Ubers Ubers Summer Seasonal - Round 1

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alrighty, guess i should explain my act situation. my opp and i scheduled for thursday sometime (after i declined his challenge like 20 min after this thread was posted) but neither of us actually sent a VM then. i vmed him on friday asking for availability/when we could fight since i'm ready anytime i'm on. i haven't received a response so far. this isn't an activity post, moreso explaining the situation of my match in case it should come to that.
We were supposed to play sometime during the weekend but my opponent hasn't been online since Tuesday and I'm leaving town today. Also considering my opp is from Australia I doubt he'll show up before the deadline...
1. Dice quit the tournament so haxium will be getting the win.

2. Because of unusual extenuating circumstances with steelphoenix, I will be giving the only extension of the round in his match. The extension will last 24 hours AND the winner will be expected to contact their round 2 opponents IMMEDIATELY after their match.
Activity wins:

Lacus Clyne vs. Go10: They split their first two matches, and go10 evidently dc'd from their third match and made no effort to replay the match or contact Lacus the following day to get the match done. Activity goes to Lacus Clyne.

ZoroarkForever vs. Jhonx~: Jhonx~ missed scheduled time and upon regaining Internet access, did not give ZF a time that he could play. Activity goes to ZoroarkForever.

Zeno; vs. Aurora: Although I was willing to overlook Zeno's first missed time because he was kind enough to reschedule the series when his opponent needed some sleep, missing two scheduled times is clear ground for an activity loss. Activity goes to Aurora.

stunner047 vs. Kingler12345: Stunner missed scheduled time on Friday and wasn't on all weekend. Activity goes to Kingler12345.

Monsters of Men VS Aladyyn: Monsters of Men missed scheduled time and hasn't been on since Tuesday. Activity goes to Aladyyn.

Lord Ninjasx vs. absdaddy: Lord Ninjax missed scheduled time and didn't respond to his opponent's attempt to reschedule. Activity goes to absdaddy.

- lord vs. Private: Private missed scheduled time by an hour and didn't make an effort to reschedule. Activity goes to - lord.

-Sora- vs. NotAGymLdr: The only borderline case, but NotaGymLdr took way too long (6 days :|) to respond to -sora-'s follow-up post requesting to play sometime after Thursday. Activity goes to -Sora-.

Coinflips - coming in an hour at most:

s_aman VS -Clone-:

[00:47] #Sweep: !pick s_aman, -Clone-
We randomly picked: -Clone-

TheHungrySage VS D4RR3N

[00:44] #Sweep: !pick D4RR3N, TheHungrySage
We randomly picked: TheHungrySage

praj.pran VS Human Mystery Box

[00:45] #Sweep: !pick praj.pran, Human Mystery Box
We randomly picked: Human Mystery Box

†Blade† VS Cherub Agent

[00:48] #Sweep: !pick Blade, Cherub Agent
We randomly picked: Cherub Agent

Lasagne VS Cirdec

[00:49] #Sweep: !pick Lasagne, Cirdec
We randomly picked: Lasagne

shaian VS Funbot28

[00:50] #Sweep: !pick shaian, Funbot28
We randomly picked: Funbot28

24 hour extension:

steelphoenix VS Lord Alphose (only granting because of extremely unusual / extenuating circumstances, finish this ASAP or it will be coinflipped)
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