Tournament Ubers World Cup III - Week 7

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Welcome to the third edition of Ubers World Cup, a world cup for Ubers! This edition will be hosted by Frozoid and GraveBee.

This year's format is: 4 SV Ubers, 1 SS Ubers, 1 SM Ubers, 1 ORAS Ubers, 1 BW Ubers, 1 DPP Ubers, 1 ADV Ubers given the popularity of our old gen tiers. Each team is composed of 10 starters and up to 4 substitutes giving a total of 14 players maximum per team.

Teams have been organized into groups and each team will play against a different team in their pool each week, with an exception of cross pool matchup one week.


:sv/spheal: Team Oceania (3) vs (7) Team China :sv/Ho-oh:

SV: Stallion vs July Rain
SV: Aberforth vs KanzakiHAria
SV: Trade vs LouisIX
SV: etern vs Master Origami
SS: baconeatinassassin vs Chaos23333
SM: Drifting vs Metallica126
ORAS: byronthewellwell vs cscl
BW: March Fires vs Vusty.
DPP: shrang vs burstbean
ADV: aurora vs gostop
:sv/gholdengo: Team US West (5) vs (4) Team Spain

SV: Frito vs seroo
SV: lepton vs Dorron
SV: Smudge vs Javi
SV: skierdude101 vs Ina fable
SS: polt vs Shiritu
SM: PurpleGatorade vs Reze
ORAS: BigFatMantis vs Wamr
BW: Tbolt vs Eeveeto
DPP: Inspirited vs Lhions
ADV: matte vs Sheik :
:sv/annihilape: Team Brazil (2) vs (8) Team France :sv/lapras:

SV: Skyiew vs Micciu
SV: A plague doc vs Beleth
SV: JojenReed vs Shuwri
SV: dog mendigoso vs RichardMillePlain
SS: zeeLitium vs Suzuya
SM: LpZ vs Hats
ORAS: Thiago Nunes vs Royal1604
BW: havocknight vs SiTuM
DPP: Luigi vs Alkione
ADV: Hyogafodex vs Raph369


:sv/luxray: Team Europe (4) vs (6) Team Canada :sv/calyrex-ice:

SV: Terracotta vs LBN
SV: entrocefalo vs King Billu
SV: Nyx vs 3d
SV: Reje vs Amukamara
SS: Icemaster vs Fc
SM: Garay oak vs Goat Heart ♥
ORAS: Hack vs Fardin
BW: Kebabe vs spell
DPP: London Beats vs susciety
ADV: mitana vs Heysup

:sv/zygarde-complete: Team India (7) vs (3) Team Asia :sv/chien-pao:

SV: Dj Breloominati♬ vs sapphiree
SV: GeniusFromHoenn vs realaccountami?
SV: pichus vs 0.5Mirror
SV: Taka vs Manaphy
SS: skimmythegod vs Mimikyu Stardust
SM: Rhmsitb vs TheFallenShooriken
ORAS: freezai vs malefic
BW: RaJ.Shoot vs DiannieRatson
DPP: Piyush25 vs Bohrier
ADV: Yippie vs Fluore

:sv/koraidon: Team Latin America (5) vs (1) Team US South :sv/skeledirge:

SV: Edgar vs TPP
SV: Dark Shion vs Kate
SV: DAHLI vs PrimalKyogre
SV: Feliburn vs 7u9i2
SS: ACR1 vs crying
SM: Mister McLovin vs pdt
ORAS: Akaru Kokuyo vs Xrn
BW: Luirromen vs byulharang
DPP: Mashing vs Stone Cold
ADV: Fakee vs The Strap


:sv/magearna:Team US Midwest + East (6) vs (1) Team Benelux :sv/solgaleo:

SV: Expulso vs Wesleyy
SV: tier vs Quinn
SV: Sabella vs xander073
SV: avarice vs Ninjawarrior7778
SS: Fragments vs Jordy004
SM: Zesty43 vs Kipkluif
ORAS: The Dovahneer vs Blue YM
BW: Monai vs Fant'sy Beast
DPP: OreoSpeedruns vs OranBerryBlissey10
ADV: FatFighter2 vs Farce Of The Death

DEADLINE FOR WEEK 7 IS 3rd March 11:59PM GMT -5
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Bolding a few matchups that will decide fate of a couple of teams that whether they will qualify for playoffs or not.
just like before i would like to mention that my predictions are based on little knowledge i possess about players and their replays where my poor analysis skills still does not do a great job but i had still managed to pull off some 50%+ correct prediction rate so if you are being bolded against , its a sign of "NOT underestimating your opponent" and nothing else.
Lets get into it
:sv/luxray: Team Europe (5) vs (3) Team Canada :sv/calyrex-ice:

SV: Terracotta vs LBN - I did not bolded terracotta in any of my predicts thinking he is usum OG and prob wont be good at sv ubers much ( being busy irl and all so LOW effort teams and whatnot.... ) but bro is 4-1 with one deadgame while performing really good every week and bringing solid teams completely destroying my beliefs , its fine ...humans make mistakes (im coping). On the other side we have LBN who has been doing fairly well as well having 3-3 record ! , an overall good ubers player who plays every gen i believe starting from 4.
Reason for bolding terra is mainly the record advantage as well as diversity in the teams he has used so far which puts him ahead of LBN in builder whom i believe has used teams that are "somewhat" similar every week ( structure and all , also using BO every week ) . I just hope LBN does some self scout too or terra will bring smth that may make LBN lose from preview only.
Either way in terms of gameplay , i honestly think they aren't that far from each other so this could still go either way ! pretty exciting matchup

SV: entrocefalo vs King Billu - 99% people would say entro wins "no difficulty" i believe but i belong to the 1% hehe. Entro has high chances of winning this being better clicker ( and builder? unless someone else is building for him) but there is no guarantee as king billu's sv ubers games this uwc were p dominant with him only losing when his team was not good enough/bad ( from what i understood from watching that match ) like running dd edge grounceus without ice beam into gliscor toxic with nothing really on back to help while gliscor is not that uncommon , for example there was no mon on back that helps vs gliscor , skirilege or whichever other mon that walls those physical attackers , rather had a zekrom with s rocks and dd ( :sob: )
with that being said , if billu brings a good team then entro isnt winning easily OR can lose too !

SV: Nyx vs 3d - definitely winning here. Defeated some good sv ubers players that im sure not many expected including me.

SV: Reje vs Amukamara - reje is taking the W here , his only lost was by the undefeated player kate.
i just hope he brings ubers team otherwise low chances of winning as amukamara is good enough to win vs unserious/cheesy teams imo.

SS: Icemaster vs Fc - this is a tough one , def wont compare hardcore lmao
but after watching replays of both of them what first came to mind is "FC is playing better not by a huge margin compared to ice but yeah".

SM: Garay oak vs Goat Heart ♥- i hope i dont regret bolding against garay like i did before but the opponent here is gh himself so shouldn't be that bad....
if goat is serious then even someone as undisputed as garay is going to have a very hardtime. in terms of gameplay in sm ubers , from my pov , i see both of them on equal level. goat will disagree with that prob and so will garay as they both respect each other unless some secret beef. In any case this should NOT be one sided or easy for any player , whoever will load a team with better matchup against the other , which is pretty random, will have higher chances of winning here since playswise there isnt that much of a difference , both knows ins and outs of USUM.
probably my highlight for this week's matchup !

ORAS: Hack vs Fardin - This game will be pretty close too ! hack's experience in oras ubers is probably one of the highest out there and probably the MOST in this uwc. Having a solid 5-1 , he is against a 4-2 player who has been playing really good this uwc.
some comparison metrics ( LAME but let me do it )
Hack vs Fardin
Experience in oras - hack >>
Teams quality - hack >= fardin ( although fardin has limited number of teams he pilots good/is comfortable with as mentioned by him and his manager , while hack can use anything )
Performance this tour - almost equal
hax/luck this tour - Hack ( Fardin has gotten unlucky more times than hack did )
Preaparation - Hack >> ( hack scouts every opponent i believe and choose team accordingly )
Overall this is tough to decide -:
1-) If hack knows all comfort pick teams of fardin ( 4/6 as he mentioned in ubers cord ) , he will prepare a team which can give him equal OR good matchup which means fardin loses as he has not got lucky enough in this tour to rely on hax to win in this game.
2-) hack does ^ what he does above but fardin comes up with smth completely new and unexpected of him with enough test games to be able to pilot it well then that can catch hack offguard and fardin will take the win ( not easily even then but surely low chances for hack then w/o luck )
here there is no "better player wins" , as fardin is good enough to be able to master 1 more team outside of his comfort zone WHILE hack is good enough to be able to still outplay and win even then.
TOUGH , must watch game.
BW: Kebabe vs Career Ended - kebabe wins here in a fair game.
DPP: London Beats vs susciety - london beats making better plays than susciety is what i concluded after watching their replays.
ADV: mitana vs Heysup - heysup doing v good in adv. Did not lose despite getting unlucky OR to cheese. Imo heysup is definitely winning here.

Overall : Fardin and king billu gotta carry team canada. Goat heart must not lose. susciety can also hax and win and ultimately helping team tie or win ( its dpp so 1 hax can turn entire game around).
:sv/annihilape: Team Brazil (0) vs (0) Team France :sv/lapras:

SV: Skyiew vs Micciu
SV: A plague doc vs Beleth
SV: JojenReed vs Shuwri - jojon isnt an easy opponent but shuw playing better from what i saw.
SV: dog mendigoso vs RichardMillePlain - not losing for sure
SS: zeeLitium vs Suzuya
SM: LpZ vs Hats
ORAS: Thiago Nunes vs Royal1604
BW: havocknight vs SiTuM
DPP: Luigi vs Alkione
ADV: Hyogafodex vs Raph369

No idea about how many deadgames , act wins , subs etc will happen so hard to know.
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