Tournament Ubers Winter League II - Finals [Won by Spectral Thieves]

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Congratulations to the Spectral Thieves for winning this second edition of the Winter League!

It was a pleasure to host it, my personal shoutouts go to 7u9i2 keys Ticken and Amaranth for their help all along the tournament :psyglad:

I'm leaving the thread open until Wednesday if some people want to do their own shoutouts.


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aite most inactive teammate who was MIA for two weeks cos "quit" is gonna be the first to do shoutouts. i'll just go in sheet format cos i can't decide for myself, and also an excuse to link the sheet to loti + matrix's amazing record, and the rewards of my cousin's robberies as well

Heysup - i hadn't talked with you before, the opinion i had was just top and somewhat lucky adv guy who'll not use a standard team. guess i jinxed you hard cos oh boy you got haxed as FUCK i was paranoid i had cursed you ;-; yet somehow you brought it back and ended 3-3 which is not impressive on sheet but the games you had at start of the tour make it actually impressive, specially the clutch in finals. charizard a shit tho

Conflict - had had almost no interactions with you as well, the opinion i had was just top gsc guy who is solid af. gsc being the kind of tier it is, and you being the player you are, every time we'd go to the weekend losing the week (which happened a few too many times) i had less to fear cos you're just that reliable. a couple mistakes and some rng may have left you with a less than deserving record, but we know the games and we know you're mr reliable as you showed many times

Stallion - i was very moved by the dedication and zeal you showed every week even when things went wrong. another one whose record doesn't reflect the effort put in and the value that you brought to the team

ox04 - bro when will you learn...i was happy to see your takes and suggestions on teams grow over the weeks and not focus on too much niche stuff and missing the forest for the trees. you have a special eye for mons and sets and i think with some personal growth you can become a real gem. stop being an idiot tho :(

Fogbound Lake - you may feel you had a disappointing but it takes guts to stick at it with all your will and your grit is very much appreciated. you're a top top player and i would love to see you get a result worth that in upl

FatFighter2 - you absolute fraud bringing dogshit teams and robbing games after games oml 7-0 vs a decent pool what a beast. too bad you're a moron who gets rewarded for being the woat team in finals i love you tho <3

mncmt - bd mnc i'll return your money

shiloh - ty for playing rby _/\_ it always felt like you could pull out a win even against the rby gods, thought sometimes it was just not meant to be. clutch win in semis i'm so hurt tho
THIS WAS AFTER WE WON THE TOUR gl in spl i believe in you to overcome the obstacles that are in your path, namely fc and blubird

Monai - our bw was just cursed this tour luckily we found what your real tier is in the final clutch af win gg gamer turn your record around in spl

Aurora - not the tour for you but bw is some ass your presence in the server was good and we all love you

avarice - dillooooooon second time we team up and im sure i can trick you again into thinking we've seen each other before ;-;

hariyana grande - ngl it's hard to tell which one was which lol but i remember you being ultra active for everyone unfort you didn't get more games but i have high hopes for you come upl

lotiasite - THE GOAT OML clutch king what a tour you had that should silence the few doubters that were still whispering. i had a nice and good sleep knowing you were the last game and i was so happy to wake up to the pings that i did love you man

S-Matrix - and our second 3k 6-1 guy what a tour you had man. loti + matrix only lost vs the bumass fcs and carried us in all the other weeks. i hope you stick around to show these people it wasn't a fluke performance and you have what it takes

hi4-3lord update that in the sheet lol but fr lol i was really impressed the effort you put in in EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL in the past i've found you to be a bit lazy outside of your own prep so i was legit surprised and your help was valuable in all the areas. happy you finally won a tour and even though your record is prolly the worst you've had i think you've deserved this win a whole lot more for just all that you did for the entire team. gonna pray for that upl victory for you now

ayu im pretty sure our last few interactions before this tour were all just arguing how bad a game was and how wrong you were and how right i was for each of those games and throwing jabs and insults at each other lol. im very thankful for your oras help (me only winning with your teams) and it was nice knowing that, bad as i was with prep and building, i had someone very reliable to cover those things for me and give me teams that im comfortable with yet not exactly the same shit i spam all the time. it was also nice bouncing ideas around cos small scale ideas is all i can do and knowing someone who can convert those to an actual team gave me much confidence.

also s/o Blim for the oras help and advice, really appreciate you coming by sharing your expertise

i was on somewhat of a hiatus for last 2ish weeks so im sorry if someone else joined to help us and i failed to mention you, i was only checking oras and game discussion on phone once every 2 days or so ;-;

im sure someone else can prolly compile a list of the funnies but being the lazy that i am here's just one

finally shoutout to Eledyr and 7u9i2 for making sure the tour went smooth, and being very reliable responsible and approachable hosts <3
Well done @thieves! :heart::heart::heart:
It was an enormous pleasure to team up with everyone, and big thanks to one of my dearest and real friends on this site aka Highlord for letting me be his assman and being the most talented and hard worker manager I have ever seen. We did it bro!!

Special mention to Conflict S-Matrix FatFighter2 lotiasite for their performances and carrying me throughout the season, you guys did insanely amazing and everyone knows it, yet some luck might have been involved but that doesn't discredit how skilled you guys are. I genuinely hope to team up again in the future with you.

Stallion Fogbound Lake SparksBlade whoever ends up getting any of these fellas in UPL will be blessed. Thank you stallion for teaching me the importance of being more encouraging and positive, trust I will def keep and apply that lesson from now on. Fog, I know it was a rough tour but I would definitely draft you again if I had the chance to. Sparks, man i thought you lost it when you were testing your finals game against YOURSELF 5 minutes before the match LOL, i am glad we worked well together, ngl seeing you confident and focussed by making absolutely ALL the right plays was satisfying!

Heysup shiloh Monai ik some of you might have not finished with the coolest record but what a pleasure to see you guys winning. Heysup got a rough start but he transforms when it comes to playoffs. Shiloh, yeah you played 7 weeks of RBY Ubers for no custom sorry about that. Monai, ik i was a bit harsh to you in the earlier weeks but man we had you in the wrong gen this entire time lol, I'm so glad we made the right call to start you in SV.

hariyana grande avarice Aurora mncmt i hope you guys had some fun despite the awkward situations, i appreciate the commitment to the team by making the chat environment really fun and showing up for the games. Hope to see the two UU dudes (FrankJosh & avarice) more often. PS- I love u mence but man don't schedule last minute...

s/o to ox04 for being an honorary thief please try to not get banned next time :messi: and Blim for joining us later in the finals.

Final thanks to the people who rooted for us, specially the latino gang<3

primal waifus x thieves assemble!


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shoutout to all of my teammates and management for successfully carrying around what was essentially a 68kg bag of sand for seven weeks. everyone actually cared and did their best no matter the odds, always clawing back weeks we were losing and turning them into ties or outright wins. the 0-7 to 7-7 week was truly an impressive feat. on an individual level, i definitely do not deserve this accolade given how little effort i put into supporting my team - to the point where i couldn't even be bothered to update the localised schedule channel later on in the tour, my only meaningful contribution - and how badly my games went. this is my second teamtour win and in both of those teamtour wins i lost every game i played, so i'm starting to think the key to success is drafting me and then starting me in GSC or DPP for the entire season.

but anyway. sorry ayu for losing my shit and lashing out in the ubers discord after my last game. that was just uncalled for and there's no excuse for that kind of reaction no matter how frustrated i was after... whatever... that was. thanks highlord for passing me something that was six full paras and one ill-considered kyogre sack away from being the funniest winning BW team in the whole tour. thanks blim for building something tailor-made for me, someone who cannot so much as piece together a lego duplo one-storey house set designed for ages 1+, in the finals week, and sorry for ruining your perfect record preparing for and playing against lasen. fatfighter2 and s-matrix, i would like to also single you out for your really good runs in a tier i've never seen you play and in your first big ubers team tour, respectively. thank you sparksblade and shrang for indirectly keeping me from going full-on purple highighter DAMAGED on forehead mode and bringing an unsanctioned arceus-fire team to either of my BW games just because. lastly, anti-shoutouts to lasen for single-handedly ruining half of the ubers community's shot at getting bingo.
After pushing myself in UPL VI, VII, and IX to beat some of the strongest DPP players ever, the tour I finally win is ironically my worst Ubers team tour performance. Coincidence? Maybe but I'd like to think exerting myself in almost every other slot was part of it. That being said, winning team tours also requires a fair amount of luck: the draft itself, people getting banned, real life, and of course matchup/hax (especially in Bo1). Fortunately, the stars aligned for us this time.

But anyway, Ayu we finally did it! You're one of my closest friends on here, and I'm happy we teamed up again after years to win this tour. Now don't go missing for a few months like you always do.

FatFighter2, I'll never forget the clown to clown communication going on in the USM channel, but for real, congrats on going 7-0. Don't let this distract you from the fact that you're still lucky n bad though. I lowkey thought it was gonna be a repeat of Zacian Waifus after we started week 1 going 0-4, but we shut that down quickly. Your logo making skills are fire too.

Also, I mentioned facing tough DPP players in past UPLs, but Seldanna is the real strongest and has helped me prep for more games than I can count. Congrats on your record and you're an amazing friend too.

Iris, I can't believe the first game you watch me play live, I lose. Watch more of my games. You probably won't even read this smh

As for the rest of my team, this is Ubers Winter League, not the fucking Oscars. I couldn't be bothered to write something for everyone LOL, but I really enjoyed teaming with all of you xd

Conflict (godflict) lotiasite (clutchiasite), S-Matrix, ox04, Fogbound Lake (our beloved retain), Stallion, Heysup, Monai, shiloh (RBY UBERS MASTER), hariyana grande (frankjosh brethren leader), Aurora, avarice, SparksBlade, mncmt, Blim (honorary thief)

One last thank you to Eledyr for answering my dumb questions about tour rules throughout the tour. Good host.
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Shoutouts time!

ox04 - you silly silly man, why'd you get banned? Still, you were huge for the team in so many ways. I found out today that you were the reason that Highlord deviated from his draft plan and picked me up. Almost unstoppable pre-ban, and even post-ban you had a huge hand in two of my best teams.

I don't have the skill to pilot a full-Ox team (stop suggesting Scarf Armarouge as the one Korai check on teams :messi:) but you have an incredible gift for team building. When we worked together I felt unstoppable, too bad you were grounded for finals.

Fogbound Lake - way better than your record suggested, you built some fire teams (free Muk) and were my #1 testing partner throughout the tournament. We also tilted each other massively in different weeks, which upon reflection is kinda funny but was annoying for both of us at the time lmao.

S-Matrix - my goat ❤ proving that ladder heroes deserve a chance. We'd had some great battles there prior to the tournament so I knew you'd be a steal at 3k, but even I didn't expect you to drop only one game all tourney. I appreciate you helping me build a lot in earlier weeks in particular, you're a beast and one to watch for future tourneys - congrats on the awesome debut.

Monai - way to stay positive after a tough start in BW. Your ladder efforts in SV clearly translated to the real deal, you were awesome in your finals game and I appreciate all the testing you helped me with over the last few weeks in particular!

lotiasite - we've paired for a million team tours, and my god you've gotten so good. Like I can't believe how much you've improved as a player over the past few years. I felt a sense of calm whenever you'd play because you're one of the best pilots in one of the most cursed generations ever. Well done on the awesome record, well deserved!

FatFighter2 - well well well, if you get removed from a tier where YEN is mandatory yet you refuse to use them and placed in a far more creative/fun tier, you go from the bottom of the sheet to the top of the sheet. Well deserved my friend, you had a tourney performance for the ages. And I appreciate your help in SV as well! PS I'm pretty sure I went 2-0 vs you in SM tests so really I'm the best SM player in the pool via the transitive property : messi:

Highlord - thanks for deviating from your draft plan to grab me upon Ox's suggestion. I know you didn't have your usual dominant record in the sheet, but you were still positive so be positive lmao. I'm still salty you ignored my team choice for finals though when it would've auto won haha! But you were huge in testing / building across almost all gens, so your value went far beyond the wins you got in DPP.

Ayu - even though you weren't anywhere nearly as active as Highlord, you wrote better shoutouts so that's just as important in my book. Thanks for having so much faith in me, and I'm really impressed in how you internalised what I said and were more supportive even in games we threw - that shows true growth as a leader. I'd definitely want to pair with you and Highlord again in future tourneys!

keys - I went 2-0 against your beloved monke because you betrayed me and broke my heart. Still love you though.

To the rest of my teammates, I wasn't involved enough in other tiers to really say anything other than I love you all!! You're a great group of people and it was a blast being in the Thieves chat throughout the tournament.

I'm taking an extended break after I get eliminated from / win SSNLs because real life is exhausting (and legitimately affected my head space in some of my losses - 2 of them were straight after flights off minimal sleep), but keen to come back with a vengeance once I'm recharged and refreshed.
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