Tournament UGTT III (Ubers Generations Team Tournament III) - Won by UbersFrenchGang Haters!


(2) 600 IQ niqqas vs. cclm
SM: Zesty43 vs Simia
DPP: Terracotta vs Kory2600
ORAS: iry vs RedMaxx

(2) CdumasF4N vs. rip Illyasviels (1)
SM: Royal1604 vs darrell1297
BW: Sharow-san vs Hydrra
ADV: Eramoth vs Holy Break

(2) Prodi_gg’s vs. Ofc we're not weebs
SM: TrueGodsLeftUs vs Leru
ORAS: LucosDICampos vs Charmflash
DPP: pasy_g vs Pearl

(1) UbersFrenchGang Haters vs. The Holy Solo Rabbits (1)
SM: Habita Montebourg vs Holy Ghost
ADV: Staxi vs Alpha Rabbit
ORAS: cielbakasan vs skysolo14

Staxi vs Hamhamhamham
Round 3 ends Sunday on the 15th of July at 11:59PM GMT! Make sure to complete your matches by then!
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Back for act.
He only had 8 hours he could play during the entire week (during the weekend), and despite me being busy during those times, I still tried to accomodate his preferences.
Waiting for almost an hour now, still no sign of him and I can't wait any longer.
It's impossible for me to play tomorrow, so I'm calling it.
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