provided the Durians at least some sort of good news amidst their disaster of a series.

1. Kebabe no change
2. Hack no change
3. Watashi no change
4. Chill Shadow +1
5. LaBalladeDesCieux new addition
6. Carl Murray -2
7. Endill +1

Inactive: 64 Squares

I had a statistic wrong that changed the entire course of the standings, so I am electing to re-do this section and I will give my reasonings for why they are this way.

First, Watashi is 2-0, but his game vs Carl Murray was sloppy on both ends, and it ended in him getting a large portion of luck. While a win is the most important statistic, how someone wins is still important. For that reason, Kebabe keeps the #1 seed after losing to Chill Shadow, Hack stays the same although he lost to the new hope for the Drizzlers, LBDC. CS moves up a spot and Carl Murray drops to 6th. He had the game in the palm of his hands, but made a few suboptimal moves. Endill played well, but his win came versus the 8th seed PROBLEMS, which moves him to 7th. With the majority of the player pool 1-1, next week is going to be quite telling of who can jump in and take the lead. There's no question who has the highest ceiling in this tier, but the highest ceiling doesn't always equal the best player for this tournament. I am certain, there are many more upsets to come.

1. absdaddy no change
2. Tomahawk +5
3. Lord Thorx -1
4. TSR new addition
5. Hamx5 -2
6. Manaphy +2
7. Staxi -3
8. Melle2402 -2

Inactive: Aishia - went to ADV

This tier is crazy, and much like DPP in SPL, it's going to be amazing to watch how records progress in the season. Has anyone actually figured out the Farceus meta yet? This is going to be an exciting as hell group and everyone is flip-flopping and so far, the only thing that is consistent is absdaddy, who took a win over his now-teammate, Melle2402. It's safe to say, absdaddy would have to lose in tremendous fashion to be taken from the #1 spot, as he airs confidence in the DPP meta. Meanwhile, Tomahawk defeated Thorx claiming the #2 slot and jumping 5 slots. Tomahawk had a solid showing week 1, and he continues to show that he's a stout DPP main. Thorx could probably be listed in the 2 slot still as I don't think he's judged too harshly for his loss. TSR is the newcomer and him and Aishia both winning this week shows the depth that the Rayquaza's really have. Manaphy winning is no surprise at all, he's a solid player and a good dependable guy for how the Dialga's roster is set up. Meanwhile, Staxi falls to 0-2, and I still stand by him not being a full fledged DPP player - but given the Drizzler's setup, I understand his placing. I expect they potentially mix things up next week as they work towards their first win of the season. Melle will no longer be on the DPP Power Rankings as he says goodbye to the tier.

1. Aishia new addition
2. Squinn -1
3. Corazon new addition
4. The Kyle -1
5. Heysup new addition
6. l'habitat -4
7. hs no change
8. Finchinator -2

Inactive: Wamr
Inactive: Kushalos
Inactive: IoSonoNeon

This is absolutely nuts. This tier is impossible to rank, as literally everyone who won last week, lost this week. Let's begin with Aishia being the new #1 ranked ADV leader. They are 2-0, 1-0 in DPP and 1-0 in ADV and beat The Kyle. It's only fair to rank the undefeated player #1. Squinn drops a slot, Corazon opens up with a strong showing vs Squinn handing him a loss. Heysup makes his debut in dominating fashion, it seems he is amazing at the most random tiers. l'habitat takes a huge drop due to their loss but right above hs who they've already beaten. hs receives no change although he beat Finchinator, however the match itself had an absurd amount of luck which did not allow Finchinator to play pokemon. I wouldn't be surprised if there was no consistency to these rankings next week.

1. Garay Oak no change
2. Zesty43 +1
3. TDK -1
4. March Fires no change
5. SiTuM no change
6. PurpleGatorade +1
7. KyogreF4N -1
8. lax no change

Garay Oak remains the king of the hill. He took out #2 ranked TDK, dropping TDK to #3, purely based on the difficult of the match. TDK took Garay to game 3 and this series was highly anticipated by the entire Ubers community. Garay showed consistency and poise and was able to remain in control. Zesty continues to impress however showing that his high price was absolutely worth it this time around. Each bo3 win is a EARNED win, it's up to 3 games and it takes a lot of mental to compete. Zesty has developed himself from his first year and is a guy who's ready to make a statement. Meanwhile, I ruled out March Fires as a complete flop given his previous performance and the random hype surrounding him, but he bounced back taking out SiTuM in a 3-game series. The Dialgas didn't exactly need his win, but as a carry for the team, that win is more important than many people think. I am still curious to see him perform under pressure. It was a tough series for lax and PG where PG edged him out thanks to a crucial mistake by lax in game 3. I expect lax won't make those level of mistakes again. I also expect KyrogeF4N to still have a strong season, he's a captain and an ace for his team and they need him to perform.

1. Delta Rayquazas +1
2. Dapper Dracovish +2
3. Choice Bandits no change
4. Defiant Durians -3
5. Devastating Dialgas no change
6. Manly Melmetal +2
7. DaReal Drizzlers -1
8. Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs -1

The Rayquazas utterly obliterated the Durians. The Durians had such a dominating week 1, and then got slapped around. An argument could be made however that if the Rayquazas play up to their opponents, then that's the best they will play all year. Meanwhile, the Dracovish hare 2-0, but it's vs the 7th and 8th ranked teams. Their difficulty of schedule to start the season is extremely easy, they finally get to test the waters against the Melmetal, who were persistent and tied with the #3 ranked team, the Choice Bandits. They don't change in rankings due to the Durians getting beat down, but it's definitely concerning they couldn't close out a 3-0 lead. The Dialga's stay in 5th, but get a solid win vs the Drizzlers. They are on the up as they have an overall solid foundation. On the topic of the Drizzlers, they have tremendous talent and need to strive towards everyone performing as a cohesive unit. This team is down but there's 5 weeks to go and plenty of opportunity. They shouldn't panic yet, but they need to pick it up asap. The Ho-Ohs actually have bright spots as well. They have a nice SS core in Nalei and Shuwri, and watashi continues to get them wins. Dream is a top ORAS player as well. If they can piece it together, they can cause some upsets, but they must remain active and work together.

The Race for the MVP

Two weeks into the season, I still don't think I can make this a top 5, but a top 8 is easily doable. We are seeing the true carries for each team come out and it'll be interesting to see who the league MVP is by the end of the season. For now, as it stands, the league MVP standings are:

1. Garay Oak - Rayquazas
2. Zesty43 - Bandits
3. Icemaster - Dracovish
4. Goat Heart - Rayquazas
5. absdaddy - Dracovish
6. fourmi - Melmetal
7. Crucify - Bandits
8. watashi - Ho-Ohs

In the Hunt (no particular order)
Hugo Barrington - Bandits
orch - Dracovish
HunterStorm - Dialgas
Aishia - Rayquazas
Nalei - Ho-Ohs

LaBalladeDesCieux - Drizzlers

Let's get started by discussing my current criteria for this. MVP goes beyond record, but I went ahead and crossed out players who have dropped a game. As the season progresses, the importance of individuals will continue to be seen regardless of record, but early on, record is our big indicator. A good record isn't enough to award you this prestigious award, usually. Those "in the hunt" have good records, but each of these players offers something special to the team in some way shape or form. It could simply be consistency, being a top player in their tier, it could be that they are the beacon of hope even, or in Aishia's case, it could be their flexibility and their ability to win in multiple tiers. It's a huge honor to even be considered for the MVP, and these guys are on the right track.

Focusing on our top 8 here, Garay leads the pack taking out TDK and showing he's the guy to beat. His consistency is unmatched and his MW heroics are really transitioning well to UPL. On his tail is Zesty43, and his success is essential at the moment. The Choice Bandits just tied the Melmetal, but it was the core of the Bandits who helped them stay strong and it's becoming apparent that the success of the Bandits will hinge on the abilities of Zesty, Crucify, and Hugo week in and week out. Icemaster takes the 3 spot, and it could have been absdaddy but I think at this point, Icemaster's level of competition has been a step above absdaddy and his ability to help feed solid SS teams really is what is putting him above and beyond right now. Goat Heart finishes up the top half of the MVP rankings with another stout performance, this time over Skysolo. Him and Icemaster are pretty much on equal footing when it comes to performance, and their contributions to their team. It's a tight race in the top 4 and I don't expect that it will change too much this time next week.

The bottom half of the MVP rankings begins with Absdaddy in 5th, and his opponents in DPP is almost a detriment to him. He's by far the #1 player in the pool at the moment, and that shouldn't realistically ever change. For him to stay atop the rankings, he not only needs to keep winning out - he needs to help his other tiers produce wins on a regular basis. Meanwhile, newcomer alert! Fourmi makes the top 8 as his heroics helped lead the Melmetal charge in a tie with the Choice Bandits. Through two weeks, he is some form of consistency and it's clear right now, that he is a player that his team needs more than anything. Crucify is the second Bandit, and third total Bandit to be in consideration and he faces a similar problem as Abs and it's that his opponents just haven't been towards that upper plateau yet. I expect that Crucify will be tested quite soon, but for now - he remains towards the lower end. He's obviously a key figure to the Bandits SS and that alone makes him an extremely valuable presence to the team. Watashi rounds out the rankings, despite having absolutely no social value to the team. Bottom line is, his value to the team right now is his ability to win games. That's going to be key for the Ho-Ohs to get back on track.

To close, it's an exciting time for the MVP race as a bunch of new players have a real opportunity to jump the rankings and show their value. A bunch of the 1-1 Superstar players will undoubtedly be up for consideration next week - as the weeks progress, the rankings will continue to form in a positive direction. I for one cannot wait to see what else is in store for us this season! Until next week - cheers!
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Recapping Week 3

Last week I stated the PR's were an opinion piece. I still got slandered. You guys are cunts. Leave. Me. Alone. And.....enjoy this crazy week recap!

What's a bigger headline folks? The Durians dropping their second straight or the fact that the first place Rayquazas won the week while their 3 best players lost this week. That's crazy efficiency on behalf of the Rays and they are looking like tournament favorites no doubt. In other news, TrueNora gets their first tournament win vs the red hot crucify. I had previously stated that crucify was yet to be tested - unfortunately, his loss was vs clicker rain - but I am proud of Nora and (hopefully management) for coming up with an easy to use concept to get Nora comfortable again.

Another headline: FLCL has slain the MVP favorite. FLCL is really freaking good at pokemon, and he showed just how good he was vs the best player in the game at the moment. The Ho-Ohs went for an upset and come up short - but I am still a believer. They have a good core group of players, hope is not lost yet. But time is running out.

The Melmetal are down but not out as they tie for the second week vs the Dracovish. It was in the palm of the Dracovish's hands and they couldn't close out. PG vs Kyogre was a nice series, and the SS slots split 1-1. The Melmetal can have a scary team if everyone can get on the same page. But, we can't end this segment without congratulating the Drizzler's for their win. They finally strung it all together - and as I predicted week 1, it was off the back of Nora. Now, obviously it's not actually on the back of Nora - but considering they are 1-0 when Nora wins, maybe its a sign? Let's also give credit to Staxi getting their first win after quite a tough schedule -oh and LBDC is good!!!

Let's jump into SS!

1. Icemaster +1
2. Goat Heart -1
3. Nalei +8
4. crucify -1
5. Reje +1
6. fc04 +4
7. TonyFlygon -3
8. Jaajgko +3
9. TrueNora +4
10. skysolo -4
11. cromagnet -4
12. Peli new addition
13. Ballfire -5
14. 100%GXE +2
15. Shuwri -3
16. Fogbound Lake -2

Goat Heart has fallen! Now, I will say that he didn't have any pressure to win. It was one of the last games, his team already won - but it's up to him to stay motivated. Let's now talk about HOW NALEI IS STRAIGHT FLAMES OH MAHHH GAWDDD. Nalei has a fire in their eyes and jumped a whopping 8 spots in the rankings after beating the goat(heart)! They now have a 2-0 record and are looking to really put their name on the map. The Ho-Ohs can pretty much start 1-0 each week if Nalei keeps it up, let's hope their teammates can pick up the slack. Meanwhile, Crucify vs Nora was a match we all wanted to see - and Nora won....but it wasn't exactly an impressive display of skill as much as it was just the perfect opportunity to exploit rain. Never the less, crucify drops a spot and Nora is on the climb again! Reje gets a sloppy win, but you can't feel too bad about getting key para's - that's the entire point of the move. The darkhorse is now 2-1 and is still looking for a win to satisfy him, maybe it'll come this week? fc04 got a huge matchup win vs cromagnet and showed that his prep was immaculate, he's bouncing back in a big way and is one of the guys who can really help carry this Melmetal team. Meanwhile - Jaagjko is the guy everyone forgets about, but he's a stout 2-1. TonyFlygon should drop more for losing to the 16th rank player, but maybe this is a wake up call for him. And last we have Peli who arrived in style snatching a win and is set to climb the table if he keeps it up. Icemaster is the guy to beat and this week he has a hype matchup vs Skysolo - it's up to Skysolo to get back on track, but it won't be an easy task.

1. Hugo Barrington no change
2. byronthewellwell new addition
3. Leru +1
4. HunterStorm -2
5. Eternal Spirit +1
6. Perry -1
7. Corazon new addition
8. lazy_bread27 new addition

This is a little messy so let's get to it first. Lazy bread replaced Lopunny Kicks, Corazon replaced Sharow, and byron reactivated himself for week 3. Hugo is the clear leader of this category, dismantling Perry as he's headed for a flawless record. Byron rejoins the pack at #2 despite being 1-1. He was the clear favorite for this tier and coming in after a week off and picking off the former #2 seed, HunterStorm is a testament to what byron is capable of when he's on form. Leru moves to 2-0 and the 3 spot but he had a messy win vs lazy bread. Next week will be a good decider for pecking order as Hugo faces Hunter and Leru faces Sharow? who is coming back after taking a week off. Eternal Spirit gets to take on byron in what will be a prove it match for the magician. Week 4 is going to really show where the USM pool is headed and give us a clear vision of what to expect in future weeks.

1. orch no change
2. LaBalladeDesCieux new
3. loving1096 +1
4. CKW +2
5. dream -2
6. Lacus Ichinose new addition
7. Duncajuwon -2
8. Dominatio -1

You ever spend money on food that was complete dogshit? Ever spent money on a videogame that shouldn't of ever been made? Have you ever bought a dlc or a pay2win game and question your IQ on why you just spent money on that? Well folks - welcome to the Choice Bandits and their drafting strategy of spending 15k on ORAS. I bet Iry wishes he converted that money to silver right about now - or atleast put it in ya know, a different tier. Now, let's talk about THE CHAMP, orch. He's figured out ORAS - and he's made it clear that he's the man to beat. No Groudon necessary. LBDC flexes to ORAS and given the fact he beat Dominatio, im still giving him #2 because Domintatio was #1 for a reason in the pre-season PRs. I won't rag on him too much, id like to see him get it together. loving1096 and Duncajuwon I almost omitted from this weeks PR's as that game was just something else. Loving moves up a slot because I had to, and Duncajuwon only avoids last because Dominatio has been worse to this point. Lacus is 0-1 but lost to the champ, that's completely fine. Fourmi didn't play this week and the Melmetal still tied it up. If they can avoid subbing and have their starters play, scary team we have there. To finish it off - dream vs ckw - jesus fuck ORAS is a shitty tier. I have no nice words to say about this tier except when we talk about THE CHAMP. Dream and CKW had beef due to CKW's idotic treatment of Dream, where he acted like an introvert with no social skills (but it's pokemon, so he gets a pass). However, it's also Dream - who probably deserved the treatment. We are just going to forget this game happened as CKW bounces back nicely and helped carry the Rays to a nice win over the Ho-Ohs. On the bright side - no more mid-game Discord shenanigans.

1. Hack +1
2. Kebabe -1
3. Carl Murray +3
4. Chill Shadow no change
5. 64 squares new addition
6. Thiago Nunes new addition
7. Endill no change
8. 0NI new addition

Hack is the new leader taking down Kebabe. It was a solid game and Hack came in with a good gameplan. Kebabe lost vs CS to a low % chance, and then had to follow that downer of a week up by playing Hack who was looking to bounce back on his own. It was a good match and I expect both fellas to finish the UPL strong. Meanwhile, Carl Murray won with smash pass. Moving on. Chill Shadow losed to Thiago Nunes - hope is not lost for CS yet, he's expected to rebound but it's clear that Aishia is the new #3 on the Rays. 64 Squares gets a nice win where he finally meets expectations and shows he's the real deal. He'll be on my radar for BW player to watch now that he has a bit of a confidence booster. Endill is feast or famon - he's been really on and kinda off. Still, I expect him to finish with a solid .500 record.

1. Tomahawk +1
2. absdaddy -1
3. TSR +1
4. Hamx5 +1
5. Lord Thorx -2
6. Staxi +1
7. Manaphy -1
8. lax new addition

Unexpected leader change! Albeit, Abs did potentially lose to an Arceus speedtie, but a loss is a loss. Tomahawk takes the lead and the only guy who hasn't dropped a game is TSR! Let's see if he can keep it up! Meanwhile, Abs vs Benbe this week - will the game actually happen? Time will tell. The real game to look forward to is Tomahawk vs TSR however as this could be a look into who the new #1 leader will be for week 4. Staxi nabs his first win on the season in route to a nice Drizzler's win and Hamx5 vs Manaphy was a nice game - losing Darkrai to a miss really hurt Manaphy's chances however. Overall, this tier is extremely competitive and it looks like its anyones game now.

1. Aishia no change
2. The Kyle +2
3. l'habitat +3
4. Squinn -2
5. Royal1604 new addition
6. Heysup -1
7. melle2402 new addition
8. Finchinator no change

Hmm yeah - this is what I am going with. I'm sticking to it. Aishia used Exeggutor and won, the clout is insurmountable at this point. Good luck catching up. The Kyle took out Heysup and jumps into squinns previous seat. l'habitat shut up the haters taking a game off Squinn jumping 3 spots. Royal joins the ADV family taking out melle2402 who is having a rough UPL so far. Finchinator and Melle are both excellent players who are due for some wins. Not much to say about this uneventful tier this week - it was pretty dry. Looking forward to the ADV matches next week.

1. Zesty43 +1
2. Garay Oak -1
3. Watashi new addition
4. March Fires no change
5. TDK -2
6. KyogreF4N +1
7. PurpleGatorade -1
8. default0 new addition

Okay this is tough. First, let's all give Zesty a round of applause for being the "man to beat." Second, is anyone going to beat Watashi this year? He seems unstoppable. I would rank him higher, but Garay gets some leniency. Watashi is back in bo3 this week and if he wins again, there's a very realistic chance he ends up at #1. The pressure is on for everyone. Meanwhile, no change for March Fires - which shows how tight this bo3 pool is. He won, but had a bit of luck so I opted to move TDK down 2, and keep March Fires the same. KyogreF4N gets on the board and that gives everyone in the top 7 a win! This is a highly competitive category and I fully expect week 7 rankings to be completely different from our current rankings given the level of competition.

1. Delta Rayquazas no change
2. Dapper Dracovish no change
3. Devastating Dialgas +2
4. Choice Bandits -1
5. Defiant Durians -1
6. DaReal Drizzlers +1
7. Manly Melmetal -1
8. Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs no change

I actually absolutely hate having to move the Melmetal down. They are an extremely competitive team, and can beat everyone. A few points though: 1) their players need their head in the game. two substitutions this week, and their best player by record didn't play. if they can get everyone on board, wins will come. 2) they haven't won yet. two ties and zero wins still puts them just slightly above the Ho-Ohs. By week 3, the Rays are playoff bound meanwhile the Dracovish have the hardest remaining schedule. The Dialga's are in a good position getting a tough win vs the Durians and the Durians are in trouble. This week isn't do or die - but it's pretty close. The Bandits are in a similar boat where they need to produce wins ASAP. It seems the Rays at this point are the only team that's safe - picking off the Durians and Dialga's already, their schedule seems to be favorable of them taking that first seed.

The Race for the MVP

Three weeks in and you're getting a solid top 6 for now for the MVP race. There's room for improvement but for the future weeks, you'll be getting a solid top 6 and 3 additional players on the move. That's the format we will follow for the future. So let's get into it!

1. Icemaster - Dracovish
2. Zesty43 - Bandits
3. watashi - Ho-Ohs
4. orch - Dracovish
5. Hugo Barrington - Bandits
6. Nalei - Ho-Ohs
6. Aishia - Rayquazas

In the Hunt (no particular order)
LaBalladeDesCieux - Drizzlers
Garay Oak - Rayquazas
Goat Heart - Rayquazas
Hack - Dialgas

Okay, so to begin - I had to debate for some time about who should be first. In the end, we came to the decision that Icemaster is the new leader. Zesty's prep cannot be underestimated - but his strength of schedule has been weaker up until this point, meanwhile despite Icemaster's timer win, he was in an advantageous position. Both are fantastic players and it's really more of a 1a. and a 1b. It's Zesty's to lose given his upcoming strength of schedule. If he closes things out, he will be the clear front runner.

Meanwhile, Watashi has looked dominant in most of his games - but we know he's being passed teams.. This award continues to be more than just a "good at the game" award. His team isn't getting wins and that puts a damper on his position as well. Meanwhile, orch has been an active voice for the Dracovish and seems to have an edge over his opponents. He's playing well - but the question is, can an ORAS player really justifiably win MVP? Guess we will just have to see. Hugo Barrington is in the same boat as watashi - he's here for his record. Nalei on the other hand is the surprise, Nalei and Watashi really give the Ho-Ohs hope for the future and if that team can turn it around, both players really have a good opportunity to make a statement with the MVP race.

Aishia could actually be slightly higher here. The utility they have shown has been impressive and they have been the most consistent player on the Rayquazas which isn't something I thought I would ever say. However, if Aishia keeps up the good work - they could be a front runner for this award as their current skillset incompasses what this award is really all about. They are on the up and up.

In the hunt, you have the 2-1 goons. All of these guys are exceptional and its expected for them to reclaim their place on the list soon. Also - let me include a disclaimer: yes, the MVP's are weighed heavily vs record at the moment. That is completely normal. As the weeks shake out, the % of weight that the record carries will go away. But in the beginning, that is the easiest statistic to judge by because I am not getting paid to go through every game and analyze each performance. If someone wants to argue with me about how shit my rankings are - they are more than welcome to work pro bono and spend hours on end analyzing each match, how lucky an individual was, etc and send me that information and I will gladly thank them as graciously as possible, tell them they are a good person, and use their work in my PRs. Until then, you get whatcha get.

Oh, and disclaimer 2 - going forward, I will have someone analyzing these rankings with me! So starting week 4, expect a more analytical look at each person's position. Will it change things? Who knows. But a second opinion is always appreciated and can't hurt! Happy UPL'ing everyone! Until next week!
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Recapping Week 4

I predicted last week that if the Melmetal all get on the same page, they will have a scary team and that prediction came true. The reigning #1 seed was defeated in spectacular fashion by the Melmetal and it was a clean sweep from DPP-SS. Maybe a reality check for the Rayquazas as it's time for them to get serious again and finish out the season strong. Meanwhile, Tomahawk, fourmi, and Fc04 are really showing that they are the anchors for this team while Royal1604 shows extreme flexibility and his consistency is getting there. If KyogreF4N can play to his potential, this is going to be a scary team if they can slip into playoffs.

Meanwhile, the reigning champs season is do or die now. It's looking grim for the Durians who had some bad luck vs the Dracovish, specifically in the Tony and TDK games. Not only is winning a priority, but a good BD is essential. All pressure is on them, but if anyone can deliver, it's the three-time champs.

The Ho-Ohs and Bandits both got on track with wins, something no one ever expected of the Ho-Ohs. lax was the man of the hour clutching the win for the team and it was Dream who able to end the impressive streak of LBDC. The positive for the Drizzlers however is that Nora is heating up and looking like they can be a real carry for this team.

The Bandits took out the Dialgas and it's becoming apparent that the success of the Dialga's is directly on the shoulders of Hack. March Fires is living up to the hype this season meanwhile HunterStorm's hype is fizzling out and Reje continues to be unpredictable. This team is a huge question mark, and it's not due to lack of talent.

Let's hop into SS and get this show on the road. This week, I got together with Mysterious M and got a second opinion on a few rankings. Thanks for the help buddy!


1. Icemaster no change
1. Crucify +2
3. fc04 +3
4. Goat Heart -2
5. skysolo +5
6. TrueNora +3
7. Nalei -4
8. TonyFlygon -1
9. Reje -4
10. cromagnet +1
11. Peli +1
12. Royal1604 new entry
13. Jaajko -5
14. Shuwri +1
15. Ballfire -2
16. 100%GXE -2

Every person here has at least one win. This pool is competitive and grows harder and harder to rank as each week goes by. Mysterious M and I agreed that Icemaster and Crucify will be tied for the 1 spot this week. While it's kinda lame - both sport the same record, Icemaster's opponents have been slightly better even though Crucify is on the up this week. Both fellas sit at 3-1 and it's assumed that given they play this week, the conclusion to week 4 will have one of these guys at the top of the leaderboard. But let's not sleep on Fc04 who has looked amazing, and although he didn't merit the same hype as the previous two, he's held his own and if he continues to churn out stout performances, he could really be in contention for that #1 spot.

Meanwhile, Nora and Solo both had much needed wins vs very good opponents. These wins were essential and hopefully in the upcoming weeks, their success could translate to team wins. Meanwhile, cromagnet got a haxy win vs tony resulting in a slight jump for cro and a slight drop for Tony which is more than fair. Peli could be ranked higher if we went by record, but his difficulty of opponents has been on the lighter slide - this week is a great opportunity for Peli or Cro to really jump into the upper half of these rankings.

1. Hugo Barrington no change
2. Eternal Spirit +3
3. Sharow new addition
4. Leru -1
5. byronthewellwell -2
6. HunterStorm -2
7. Holy Ghost new addition
8. lazy_bread27 no change

Hugo Barrington took care of HunterStorm becoming the only 4-0 record in the tournament. His activity helped the Bandits take the week and his contributions don't go unnoticed. Meanwhile, Eternal Spirit took his 3rd straight and has his eye on the prize as him and Hugo do battle this week. Sharow re-enters the competition and gets back to his winning ways vs Leru. Byron continues to underperform and is a big reason that the Durians remains unsuccessful. Let's hope he can get back to 2019 form soon. The bottom half of the rankings are rather uninteresting as none of these guys have really shown the ability to separate from the pack. The second half of the season is upon us, let's see if they have learned anything of note that can take them to the next level.

1. fourmi new addition
2. orch -1
3. dream +2
4. Hamx5 new addition
5. CKW -1
6. LaBalladeDesCieux -4
7. loving1096 -4
8. Dominatio no change

He has done it folks. Dominatio is on the board. However, he's still last but a win in Week 5 could really do wonders for him. Fourmi takes out CKW and goes 3-0 for the season so far. Orch drops to Hamx5, and Dream breaks the streak of LBDC. This tier is far from defined, in fact it's the most uncertain of any tier on these rankings. The ORAS race is close and it's anyone's tier to claim. Any of these guys can win on any given Sunday, I look forward to seeing how this shakes out.

1. Kebabe +1
2. Hack -1
3. SGR new addition
4. Carl Murray -1
5. Corazon new addition
6. Chill Shadow -2
7. 64 Squares -1
8. lax new addition

The 1 spot seems to be a swap week-to-week between Hack and Kebabe. It's like hot potato, no one can hold onto the first seed. It's a shit show from seeds 3-8 as there's multiple substitutions and every time CS, Squares and Carl win, they shit the bed the following week. Lax picked up a nice win but he's going to have to show me more in order to move up. SGR is the real wildcard, he plays Carl Murray this week in what should help give us an idea of how this tier will shape up come playoffs.

1. Tomahawk no change
2. absdaddy no change
3. Manaphy +4
4. TSR -1
5. Finchinator new addition
6. Lord Thorx -1
7. Staxi -1
8. benbe new addition

Much like BW, the top two seeds for DPP seem set. Both won this week, and despite their actual game last week being heavily influenced by a speed tie, Tomahawk is still the man to beat. He's boasted an impressive record since his week 1 loss and seems to be a vital piece to the Melmetal. Abs got back on track after his game vs Tomahawk and won in Abs fashion with a crispy Mewtwo sweep. Meanwhile, Manaphy gets a nice jump in rankings, Finchinator enters the DPP frey and TSR, Staxi and Thorx's stock dip. DPP is a chaotic tier where everyone can win and these guys all have a good shot at climbing to the top at this rate.

1. melle2402 +6
2. The Kyle no change
3. Heysup +3
4. Thiago Nunes new addition
5. Ismakhil new addition
6. Kushalos new addition
7. Perry new addition
8. WreckDra new addition

I take it back. This is officially shittier than ORAS. Like, what the fuck dude. Those who won last week got subbed this past week, it's a sub galore and it's hard to really pinpoint a definitive leader. Aishia would usually lead the pack but they opted out of week 4.It was The Kyle's for the taking, and he got defeated by melle. Most would rank melle the bets adv player in the tournament, and he's boasting a 1-1 record in ADV at the moment. Nothing impressive, but it doesn't take much to climb to the top of these rankings apparently. He is expected to sweep the remainder of his matches, whether he can fill those shoes is a whole 'nother topic entirely. If you were a sub and won, congratulations. hope you can do it again next week. Also, Thiago is the sub goat and I would love to see him get a win in every tier.

1. Garay Oak +1
2. March Fires +2
3. Zesty43 -2
4. Watashi -1
5. PurpleGatorade +1
6. TDK -1
7. SiTuM new addition
8. KyogreF4N -2

This pool is insane and there's no shame in anyone's rankings. Let's make that clear before anyone gets discouraged. KyogreF4N does not deserve 8th, but that's just how it is due to recency bias and the fact he lost the week vs the Rays. However, if he had it his way, he'd lose every week if it meant his team got more wins. SiTuM rejoins with a big win over Watashi, but landing in 7th because of the whole pool, Watashi is the most inexperienced despite his record. It was about time that his insane run came to an end.

Garay and Tape are the guys to beat once again, and I actually could make a case for why Tape should be first, but it's going to Gary for now. I think he's been a bit more clean and solid in his games. Meanwhile Zesty had his first real test and failed, and his schedule doesn't get any easier, let's see if he can really evolve as a player here.

Lastly, PG got a key win over TDK in what was overall a very haxy series. PG got bailed a few times, and that's ultimately why TDK barely suffers any direct change and why PG creeps up just slightly. This is probably the best race we have in the entire tournament and given the quality of talent, each win will have major implications.

1. Dapper Dracovish +1
2. DeltaRayquazas -1
3. Choice Bandits +1
4. Manly Melmetal +3
5. DevatatingDialgas -2
6. Defiant Durians -1
7. Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs +1
8. DaReal Drizzlers -2

I did it. I moved Melmetal into the top 4. While the standings don't indicate this, I think that taking out the #1 team, and not having a loss in 3 weeks warrants a major change in this teams position. They are finding ways to not lose and that attitude could put them into the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Dracovish are atop the hill narrowly defeating the Durians. They continue to surpass expectations despite lacking a very cut and clear superstar like most teams.

The Bandits put forth a full team effort win and it was great to see. They were on the decline for a bit, but their win over the Dialga's definitely restored their confidence. And they won without Zesty which is absolutely huge.The Drizzlers drop to last but the talent is there, they just need to execute correctly. And of course, last but not least - good job Ho-Ohs, you may have just saved yourselves from being the worst franchise in UUPL history.

The Race for the MVP
We finally have enough data to give a cut and clear top 5.. This is what were are running with for the foreseeable future. You will also get 4 "in the hunt" players in addition to the top 5 rankings. UPL has shifted from "best record means best ranking" as everyone is accumulating losses.

1. Garay Oak
2. Hugo Barrington
3. Icemaster

4. Fc04
5. Crucify

In the Hunt (no particular order)
March Fires


March Fires could win the week and would have a chance at the #1 MVP hunt ranking. He's completely shattered my own personal expectations and he's on fire at the moment. He just misses it as does fourmi. Forumi missed week 3 and that's what's keeping him out at the moment. If he plays week to week and helps his teams along the way, he could potentially jump. Round out the in the hunt list is Abs and Toma who spot very identical records vs identical opponents. Both are great players and active chat presences, keep an eye out if they continue to win games.

Garay reclaims his spot after a 1 week hiatus from the top. He's still the best player in UPL at the moment and it's hard to ever bet against him. Hugo sports a 4-0 at the moment and creeps to 2nd. Originally I questioned his involvement with the team, but post-week 3 he decided to kick it up a notch and this resulted in a bandits win over the Dialgas. Hugo is a vital part of the Bandits success, without his wins they could be in big trouble.

Icemaster and Fc04 sport the same record and can be interchangeable. Both have the same record but Ice is coming off a loss while Fc has come off a gigantic win versus Goat Heart. Ice gets the treatment of being the former #1 for now - but Fc is on a roll and if he keeps it up, the Melmetal just may have an all-star caliber player afterall. Icemaster is looking to get back on track this week vs crucify but his contributions in building for the team remain.. Both of these guys have a high ceiling and make this MVP very exciting.

Crucify rounds out the top 5 and he plays Icemaster. This is a hype matchup this week and will have a lot of implications for the MVP race and SS rankings overall so be sure to stay tuned!


I want to take the to apologize. These rankings are much shorter and don't have as much content as they usually do. Probably more mistakes too. Busy week for me and I am so tired, but you guys absolutely deserve this content without any delay. Thanks for your patience, it's much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy - also, again thanks to Mysterious M for talking some rankings out with me. I expect his input to be a weekly occurrence. Until next time - enjoy and a reminder that were only in the middle of week 5, every team is still in it. Keep grinding everyone and great job to you all!
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