Ubers Tournament Round 3

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Ok R3 is back. The pairings are:

Giga gaia vs Cerberus (3-0)
Storm vs Lesm46 (3-0)
Darkbolt vs Husk1442 (3-0)
Jpchato vs Jackal (2-0)


Advanced Mode
Battle Timeout
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
Self-KO Clause
Apply PP Ups ON/OFF <--- Pressure
No Stadium Mode
No Challenge Cup
No Level Balance
Rated or Unrated
Allow spectators
No pokemon restrictions, Wobbuffet is allowed
No scouting teams

Prepare to have log proof (if needed) and post here about your battle and the margin. For results to be valid, the match must be declared a tourney match. Predictions are welcome as usual, have fun!!
Not open for further replies.

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