Tournament Ubers World Cup I - Signups

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Europe (Captain: Lunala)
France (Captain: SiTuM)
US South (Captain: The Strap)
US West (Captain: 64 Squares)
Oceania + Asia (Captain: Aberforth)
India (Captain: Rhmsitb)
Canada (Captain: Fc)
US Midwest + US North East (Captain: Mr.378)
Brazil (Captain: Perry)
LA (Captain: Lord Thorx)
Germany (Captain: Fantos13)
China (Captain: InkPupil)

A few notes:

- You have to play for the country you live in if there is a team available (for example you can't play for Europe if you reside in France).
- Captains can play if they want to.
- Captains can pick a co-captain if they want to, just mention it when you post your roster.

Signups are still open until October 17th 11:59pm GMT+2.

Captains, you have to post your roster by aforementioned deadline.
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Name: Manaphy
Tiers Played: SS, ADV
Primary Eligibility: Oceania + Asia
Secondary Eligibility: US Midwest + Northeast
Interested in captaincy: No
Significant Time Missed: I’ve been losing some interest in mons recently as well as my work/other things being busy af, I’d like to make it clear that I do not want to play every single week, if thats cool then put me on your team
Name: twash
Tiers Played: DPP / ADV
Primary Eligibility: UK / Europe
Secondary Eligibility: none
Interested in captaincy: no
Significant Time Missed: no, but note not active on discord
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