Online Competition Ultimate Finale

Unless they go Ultra Final-tier for next month in honor of Series 13.
Yeah, so about that...


Standard fare for the last competition before a new region. Every species that's in the game is allowed, even mythicals, and species clause doesn't apply (nor does item clause, naturally). Sure, Dexit cuts do apply, so you can't use 6 Arceus (or even one for that matter), and there are no megas, primals, or Ultra Burst like there were in the Alola version...but is that such a big deal now if you can use 6 Zacian instead? It's doubles this time, and unlike the usual 4v4 of VGC and Battle Stadium doubles, here you get to bring the whole team for a 6v6 showdown of ultimate destiny. Better hope you can finish in 20 minutes, which is at least easier when you have this kind of power being thrown around.

(The usual game-enforced limitations on fusion items do apply, so no matter what you try to trade into your game, no team can have more than one Necrozma-Dusk, one Necrozma-Dawn, one Kyurem fusion regardless of color, and one Calyrex mount regardless of color. But since Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield aren't key items, you can trade in multiple Pokemon holding those, and use them all for full power.)

Last time we had something like this, our own Theorymon managed to finish with the #1 ranking overall. Uber and especially AG specialists might be able to deploy that experience to similar success again. But then, there's no shiny Pokemon as a prize this time, just the standard BP handout, which might suppress player enthusiasm. Hey, if there's only 1000 players instead of 10000, that means your odds of winning can expect to go up by a factor of 10, at least.

Battles start on the 28th (evening of the 27th in the US), and wrap up with plenty of time to prep that Mimikyu costume.
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