Tournament Ubers World Cup II - Finals [Won by Team France]

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Canada (5) vs (3) France
SS: Fc vs RichardMillePlain: Fc is realistically playing the best SS ubers out of anyone right now, he's been on an absolute tear and would deservingly get bolded vs basically anyone. RMP came out of seasonal with a win, but I just think fc's form right now is too impressive to overlook.
SS: LBN vs Inder: Inder collapsed a little in the seasonal finals against RMP, but I think he has shown a higher level of performance, and more consistently, than LBN has managed. I look forward to seeing at least one unmon to come, only question is from whom?
SS: King Billuvs Shuwri: I think Billu is more familiar with SS and has better support to make sure his team is going to be good. Shuwri is good but not very active in SS, and I think it more likely he'd load up something standard, maybe offense, and run into Fc prep.
SM: Goat Heart ♥ vs Sharow: I am not very familiar with USM, so I'm going with the guy who beat tape in USM just last week.
ORAS: Skooma vs Royal1604: If Fardin is on form there are few ORAS players I wouldnt bold him against, and he just beat byron in the tiebreak. I have no idea how fardin does it, as I personally cannot stand most of the teams he uses, and do not see how he is so consistent with them, but he makes it work when he's on form, and he's seemed on form so far this tour.
BW: EviGaro vs SiTuM: I barely know this gen, so i'm going with the user with more experience in Ubers in general.
DPP: susciety vs Frrf: Susciety has had a good tour thus far, while Frrf is subbing in for Alkione in a tier he hasnt played before. On top of that, I'm not sure how familiar with DPP the rest of the french roster is to give him time to practice.
ADV: Heysup vs MMII: While Heysup is arguably the top ADV Ubers player right now, Mm2 has had a good tour, and Heysup has been bringing mostly recycled teams (as far as I have been told). As such, I think Mm2 is going to prep well into what he suspects Heysup will bring, and manage to get the win. This is probably the closest slot on my predictions though, so I wouldnt be surprised to see it go the other way. Also very likely both of these guys choose to bo3, which will be entertaining.
Who wants to bet on usage statistics?
I'm betting an abysmal win rate for Calyrex-Shadow because everyone's going to overprep for it by packing both Marshadow & Yveltal on the same team.
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