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Merry Christmas everyone, and welcome to the second edition of the Ubers Winter League, an all-Ubers team tournament where managers draft from the pool of players to compete in a five-week round-robin battle for Ubers supremacy. Additionally, each week, managers can decide to boost one slot, making the slot effective for 2 wins (and if both teams boost the same slot, it's worth 3 wins). The three teams with the highest totals of points at the end of the fifth week advance to the playoffs. The semifinals and finals are team versus team elimination round. The final team standing is the winner.

Hello everyone, this year your hosts are 7u9i2 and myself.

Some important general rules:

1. Managers are allowed one (1) Assistant Manager.
2. Managers and Assistant Managers may self-purchase prior to auction for 20,000 credits each.
3. Each team will be granted 140,000 credits.
4. There will be twelve (12) starters and three (3) substitutes: the minimum number of players on a team is fifteen (15).
5. The maximum number of players on a team is twenty-four (24).
6. Just as with SPL there will be a severe penalty for any team that picks up a known alt of a banned player, or any player masquerading as another person. It is important to establish that both parties will be penalized immediately and appropriately if they are found doing so.
7. Each week, Managers can "boost" one slot, making it worth 2 wins (if both teams boost the same slot, it is worth 3 wins). Each week teams earn points by winning games against the opposing team. The three teams with the highest totals of points at the end of the fifth week advance to the playoffs. The semifinals and finals are team versus team elimination round. The final team standing is the winner.

The tiers that will be featured this year are:
- SV
- SV
- SV
- SV
- SS
- BW
- Bo3 RBY

Managers and teams featured this year are:

Frost Monkeys managed by keys and SiTuM
Luminous Lunalas managed by Lunala and Fc
InSomnia Giratinas managed by Holy Ghost and Aberforth
Spectral Thieves managed by Highlord and Ayu
Temporal Tower Tinkatons managed by Alpha Rabbit and mitana
Qwillfish Qwillas managed by The Dovahneer and Goat Heart ♥

To be considered at auction, you will need to post with the following format:

Metagames Played:
Metagames NOT Played:

You must signup with exactly this format as we will be using an automated tool to convert signups into a spreadsheet. We ask for your name for organization reasons and for the auction. The metagames played are those that you have experience in and are capable of playing in a tournament setting. Do not post a metagame that is not one of the featured tiers. Timezone is your local time relative to GMT which helps tell managers how it will be like to coordinate. Inactivity is simply if you have any extensive period of time where you will be unavailable, (for example, gone on vacation for a week) this is incredibly important for the managers to know so that they can do their best to make sure the team doesn't suffer from inactivity.

For the duration of UWL's regular season, players are not allowed to play in the tiers listed as "NOT played" in their signups post. They will only be allowed to play those tiers starting in playoffs. We will be enforcing this rule for ALL players, regardless of price tag. This is intended to address price fixing and encourage players to sign up for tiers they are most skilled in, rather than attempt to reduce their auction price.

To be crystal clear: "Tiers NOT Played" will bind you from playing in those tiers, and you should use it only if you do not intend to play that tier under any circumstance for the entire regular season. "Tiers Played" is a non-binding field that you can use to communicate your preferences to all managers.

An example sign-up:

Name: Eledyr
Metagames Played: SV, SS, ADV, Bo3 RBY
Metagames NOT Played: BW
Timezone: GMT +1
Inactivity: away from computer on weekdays approx 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Team Abandonment & Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Players who commit team abandonment or similar unsportsmanlike conduct are subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which may include bans from future team tournaments. Banned users are also not permitted from participating or assisting teams in any way, and managers caught collaborating with banned users may be subject to disciplinary action, including the potential for fines prior to auction.

Dead Games
Dead games are an undesired, if not unavoidable circumstance from a hosting perspective, and are only utilized in specific scenarios where it is impossible to grant an extension or an activity win as both players exhibit a lack of willingness to complete the game. A dead game is one which has no impact on the standing of that week, thus a matchup that is "ignored". Dead games have implications on the possibilities of ties that week, and on BD. To further disincentive dead games and to prevent intentional abuse by managers, a consecutive dead game, either due to the same player or the same tier, will result in a subtraction of three BD from their team's running total.

Unforeseen Circumstances
In general, any situations or conditions not explicitly stipulated in these rules are up to host discretion as based on their experience and judgement. Standard Smogon tournament rules may be used as general guidelines in most cases. The host may consult tournament directors or other players with exceptional experience in tournament administration for the purposes of guidance and the consideration of alternatives, but ultimately the decision rests on the judgment of the host. There may also be extreme cases where the host is required to overturn a rule that has been stipulated here; however, such action is not to be taken lightly and is never to be anticipated.

Getting Picked:

After signing up, the next step is to go advertise yourself to teams to increase the chance of getting bought in the auction. The best way to do this is to go onto their individual Discord servers and follow whatever process they have for tryouts.

DEADLINE: Friday, January 6th, 1pm GMT-9 / 5pm GMT-5 / 11pm GMT+1 / Saturday, January 7th, 3:30am GMT+5.5 / 8am GMT+10.


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Name: Lasen
Metagames Played: SV, BW, DPP, ORAS
Metagames NOT Played: GSC, SS, RBY
Timezone: GMT +2
Inactivity: away from team if you're a cringe manager. Gonna actively sabotage if my managers are ugly so be ready to show me your face if you draft me.
Name: Blim
Metagames Played: ORAS
Metagames NOT Played:
Timezone: GMT-6
Inactivity: January 9th - 15th Vacation, January 16th - 17th will still be busy working extra hours at work. Apologies in advance to whichever team ends up purchasing me as I will probably be very rusty and not playing very well.
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