Tournament Ubers UU Kickoff - Round One [289.92$ prizepool currently]

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Calling act. We were supposed to play on Saturday. I asked to reschedule, but my opponent didn't respond, and hasn't been online since Friday.

a fairy

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Wartionzz vs Xr Kartana
clofable vs Peum
duscl0ps356 vs Miasuarus
DragonPhoenix333 vs HarmonyHatterene37
Uber45 vs freezai
fishuu vs illegal in galar
phantomclaw8888 vs Whammerist
Arpitraj0 vs byulharang
SHINKS vs BrawlPapi
qewt vs tdog124
Steam Buns vs Velociraptor09
rutriyououiyiyuyt vs Spofyt
A brazilian guy vs ItzAndyPlayz
MiniNarga vs RickyZainer
Corthius vs skimmythegod
Quaze vs wil2403
kaminjaw vs SerenadeSZ


RL vs Gerrychu29
Delta4 vs Death of Mimikyu
peepeepoopoo722 vs Liquidocelot
1800saber vs roxie
Farce Of The Death vs Huxley187
Lily vs Excalibuwrath

did you not play a game this round and don't see your matchup on the list? you were subject to an activity call, either in your favor or not. all matches are/will be bolded in the first post before r2 goes up. feel free to reach out to a fairy on discord if you want to contest a decision, however please read through both scheduling guidelines and tournament rules to ensure you have a case before you do.
Not open for further replies.

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