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Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Ubers Team Tournament (or UTT for short)!

This tournament will be a simple 3-person team tournament with each team having one 3 x USM Ubers slots, which effectively turns each round into a best-of-three match-up, but with three different players each playing one game per round. You can sign up as a team with two of your friends, but signing up as a free agent is also possible. I'll be keeping an updated list of the free agents that sign up below so feel free to contact each other about forming a team together.

When signing up as a team, please specify your team name.

Important! Note that I won't be making any teams myself out of the list of free agents, I expect you to do that among yourselves.

Tournament Rules
- General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
- Smogon-wide clauses and Baton Pass clause apply
- The format will be 'best of three', with each of the three players playing one game
- Single elimination; no winners or losers bracket
- Please save your replays! Replays can be hidden, but i need to have access to them in case something pops up. No need to post them, unless the final rounds of the Tournament.

Pairings (By dream ):

Cloysterminator (0) vs. “How many Megas are we allowed again?” (2)
Squash17 ^_^ vs In The Hills
Eramoth vs Chazm
Minougarou vs xavgb

Let's Yeet This Wheat (1) vs. Team Palkia (2)
LGPE OU Test vs LaBalladeDesCieux
GotCookies vs Dragonillis
Huston vs iKiQ

Kyogre is GR8 vs Holy Ghost
greentee vs Cruises
hexed vs Yelonix

Plug Walk (1) vs. AG Squad (2)
Nurul vs Zenithial
FinnQwert vs Megazard
Mega porygon-z vs Highlord

Council Of Ten (2) vs. Big Bang Nemesis (0)
Misterioussaint vs Royal1604
cromagnet42 vs Alkione
YasuKe vs Carmin06

samy karim les dz et nacim le tounsi (2) vs. Main Ubers desde 1995 (0)
MiyoKa vs Night Yagami[/USER]
BlazingDark vs Ilyakomaster
cielbakasan vs tenzai

eternally sucks (2) vs. ITS FUCKIN TREYWAY (0)
obii vs Lux92
rozes vs pazza
Eternally vs Electrolyte

Skrr Red Army (0) vs. Gay gang (2)
Wamr vs Ricardo
RCred403 vs MattyBrollic
daunt vs DeeJ

Tours room nubs (0) vs. Big Bang (2)
RaJ.Shoot vs Staxi
Col. James Rhodes vs SiTuM
DanDaMan99 vs Ismakhil

Vai na fé de Giratina (0) vs. slumrz fan club (2)
JLK 17 vs byronthewellwell
PocasTrancasBR vs Jase Duken
Nowh vs Cam

Team Jacob (1) vs. The tier breakers (2)
dewtios vs Rhmsitb
Dominatio vs dubbleclick
Serial EKiller vs RDKB

os lixo humano (1) vs. BAgs of Money (2)
Hydreigon Specs vs skysolo14
didi vs TrueGodsLeftUs
Thiago Nunes vs pasy_g

The darrel1297's (2) vs. Ladder Jesus Galore (1)
z0mOG vs Goat Heart ♥
LAX vs jipple
ayevon vs Angra Mainyu[/USER]

"Maduro págame el internet pls" (0) vs. Illya isn't for lewd (2)
Dark Shion vs Holy Break
Javoon vs Garay oak
Chokepic vs Leru

Anal Fisking (0) vs. Ronaldinho Soccer 96 (2)
spatulakun vs HaxBro.K
tennisace vs BRTTar
Vikasso vs CaCaTuA

Mysterious Mr.Melle (2) vs. we love ubers (0)
Mysterious M vs double switches
Mr.378 vs Perry
Melle2402 vs 3017

Deadline is Sunday December 9th, 11pm gmt+3.
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formerly Reverend B.C
Dream I put my team mates' name wrong the correct name is cromagnet42
Also for my other teammate.yasuke the A.S Thats the correct name
My team name is the council of ten
Sorry for the mistake
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