Tournament UGTT II (Ubers Generations Team Tournament II) - Won by The Black Knights

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Approved by Hack and Nayrz
Artwork by Juicy Fruit
OP by Tony

Hello and welcome to the second edition of the Ubers Generations Team Tournament (or UGTT II for short)! With the Ubers Seasonal circuit and the Ubers Classic coming to a close and having just seen thimo take home the Ubers Open, it's time for a new Ubers tournament to begin.

This tournament will be a simple 3-person team tournament with each team having one SM Ubers, one ORAS Ubers and one BW2 Ubers slot, which effectively turns each round into a best-of-three match-up, but with three different players each playing one game per round. You can sign up as a team with two of your friends, but signing up as a free agent is also possible. I'll be keeping an updated list of the free agents that sign up below so feel free to contact each other about forming a team together.

When signing up as a team, please specify your team name and which players will be slotted into each tier (at least for Round 1). If you are signing up as a free agent, be sure to specify what tiers you are interested in playing in order to facilitate the whole process.

Important! Note that I won't be making any teams myself out of the list of free agents, I expect you to do that among yourselves.

Tournament Rules
- General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
- Smogon-wide clauses and Baton Pass clause apply
- The format will be 'best of three', with each of the three players playing one game
- Single elimination; no winners or losers bracket
- SM, ORAS and BW2 cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties
- Please save your replays!
Saving the replays of your tournament games is required. If your opponent is claiming you didn't beat them for the tournament or that the game never even happened, there isn't much I do about it without any evidence. Protect yourself and save the replay of your games and post them upon completion! Also, it'll be fun to watch some high level ORAS and BW2 Ubers games since those aren't played too often anymore!

Timer Clause
As for taking long between moves, if your opponent asks you to hurry up, please oblige. If you are doing a damage calc for a key turn that is one thing, but prolonging every move is suspicious and annoying. Don't do it. Furthermore, Battle Timeout is a rule for a reason. If you run out of time, you lose, simple as that. It does not matter what your opponent says. Do not battle if you think you will have to leave mid battle, and instead reschedule for a better time. Timing out is still classified as a loss, unless the reason for timing out is a disconnection. If there is any suspicion that a disconnect was carried out deliberately to take advantage of this rule in any way, we reserve the right to exercise a harsh punishment.
If a player disconnects and either player contends that they could still win, the optimal solution is to recreate the exact situation the disconnection occurred at during the battle. If it is agreed between players that this is not feasible due to unreasonable battle length, highly improbable circumstances, or some other reason, the player who did not disconnect may choose to rematch with either the same teams or (the option to use) new teams. Timing out is still classified as a loss, unless the reason for timing out is a disconnection. If there is any suspicion that a disconnect was carried out deliberately to take advantage of this rule in any way, we reserve the right to exercise a harsh punishment. Do not do it.

Aside from the rules above that I expect all of you to read, there's also some tournament specific rulings I want to touch on.
I have no issues with players switching between metagames throughout the tournament. For example, if Palkiapower29 plays ORAS Ubers in round 1 and his team advances to the second round then it's perfectly fine for Palkiapower29 to play BW2 Ubers in round 2. However, this means Palkiapower29's team mate Lord Dragon Breath, who in this example played BW2 Ubers in round 1, can't play BW2 Ubers round 2 as well, since Palkiapower29 already does. Each player on each team has to play one of the three metagames. One of the players playing two of the metagames in one round is not allowed. One of the metagames being played by two of the players in one round is also not allowed. If any of those things do end up happening your team will be disqualified immediately.

The Results!
tapu village thugs vs Cromat's Lunala
SM: ScarfWynaut vs. Bhris Brown
ORAS: Le teamribou vs. Arii Stella
BW2: dusk raimon vs. CKW

soviet is a (BAN ME PLEASE) vs 2 and a half asians
SM: Aurora vs. Hiye
ORAS: Chop vs. Samqian
BW2: March Fires vs. Updated Kanto

star is kawaii human being vs Sky Frontier
SM: soviet vs. Dbasso
ORAS: Lacus Clyne vs. DDarken
BW2: Star vs. Fener

The Black Knights vs nicki minaj fans
SM: Holy Break vs. Pohjis
ORAS: Leru vs. We Three Kings
BW2: Evuelf vs. ZoroDark

solrock for AG vs Remaining PO Kids
SM: Dark Shion vs. Casparov
ORAS: xTeamTester vs. Melle2402
BW2: Kyogre is GR8 vs. Hassin627

Yung yiggas vs 3 eyes frog
SM: Sharow-san vs. orch
ORAS: WhiteLion vs. fourmi
BW2: KyogreF4N vs. Edgar

Shadow in the trap vs STAG Bot Lords
SM: Mindnight vs. The Trap God
ORAS: Eden's Embrace vs. Hugo Barrington
BW2: Carl Murray vs. magsyy

Colombian Catfish vs slurmz is gay
SM: The Dovahneer vs. Exiline
ORAS: n00b vs. Cynara
BW2: user php vs. byronthewellwell

Angry Pufferfishes vs The Three Muskequeers
SM: Paycard vs. Slurmz
ORAS: 4gb vs. Earth
BW2: Highlord vs. steelskitty

appleseeds vs sudowoodo for s rank
SM: Thimo vs. Loloartsi
ORAS: Mael vs. My Thunder
BW2: Blightbringer vs. MiyoKa

Three Beautiful Men vs 2 players and an act loss
SM: MJ vs. rozes
ORAS: blazenix vs. obii
BW2: Hamhamhamham vs. Pearl

Dokkerich likes feet vs Bye 1
SM: imsosorrylol vs. Bye
ORAS: insult vs. Bye
BW2: tsmugs vs. Bye

#FreeTheLesbians vs Bye 2
SM: eifo vs. Bye
ORAS: teachable vs. Bye
BW2: EviGaro vs. Bye

vin der gude kine sorge vs Bye 3
SM: I Shuckle vs. Bye
ORAS: Little Jirachi. vs. Bye
BW2: Shocki vs. Bye

SMH vs Bye 4
SM: ShadowQuinn vs. Bye
ORAS: Mysterious M vs. Bye
BW2: Hack vs. Bye

Trout ain't dead vs Bye 5
SM: Garay oak vs. Bye
ORAS: Lord Outrage vs. Bye
BW2: Real FV13 vs. Bye

The Three Muskequeers vs #FreeTheLesbians
SM: Slurmz vs. eifo
ORAS: Earth vs. teachable
BW2: steelskitty vs. EviGaro

Dokkerich Likes Feet vs Trout ain't dead
SM: imsosorrylol vs. Garay oak
ORAS: insult vs. Lord Outrage
BW2: tsmugs vs. Real FV13

appleseeds vs Cromat's Lunala
SM: Thimo vs. Bhris Brown
ORAS: Mael vs. Arii Stella
BW2: Blightbringer vs. CKW

vin der gude kine sorge vs SMH
SM: I Shuckle vs. ShadowQuinn
ORAS: Little Jirachi. vs. Mysterious M
BW2: Shocki vs. Hack

slurmz is gay vs Remaining PO Kids
SM: Exiline vs. Casparov
ORAS: Cynara vs. Melle2402
BW2: byronthewellwell vs. Hassin627

3 eyes frog vs soviet is a (BAN ME PLEASE)
SM: orch vs. Aurora
ORAS: fourmi vs. Chop
BW2: Edgar vs. March Fires

STAG Bot Lords vs 2 players and an act loss
SM: The Trap God vs. rozes
ORAS: Hugo Barrington vs. obii
BW2: magsyy vs. Pearl

The Black Knights vs star is kawaii human being
SM: Holy Break vs. soviet
ORAS: Leru vs. Lacus Clyne
BW2: hyw vs. Star

#FreeTheLesbians vs SMH
SM: eifo vs. ShadowQuinn
ORAS: teachable vs. Mysterious M
BW2: EviGaro vs. Hack

appleseeds vs Trout ain't dead
SM: Thimo vs. Garay oak
ORAS: Mael vs. Lord Outrage
BW2: Blightbringer vs. Real FV13

The Black Knights vs soviet is a (BAN ME PLEASE)
SM: Holy Break vs. Aurora
ORAS: Leru vs. Chop
BW2: hyw vs. March Fires

STAG Bot Lords vs Remaining PO Kids
SM: The Trap God vs. Casparov
ORAS: Hugo Barrington vs. Melle2402
BW2: magsyy vs. Hassin627

appleseeds vs Remaining PO Kids
SM: Thimo vs. Casparov
ORAS: Mael vs. Melle2402
BW2: Blightbringer vs. Hassin627

#FreeTheLesbians vs The Black Knights
SM: eifo vs. Holy Break
ORAS: teachable vs. Leru
BW2: EviGaro vs. hyw

The Black Knights vs Remaining PO Kids
SM: Holy Break vs. Casparov
ORAS: Leru vs. Melle2402
BW2: hyw vs. Hassin627
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