Tournament Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Release Tournament

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I am a motherfucking astronaut.
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asking for an extension until friday, matched up with a dude 12 hours ahead of me so its been kind of hard to schedule. Ill be off school friday so I can play him in the morning when he'll be awake


Californium is PoMMan now.
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Opponent said he'd be available until 6pm today his time, 6pm was 30 minutes ago, and I've been here for 2.5 hours waiting for him and heard nothing, so now I'm going out.
I asked u twice to play and u refused both times. I didnt try to contact me after it so how on fucking earth u call act
my dude the first time it wasnt me, it had to be 4gb or eren trolling you on a fake alt. The time you actually asked me I had to go to work and you didnt reply to my message to schedule
Bc u said u are free every day. So i expected you to be free when i saw you online.
And yeah sure, someone else made a (voiced) alt to fake u lol
GotCookies vs AmazingMo
Hurricane69 vs AkaiTenshi
LordST vs Aberforth
orch vs snagaa
Holiano vs The Excadrill
vs bsu
KevinELF vs AnimeroDaniel
Reviloja753 vs kilometerman
Melle2402 vs Paycard - i have no evidence for melle's claim, while paycard showed screenshot of pm sent to melle on forums on 23rd with no reply yet

Jase Duken vs Drud
USUM Psych HO vs Aurora

Cynara vs Plas
Pigeons vs xCaptainHero
FireJirachi vs Zrp200

Round 2

ZekromFan vs My Thunder
KevinELF vs Gochan
kilometerman vs KyogreF4N
Holy Break vs Frania
The Trap God vs insult
WhiteLion vs USUM Psych HO
EviGaro vs Pigeons
Loloartsi vs dice
Finchinator vs Pohjis
Terracotta vs EternalSnowman
Kingofcrimea vs Hurricane69
snagaa vs Zrp200
Megazard vs SiTuM
MiyoKa vs xImRaptor
Tox.exe vs Aberforth - this
Karppi vs Skeptics
GotCookies vs Hugo Barrington opp gave no alternative time, or their own timezone at all
Leru vs Exiline
didi vs Frigus
Haruno vs Jase Duken
Paycard vs eren
Serial EKiller vs Plas
perry vs The Excadrill
crescendoww vs hexed

Extension Deadline: December 2
Round Deadline: December 10
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