Ubers Tournament - The Finals [Won by giga]

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OK, From 32 men to just two. Giga Gaia and Lesm46, both wanting to Uber champions.


Advanced Mode
Battle Timeout
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
Self-KO Clause
Apply PP Ups ON/OFF <--- Pressure :idea:
No Stadium Mode
No Challenge Cup
No Level Balance
Rated or Unrated
Allow spectators
No pokemon restrictions, Wobbuffet is allowed
No scouting teams

Predictions are welcome. This will be a good match
can i say hax... lol sorry man =/

End Battle! giga wins!
Score: 3 to 0

a plump ammount of chs to finish it, but lol =[
Lost 3-0 to giga in a match that definitely proves I'm not a cheater. Now I know how kikuichimonji and MrE felt.. It was a good game anyways though.
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