Tournament Ubers Premier League VIII - Week 5

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Welcome to the eighth edition of Ubers Premier League, an all-Ubers team tournament where managers draft from the pool of players to compete in a seven-week round-robin battle for Ubers supremacy. The top four teams will then advance to the playoffs, where the winning team will be crowned the premier of Ubers battling. This is Uber’s premier team tournament, providing an opportunity for Ubers powerhouses to display their dominance, veteran players to return, and for new talent to emerge.

Here's a few things to remember:
- A replay / log must be saved of your match or it will be considered invalid. No exceptions.
- General tournament rules and regulations apply. Pokemon Showdown is the default simulator for all metagames unless both parties agree. If you play on anywhere that isn't PS! you must save a log of the match. All matches are best of one, except for the best of three slot.

We reserve the right to judge any individual match on a case by case basis, regardless of assumed precedence set. If you don't like that, you are welcome to not play. Be aware of this.

To protect yourself as much as possible from DCs and timer issues, play on Showdown (because it has an at least semi reliable system of rejoining after a DC) and make a gentleman's agreement to not hit timer.

Regarding time outs, they are a bit more complex, specifically because some timeouts are due to DCs. The best we can do for this scenario is say that there is some number between 1 minute and 2 minutes (which we will not publicize) that we will set as a limit for timing out, and if you timeout with more than that limit time remaining, we'll assume it is a DC, whereas the opposite is a true timeout. A true timeout defaults to a loss, while the DC timeout is prone to the DC rules.

Tournament Standings and Records

Dapper Dracovish (6) vs. Choice Bandits (2)

SS: Icemaster vs. crucify
SS: cromagnet vs. Peli
USM: Eternal Spirit vs. Hugo Barrington
ORAS: orch vs. Dominatio
BW: Carl Murray vs. Shitegotreal
DPP: Ophion vs. squinn
ADV: Melle2402 vs. WreckDra
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): PurpleGatorade vs. Zesty43


Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs (5) vs. Defiant Durians (3)

SS: Nalei vs. Skysolo
SS: Shuwri vs. TonyFlygon
USM: Lazy_bread27 vs. byronthewellwell
ORAS: Thiago Nunes vs. Steve Angello
BW: Lopunny Kicks vs. Kebabe
DPP: Finchinator vs. Hamhamhamhamham
ADV: hs vs. The Kyle
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): watashi vs. TDK

Delta Rayquazas (7) vs. DaReal Drizzlers (1)

SS: Goat Heart ♥ vs. TrueNora
SS: Jaajgko vs. Perry
USM: Leru vs. default0
ORAS: CKW vs. Persephone
BW: The Dovahneer vs. 64 Squares
DPP: Aishia vs. Staxi
ADV: Ismakhil vs. Holy Ghost
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): Garay oak vs. SiTuM

Manly Melmetal (3) vs. Devastating Dialgas (5)

SS: Fc04 vs. Reje
SS: Ayoukoo vs. Manaphy
USM: Sharow vs. HunterStorm
ORAS: Kei Kikuno vs. IoSonoNeon
BW: Corazan vs. Lasen
DPP: Tomahawk vs. Hack
ADV: Kushalos vs. Heysup
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): KyogreF4N vs. March Fires

Deadline is Sunday at 11:59 PM PDT
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Some predicts and thoughts about UPL until now. After 4 weeks we have a top 4 of Dracovish, Rayquazas, Bandits and Dialgas/Melmetals. It is not a huge surprise although nothing is over yet. Dialgas face Melmetals to clear the 4th place, while Dracovish face with Bandits in another high place clash. On the other hand we have Ho-Ohs & Durians trying to survive. If Durians do not make it, i believe the top 4 will be as it is right now, with Dialgas clutching the 4th. Since we are in a pretty good spot in the tournaments ill give my detailed predicts:

Dapper Dracovish (0) vs. Choice Bandits (0) - Very close series, would like to see bandits win to spice things up next weeks.

SS: Icemaster vs. crucify - For me crucify is in the same level with GH on top of SS, with icemaster/truenora coming right after. This could go either way but crucify has a short lead.
SS: cromagnet vs. Peli - Another close match, cromagnet made a name for himself in the last months while peli came back hot and has been getting some wins. I will go with the more experienced overall player here.
USM: Eternal Spirit vs. Hugo Barrington
ORAS: orch vs. Dominatio - ORAS is a tossup. Dominatio who i ranked as 1st in oras ubers is 1-3, while Orch is 3-1. From what we saw last week if orch keeps recycling his team he will eventually fall into a wall with some prep. Nonetheless and apart from memes of gothi ditto i find Orch a fine player and this can be a solid match.
BW: Carl Murray vs. Shitegotreal - Carl is pretty solid in the tier if he doesnt meme, never seen anything too great from SGR but wiill be a close game.
DPP: absdaddy vs. squinn - Abs maybe left me salty after the MW thing, but salt apart he has been doing very well and has found his form in DPP. I have teamed with squinn before and he is a beast in DPP, so this will be a pretty interesting mu.
ADV: Melle2402 vs. WreckDra - Melle is back in ADV and i believe that when he finds his rythm he can be one of the most theating advers in the tour. Edge is clear here.
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): PurpleGatorade vs. Zesty43 - Both are solid player w/ solid showing this tour! I am looking forward to the USM game here, i think that whoever wins that will prolly win the bo3, since they are pretty close in ORAS/SS as well.

Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs (0) vs. Defiant Durians (0) - Durians should take this

SS: Nalei vs. Skysolo - Better SS player/builder and his support will also give an edge to the 2nd SS slot in Tony.
SS: Shuwri vs. TonyFlygon - Tony can win easily in this tier given a good mu, Shuwri has been solid though so it will be a close one.
USM: Lazy_bread27 vs. byronthewellwell - Byron is just the better player here and i do expect him to take this one.
ORAS: dream vs. Steve Angello - If Dream preps and gets a solid/even mu he can win this given his experience in the tier. Steve Angello is not to be understimated tho, small edge to Dream.
BW: dice vs. Kebabe - I think i would bold Kebabe against anyone he played in this pool pretty much, due to his consistency and results the last couple of years.
DPP: Finchinator vs. Hamhamhamhamham - Not picking a winner here because both are solid and can play the tier in a good level. Byron's help in dpp might be the winning factor here for ham.
ADV: hs vs. The Kyle - Both non ubers main, with adv knowledge. Comes down to the mu / prep each side has, but either can win here.
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): watashi vs. TDK - Hl of the series for me, with two pretty strong bo3 slots here. Flcl has been garay's only loss until now and is a player i really enjoy watching. On the other hand TDK has been consistent and has a better knowledge of the tiers so i will be rolling with him to win. This is prolly going to 3 games and will be a nice series to watch.

Manly Melmetal (0) vs. Devastating Dialgas (0) - If Dialgas prep enough they should be able to win this.

SS: Fc04 vs. Reje - Better player/builder with a ton of more experience.
SS: Ayoukoo vs. Manaphy - He had a good start at the beginning of the gen, with Reje/Hack support can roll up with a solid team and get the W.
USM: Sharow vs. HunterStorm - Will be an interesting match, Sharow has the strangest taste in teambuilding but seems to be working off sometimes, while Hunter is a solid player who can farm wins when passed good teams.
ORAS: fourmi vs. loving1096 - I really have been liking loving, he is a beast to face when he stalls, but given the oras state of the meta right now, plus fourmi experience in this gen, this is going to be a close one.
BW: Corazan vs. Lasen - ΚΑΤΣΙΚΑ, corazan comes off a shaky win last week while Lasen has some experience more in BW, not to mention the support/ team he will get from Hack.
DPP: Tomahawk vs. Hack - Toma has been doing pretty well this UPL, but i can not really predict against Hack. Same thing with what i said about Kebabe pretty much.
ADV: Kushalos vs. Heysup - More familiar with the tier, but Heysup can farm wins as well with a decent mu. Can be anyone's game.
BO3 (SS | USM | ORAS): KyogreF4N vs. March Fires - March Fires did not flop and he is top 3 players in bo3 for me. He should win this in two games.


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I've been paying a lot of attention to the SS pool this tour and not much else, so heres the #chadsquad thoughts on this weeks games.

Heavy Duty Ho-Ohs (0) vs. Defiant Durians (0)

SS: Nalei vs. Skysolo - Skysolo has been the much more impressive player in SS in my eyes, with a deceiving 2-2 record so far. He has had a very tough schedule and a few unfortunate turns, by the end of upl his record will reflect his proficiency in SS much better than it does now. I haven't seen much I like in Nalei honestly, I think there is some unwarranted hype around Nalei because of a turn against Goat Heart, but this could absolutely be the week to shut me up, a win against Skysolo here would be very impressive.

SS: Shuwri vs. TonyFlygon - This is the matchup of the two kings of bringing fun but suboptimal teams. My favorite performance from Tony was week 1 (and to an extent week 3) when he relied more on his play than his team in the builder. Say whatever you want about his teams though, if a few turns go differently he could easily be 4-0 in this SS pool. Meanwhile Shuwri also loads up some interesting looking squads, and also has had some solid ass play this upl, this one is a toss-up for me. I have a feeling someone will try to win in the team builder, whoever brings the more solid team or Kyurem-Black takes this.

Delta Rayquazas vs. DaReal Drizzlers

SS: Goat Heart ♥ vs. TrueNora - Goat Heart consistently brings solid teams and isn't afraid to add a little bit of spice on the tiers common archetypes. Unfortunately for Goat Heart, it seems that people have been circling his name on their schedule and prepping ridiculous amounts in the games versus him. We've seen webs twice, dd mew, and water urshifu all used as a counter style to Goat Heart. I do still believe Goat Heart is at the top of the pool, but it might be time to take a step back and look at team building a bit. His teams aren't bad by any means, but are they predictable? Or commonly weak to a certain style of play? This is a question Goat Heart has to figure out this week. Meanwhile, TrueNora is the safest bet to bring one unviable mon a week and do well with it. I think TrueNora can pilot a team as well as anyone in this tier, this matchup and crucify Icemaster are both insane highlight matches. TrueNoras best chance is to find one of those techs that will work against Goat Heart and execute it well. This week will be won in the prep and will be extremely close, but I lean towards Goat Heart bouncing back here and starting a second half run in UPL.

SS: Jaajgko vs. Perry - The Drizzlers look to find somewhere to slot in the struggling Perry, and decided SS is the place for him to bounce back. I don't disagree, Perry had an extremely strong ULT, and seems to be poised for a hot streak in his new home. The interesting thing for me about Perry is if he will build his own squads or use TrueNora squads, as I believe from the styles that Goat Heart and Jaajgko build together im sure, but do have distinctly different team comps. This rays drizzlers MU will bring some interesting squads for sure, I do generally like the teams that Jaajgko brings, but he has been playing in a very linear fashion. His losses are from him making the safe plays too often, then trying to dig out of the hole that his safe plays put him in, I'd like to see him have a little more foresight during games. This is another close matchup, but based on Perry's track record in SS and his hunger to start putting wins on the board, im giving him the edge.

Manly Melmetal (0) vs. Devastating Dialgas (0)

SS: Fc04 vs. Reje - Reje might be the better player overall, but I don't think anyone, even himself, would argue that he has had little desire to win this UPL. Meanwhile, Fc04 has easily been my favorite SS player to observe, I love the way he approaches the game. His team building has been insane, and every tech he brings seem to always hit. This will be close regardless and might even learn in Rejes favor if he gets some motivation for this week, but I think Fc04s prep will overcome Reje's skill.

SS: Ayoukoo vs. Manaphy - Ayouwho? But actually I watched some of Ayoukoo's replays mostly from pre-home, and the things I noticed were a Reshiram fetish and consistently bringing surprise sets. If Ayoukoo can catch Manaphy with surprise tech or two I can see them taking this, but I think Manaphy should 100% be the favorite here. While Manaphy does possess a good grasp of the SS metagame the teams im assuming he has been building for the Dialgas and the teams have looked questionable. Manaphy needs to not get in his own way in the team builder, this could be one of the more interesting matches this week.
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While Manaphy does possess a good grasp of the SS metagame the teams im assuming he has been building for the Dialgas and the teams have looked questionable.
This is not true, we have 4 players on the SS council on this team (if 378 gets one more he'll be the majority shareholder of SS!!)

Anyway I'm bored so I'm gonna make some spicy predicts (DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY):

DPP: absdaddy vs. squinn - boomers must win

ADV: Melle2402 vs. WreckDra - MELLOAT

SS: Nalei vs. Skysolo - nothing against nalei, idk anything about him, but I do think that Solo is easily in the top 5 most skilled in SS along with reje and terra, if not top 3, he has gotten pretty unlucky the past few weeks, and also, the SS tier is an inherently match up-reliant tier atm due to how many threats there are that are pretty much impossible to adequately cover everything. also solo is most wanted homie

ORAS: dream vs. Steve Angello - whoever dream predicted to win in week 3 got haxed so this is revenge >: )

BW: dice vs. Kebabe - kebabe is beast, also most wanted homie

SS: Goat Heart ♥ vs. TrueNora - nothing against nora but Goat Heart is most wanted homie
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