Tournament Ubers World Cup II - Pools

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won vs Enrique, gg

This is my last game in this pools round and this is the last teamtour in the year, finished with a 15-2 record in this tier and wanted to shoutout persons that were key in my success

Edgar Blim You guys have helped me learn and develop in this tier since the beginning and have offered me help in any way, definitely my teachers. (although I will not forget that you bastards sent me to die :row:)

The Dovahneer Goat Heart ♥ Despite the fact that I was the sack slot in BW xD, thank you for the opportunity of being drafted in a very funny team and then trust me.

Perry You gave me total freedom in a team and a new tier for me in a teamtour like UPL, so I appreciate your trust and what a great manager you were.

steelskitty You didn't directly have anything to do with this year, but you were the first person who entrusted me with a starting slot the first time and from there I started to be in Ubers, I also learned a lot from you in Bandits.

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