Tournament Ubers Premier League VIII - Semifinals

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Thanks to the Rayquazas for the fun season, you were all good presences and made this tour amazing for me. I hope to team up again with some of you in the future, ggs to Melmetals (although not really). Salty about how we went out from a series that shouldnt even go to tiebreak, into these tiebreak games. Vishes or Dialgas to win this tour but gl to Melmetals too.

S/o to serga for helping (ig), and Nora for the help in poffs!

On a final note, i think UPL went decent this year but i think we should have a look at some rulings. What happened with the tiebreaker picks was bad and i think we have given too much space to a host who is not open to discussions and has his own rulings. So after this tour, this is a chance for Ubers Mods to go over this issue.


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Thanks to all the Rays for trusting me :heart: esp M that allowed me to play 3 different tiers and Blim for being the goat, I had such a great time with everyone! thanks to our helpers (Mugy, Serga, Sito, Nora) unfort things didn't go in our way but happens and mistakes are to learn from.

Despite the luck I think every team that has managed to get this far have worked a lot and they all deserved their spot so let's don't discredit anyone, that said ggs Melms and best of lucks to every1 in finals.^^
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