Battle Spot Ultra Sunday Rush Finale! (Winning Team for Nintendo's Ultra Final Online Competiton)


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Wow, I haven’t done an RMT in over a decade… that’s a long time! I did do a special team report for Battle Spot Special 1 this gen however, which I won. Still, it feels sureal to be making on of these again, but something special has happened to justify it!

So as some of you know, since generation 5, Gamefreak has been hosting their very own ladder tournaments, sometimes based around standard VGC rulesets, and other times, with stranger rulesets. These strange tournaments in particular have been a lot of fun, and have each brought a nice, unique flavor to compliment Battle Spot Singles, Doubles, and VGC! To give some examples of how wacky some of these could get, some particularly fun ones this generation brought: Ultra Spooky Cup (only Pokemon Gamefreak considered spooky were allowed), Let's Go cup (only Eevee and Pikachu allowed!), Level 1 only Pokemon (actually this season's current special!), Metronome cup, and Simple Symphony (only single typed Pokemon allowed)

While these tournaments going to continue for Sword and Shield, everything good must come to an end eventually. With the sun setting on Generation 7, Gamefreak decided to have one last hurrah for their weird tournaments, Generation 7, and even Uber Pokemon in general: The Ultra Final Online Competition!

The Rules Of Ultra Final Online Competiton


Before I get to the team, you should probably know the rules for this final fiesta!

-This was a singles 3v3 format. So in other words, you bring 6 Pokemon in team preview, but can only choose 3 to actually battle!

-Unlike most formats of this style… Every single Pokemon was allowed! Take that dexit!

-Even more unusual, this format had no clauses whatsoever. No species clause, item clause, sleep clause, anything!

So in case you couldn't tell… Gamefreak decided to celebrate Gen 7 by giving us their own take on Anything Goes! That's a good way to say goodbye to all our favorite, delciciously broken Ubers!

This tournament ended up being a perfect ball of sentiment to me because of that. With Dexit looming from generation 8, I soon won't be able to use my favorite Uber strong buddies for a very long time. As some of you may know, I actually have my competitive roots in gen 4 Ubers, so I've been familiar with a lot of these Pokemon for a long time! This was also the final official generation 7 online tournament, the last in a series of odd and fun tournaments that took up a lot of my time. And finally, on a more personal note, this year marked my 10th anniversary in joining Smogon, so I felt like I owed to myself to compete in a tournament that felt like a fun, twisted combination of Ubers, Anything Goes, and Battle Spot Singles: all things that mean a lot to me!

I'm sure glad I did this tournament, because well… here's my results for it!

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 3.00.52 AM.png


Now, this isn't nearly as important as say, VGC or anything, but winning in not only the last battle spot tournament of gen 7, but also one about Ubers AND Battle Spot Singles made my heart soar with happiness! To me, this feels like a fitting end to the generation for myself, and made this RMT and team report a sure thing!

Team Building Process

So with this tournament being so important to me, you’d think I’d spend all the time in the world to teambuild, right? About that… something even more important than Pokemon got in the way: Calculus! Specfically, I had a badly timed Calc II Exam to deal with. I did… ok on it (got a B+, I prefer to do better than that!), but that took up a lot of time I would have spent teambuilding. Because of that, I only had a rough idea of what I wanted to use from some early planning. I didn’t even get to playtest it on the Pokemon Showdown ladder! Let’s go over what my early plan was!

On the day the tournament is announced, I start with Dusk Mane Necrozma with Ultra Necrozium Z. I can’t resist the allure of role compression Dusk Mane Necrozma offers, so I feel like I need to use it no matter what! Seriously, a Pokemon that checks Xerneas, and then can become a freaking sweeper that completely changes typing and outspeeds both Arceus and Marshadow?! Amazing stuff!

Dude I gotta have Mega Rayquaza! Yes I realize from previous experience that Mega Rayquaza isn’t as busted in 3v3 singles as it is in 6v6… but that titanic power is too tempting. Plus, Dusk Mane Necrozma helps with Fairy Arceus and Scarf Xerneas, while Mega Rayquaza can switch into most Primal Groudon, so they got decent synergy!

I realize this feels pretty early to start adding “glue” Pokemon, but I'm very scared of Focus Sash spam, particularly from Marshadow and Mega Rayquaza, and I don’t like relying on Mega Rayquaza as a Primal Kyogre check. The latter in particular can be a real pain, so I decide right then and there that Primal Groudon would make a good Stealth Rock setter.

Dusk Mane Necrozma and Primal Groudon are pretty strong, but slow unless certain conditions are met. That gives me the idea to use Sticky Web Smeargle to fix that up. It’d mean I wouldn’t be as pressured to Ultra Burst, and I could maybe run more bulk on Primal Groudon.

I don’t like this team’s chances vs Yveltal in the slightest. I consider either Xerneas or Fairy Arceus for this slot… and I decided on Fairy Arceus in the end because I like how it outspeeds Mega Rayquaza, I have NEVER liked Geomancy in 3v3 (too easy to gimp imo), and I didn’t think Choice Scarf Xerneas was a good fit for this team.

I’m looking for filler… and I guess Sash Marshadow works ok? Could help vs set up sweepers if SR isn’t set up, maybe I could use Endeavor to surprise Primal Groudons and Arceus???

So I had a team in mind early… but I didn’t test it at all, and was nervous about just going with that once the competition actually started!

Fast forward 1 day before the competition ends, on a Saturday: I ask for feedback on this team from people who have laddered on cart, and marilli points out that he thinks the team is gonna fail for 2 key reasons: there's so much Mega Rayquaza and Yveltal spam that webs might not be as effective as I hope, and the format has such a bulky offense focus that Marshadow hasn’t really done that well. So, I decide to replace Smeargle with Yveltal, since that provides back up vs weaker Mega Rayquaza, makes Dusk Mane Necrozma much easier to deal with (Marshadow doesn’t do too hot against it), and plus, Foul Play + Toxic + Roost sounds sorta killer to me.

Well crap, Marshadow was damn near filler from the start, I need one last filler slot… with Marshadow on the mind, I decide to put in a Chople Berry Normal Arceus. Not only is that a set up sweeper that Marshadow can’t steal stuff from, it also gives this team a dedicated bulky priority sweeper. Plus, two Arceus in team preview could induce some good paranoia for mind games!

I arrange the team a bit to maybe make some people think that I’m always gonna choose both Arceus in team preview, when that rarely ever happens in reality. I’m not sure if this had an effect, but I was hoping this would attract more Normal Arceus checks, which were usually mons I do pretty well against.

8 Pokemon?! Ok, Wobbuffet and Palkia were never considered for the team, but they're here in spirit, represented by gen 4 sprites! Wobbuffet is here because the dude is the closest thing to a spirit animal I have. Wobbuffet is what basically got me known in the Gen 4 Ubers community over a 10 years ago, and while time hasn't been particulary kind for it, I'm always gonna have a soft spot for it! Palkia is here in spirit because I've been using a Palkia stylus I got for preordering Pokemon Pearl for over a decade. Seriously, look at this worn down thing, this tournament is likely its final trial! In general, Wobbuffet and Palkia are also here in spirit because they go back to my roots in gen 4 Ubers!

By the way, here's the Palkia stylus I've been using for a decade, it served its purpose well in Ultra Final Online Competiton!

And that’s how the team was built! It was extremely rushed, and pretty much only came together at the end thanks to people on the Smogon battle spot discord (in particular, marilli , cant say , and greilmercenary9 , thanks a lot you 3!).

Now, just like my last RMT from over a decade ago, I decided each Pokemon was going to be represented by some sort of video game character I liked (for those of you who are curious, my last RMT was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney themed). One issue: I had two game series on the mind a LOT lately: Mario, because as you all know I’m a huge Mario junkie, and have been planning some new Mario Maker 2 stages for a while. The 2nd is Touhou, because I’ve been on a Touhou music binge while thinking about Pokemon teams lately, and I like arcadey shootemups like that!

I’m a person whose all about overkill, so screw it, each Pokemon will be represented by both a Mario character, and a Touhou Character! This team may be called Ultra Sunday Rush Finale, but an alternate name could be "Super Mario: Mystery of the Eastern Wonderland"!

The Team In-Depth

Yveltal @ Aguav Berry
Ability: Dark Aura
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 Spe
Impish Nature
- Foul Play
- Sucker Punch
- Toxic
- Roost
It’s funny that Yveltal was added a day before the competition ended… because in the end, it was the star of the show! This Yveltal isn’t all that radical or anything: It’s just a particularly physically bulky Yveltal that could check major threats better than it normally could. However, according to usage stats, it seems like most Yveltal had +Speed natures, with Impish actually having below 10% usage.

Thanks to Foul Play and its bulk, this thing owned Dusk Mane Necrozma and Ultra Necrozma that lacked Solgalium Z and Stone Edge respectively, OHKOed Mega Rayquaza after it used Dragon Ascent, and dealt massive damage to Primal Groudon! Despite this Yveltal being defensive on paper, the massive attack stats of the format on even special attackers like Primal Kyogre, meant that this Yveltal still felt like it had an offensive kick to it.

I don’t think I need to explain what Roost is for, but Toxic may seem slightly strange to people that assume 3v3 means automatic offense fest, despite it being a pretty standard move on Yveltal in this metagame. Toxic was extremely important for Fairy Arceus switch-ins, and it was good at softening up Xerneas for Primal Groudon’s Earthquake as well. I often led with Yveltal as well, predicting Primal Groudon leads, so a common response was to actually switch in Yveltal themselves, attempting to absorb a Foul Play and Taunt me. I often nailed these switch-ins with Toxic, important because this Yveltal gets owned by faster ones with Taunt otherwise! It also came in handy against a Curse Ho-Oh who burned me, since Yveltal has big issues with that!

Sucker Punch may seem a bit odd on such a defensive Pokemon, but it was key for picking off weakened threats. Thanks to Dark Aura, it wasn’t really weak either, still dealing plenty of damage to the likes of Ultra Necrozma, Mega Rayquaza (yes I know Extreme Speed, more on that later!), and fast Primal Kyogre. Plus, considering how many kills Sucker Punch got, I think many people weren't expecting such a bulky Yveltal to be carrying it.

Augauv Berry is where this Yveltal seemed to break from trends a lot more. I was pretty conflicted on whether I would use the more standard Rocky Helmet to help against Normal Arceus and Sash Mega Rayquaza, or get some extra recovery in the form of a super sitrus berry. I watched cant say stream a bit, and that solidified my choice to go for Augauv Berry. I’m glad I did, because I won many matches due to the surprise recovery! In particular, I had a habit of baiting Mega Rayquaza Extreme Speed as an opportunity to switch Yveltal in and get some health back. Usually, it’d survive another Dragon Ascent, and win the game!

To be clear, while Yveltal was bulky, it did have a hard time with Z-moves (in particular, Normalium Z Arceus), and Stone Edge + Substitute Ultra Necrozma was EXTREMELY dangerous to this team due to the reliance on Yveltal to fight that. Still, I was super impressed with Yveltal, and would go as far as to say it was the best Pokemon on my team!

So Yveltal was the best and the star of this team… duh, that means Yveltal is Mario! They’re both red, and hey, Mario can fly sometimes too! Touhou's main character, Reimu, is also red, and revels in extermining yokai. I guess Pokemon are often mythical Japanese monsters. This Yveltal is slow too, just like Reimu is when incidents aren't going on. Also like Reimu and Mario, this Yveltal did PLENTY of exterminating!

Dusk Mane Necrozma / Ultra Necrozma
Necrozma-Dusk-Mane @ Ultranecrozium Z
Ability: Prism Armor
EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Sunsteel Strike
- Earthquake
- Photon Geyser
This is the mon that started this whole team! Dusk Mane Necrozma and Ultra Necrozma as a duo seemed extremely appealing to me on the onset for this format. The big deal here is that its an INCREDIBLE role compressor, something that’s extremely valuable when you can only choose half your team for battle! Dusk Mane Necrozma checked several major threats, with fairies such as Xerneas and Fairy Arceus being of particular importance to beat. Also, despite the lack of investment in bulk, Prism Armor meant Dusk Mane Necrozma was pretty difficult to actually KO, handy for setting up Swords Dance. Meanwhile, Ultra Necrozma outsped important threats such as Arceus formes, and could easily sweep teams after a Swords Dance.

Because of Xerneas, Sunsteel Strike was a very important attack! I also needed it for Fairy Arceus, whom I could actually KO after a Swords Dance boost while in Ultra forme. Photon Geyser was just to appealing too ignore here, since Light That Burns The Sky is stupidly powerful. While there were plenty of matches I didn’t use Light That Burns The Sky, it was extremely useful for breaking Arceus that weren’t Steel-type, and blasting Primal Kyogres without a boost.

Earthquake was chosen as my final coverage move mostly because I liked slamming Primal Groudon with it. In practice though, it had another use: hitting Steel Arceus hard. To be clear, this team wasn’t that well prepared for Steel Arceus outside of Primal Groudon, and Ultra Necrozma isn’t what I’d call a check due to Will-O-Wisp. Still, +2 Earthquake was a godsend against Steel Arceus, since they didn’t really stop that kind of sweep! Funnily enough, I considered using Knock Off for mirror matches since marilli brought it up, but I’m glad I stuck with Earthquake in the end, because Steel Arceus would have been even more problematic otherwise!

One thing I gotta mention here, is that I won several games based off of forme change mind games when things got tough. So for example, sometimes I'd set up an extra Swords Dance because the foe would predict be becoming Ultra Necrozma when I didn't. Other times, I'd Ultra Burst way earlier than it seem like I should (such as vs Fairy Arceus) to get off that sweet Z-move earlier.

Dusk Mane Necrozma used its forme change to be a versatile force on my team. When I think of versatility in the Mario franchise, I think of Wario: dude has a crazy amount of transformations in the Wario Land games, and Wario Ware may be the most “lol random” Mario franchise out there! And hey, Ultra Necrozma is shiny and yellow, that reminds me of Wario's lust for gold! As for Touhou characters… I think Yukari is a good fit. Necrozma is an Ultra Beast, heavily associated with wormholes, which are sorta like those portals Yukari loves to use. Plus, Dusk Mane Necrozma's use for me heavily involved forme change mind games, and that's the kind of tricky BS I'm sure Yukari would be fond of!

Primal Groudon
Groudon @ Red Orb
Ability: Drought
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Fire Punch
- Earthquake
- Rock Tomb​

Anyone who's played 3v3 metagames without item clause can tell you just how terrifying Focus Sash spam is when unprepared for, so Stealth Rock was essential for this team! There's actually quite a few viable choices for Stealth Rock here, with Deoxys-A, Necrozma formes, Arceus formes, etc. If you've seen this team so far, you'll notice that I have no good switch-ins to Primal Kyogre or worse yet, the rare but deadly Choice Scarf Kyogre, so Primal Groudon was the natural choice for a Stealth Rock setter here!

I went with Earthquake over Precipice Blades despite the Attack investment, because I wasn't in the mood to dance with lady luck once again in a tournament. Rock Tomb is one of the secret best moves here )and also the only move on the entire team that can miss normally lol): the speed control was very useful for punishing Yveltal switch-ins that lacked Scarf, deals a lot of damage to Rayquaza before it Mega Evolves, and is my only way of blasting Ho-Oh. I can't tell you how many times Primal Groudon hitting something fast on the switch with Rock Tomb clinched me the game!

Fire Punch rounds out the set here, giving me a move to hit Yveltal hard, and something to hit floaty Steel-types like Celesteela (who I actually ended up never seeing anyways lol). Normally, Overheat would be better for Yveltal, but I didn't want more than one move with a chance to miss. Now, Primal Groudon isn't something I liked to keep on Yveltal often, since Foul Play and Dark Pulse are pretty easy 2HKOs on this offensive variant. However, I noticed a lot of Yveltal seemed to only invest in HP for their bulk, opting for Speed + Taunt to mess with other Yveltals. These Yveltals still tended to switch into my Primal Groudon, which was awesome for me, because after Stealth Rock damage + Rock Tomb, these Yveltal were usually right in the KO range of Fire Punch! Since so many teams relied on Yveltal to blanket check stuff (including me if I'm being honest lol), this would often cause them to fall apart, usually letting stuff like Ultra Necrozma or my own Yveltal clean up!

So you may notice that this Primal Groudon has max Speed, which is unusual. Believe it or not… this was a mistake on my part! I actually meant to use 70 HP / 252 Atk / 188 Spe instead. This allows Primal Groudon to outspeed base 130s after a Rock Tomb hit. Since exact EV training is a pain in Ultra Sun, I figured "I'll buy 7 HP Ups, THEN train Primal Groudon in Speed along with the rest of the mons!". However, I was doofus and in a rush since the tournament ladder was closing in 8 hours at that point… and I forgot to use the HP Ups!

Turns out though, this may have been a very good mistake in the end. I won a lot of matches based off this Primal Groudon outspeeding other Primals and blasting them with Earthquake, so it's possible the unintentional speed creeping was a saving grace here! Plus, this actually outspeeds Jolly Dusk Mane Necrozma by 1 point, which may explain why a couple of those tried to pick me off without Ultra Bursting, only to get crushed by Earthquake! However, I had to play this Primal Groudon carefully, because it was quite a bit less bulky than you'd expect, with it getting 3HKOed by Primal Kyogre Ice Beams and taking quite a bit from resisted Judgements being issues in particular.

In the end though, this mistake seemed to help more than it hindered, and I ended up using Primal Groudon a LOT this competition. Even outside of Stealth Rocking, that extra speed shocked a lot of slower teams! I should also note, that the absurd defensive capabilites Primal Groudon's typing and ability provided, also made it freaking melt any Battle Spot Singles teams I saw like a stick of butter! The lack of bulk investment barely even mattered there, pretty much nothing was KOing it, while those 180 base attack assaults were stuff not even bulky Pokemon like Landorus-T could handle well!

Primal Groudon was a straight foward Pokemon that solved a lot of issues, he’s big, spikey, and uses Fire… yep, that sounds like Bowser! Granted, unlike Bowser, I’m pretty sure Primal Groudon doesn’t have PTSD over lava! As for the Touhou, Utsuho Reiuji is a pretty good fit, don't you think? She's basically a nuclear crow of the sun, and Primal Groudon is all about abusing a dangerous form of the sun! She also had ambitons for taking over Gensokyo, so I guess Utsuho Reiuji wanted to be just like Primal Groudon in Ubers!

Fairy Arceus
Arceus-Fairy @ Pixie Plate
Ability: Multitype
EVs: 252 HP / 8 Def / 32 SpA / 216 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Judgment
- Calm Mind
- Toxic
- Recover​

The bright pink Pokegod ended up being a very useful asset to this team. With Mega Rayquaza and Yveltal being everywhere, Fairy Arceus was a great glue check against these two, while providing some useful utility on its own! I opted to use a Timid Fairy Arceus with enough to outspeed Jolly Mega Rayquaza, enough Special Attack to OHKO it after Stealth Rock damage, and the rest in HP and Defense for general bulk. Fact is, while this is meant to check Mega Rayquaza, Dragon Ascent is still an easy 2HKO! Mega Rayquaza actually has a tough time setting up a speed boost vs this team thankfully, but I still had to play carefully here, since its not like Fairy Arceus was a hard check to Mega Rayquaza!

Calm Mind with Judgement did give Fairy Arceus some sweeping potential. It wasn’t an immediate, crazy powerful sweeper like Ultra Necrozma and Mega Rayquaza were for this team, but it still did its fair share of damage, since the bulk + Recover let it set up a lot.

Toxic may seem really odd on a bulky Calm Minder, but it ended up being a life saver on this team! The thing this helped with the most is Calm Mind Arceus mirror matches (except for Steel obviously!). Of course, I was still risking getting bonked by critical Judgements (in fact, I did lose one match because of that!), but I considered it better to at least put a time limit on the Calm Mind war! Plus, it still helped vs Primal Groudon as well, since when they switched into Toxic, I could Recover stall ones that lacked Swords Dance! Of coures, this did make this Fairy Arceus extremely vulnerable to Steel-types. This ended up exacerbating my Steel Arceus weakness, but I think it was worth it in the end.

Fairy Arceus did require more “maintenance” than some of the other Pokemon though. It was massive Dusk Mane Necrozma bait, and it was useless vs Steel Arceus and most other Steel-types. So in that sense, on the Mario-side of things, this is why its represented by Princess Peach. Sure, both Peach and Fairy Arceus risked being kidnapped a lot, but they’re also secretly pretty strong and had ways to mess with their captors! On the Touhou side of things... you may think it's strange I didn't use an actual Fairy for Fairy Arceus. That's because Fairies in Touhou are frankly, really stupid and childish, which is a great way to lose your Fairy Arceus, especially this riskier one! Instead, I opted to represent Fairy Arceus with Shinmyoumaru Sukuna. She's an Inchling, a tiny humanoid creature, and I certainly felt like Fairy Arceus shrunk to that size when facing off dangerous Steel-types like Dusk Mane Necrozma and Steel Arceus! However, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna damn near caused an upheavel in Gensokyo when mainpulated by Seija Kijin to cause a rebellion with the Miracle Mallet... Sorta like how I made Fairy Arceus rebell against a bunch of bulky Pokemon with the miracle of Toxic! Oh lord, I hope I'm not like Seija Kijin though...

Mega Rayquaza
Rayquaza @ Life Orb
Ability: Air Lock
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Dragon Ascent
- Extreme Speed
- Earthquake
- Dragon Dance​

Mega Rayquaza was an absolute power house, with Life Orb Dragon Ascent 2HKOing damn near everything in the game! I just... couldn't resist wielding such power, that's not something I can do everyday in serious battles! I opted for Dragon Dance as my set up move, because outspeeding Fairy Arceus and Ultra Necrozma was very important for sweeping, and I didn’t want to deal with any surprise Choice Scarf Pokemon such as Xerneas or Zekrom either.

Earthquake was my coverage move of choice to slam Primal Groudon a bit harder than Dragon Ascent without the fear of defense drops, and to hit Dusk Mane Necrozma hard in case it didn’t Ultra Burst. In the end, it also helped against Steel Arceus too. I considered a Fire-type attack because I was paranoid about Celesteela, but thankfully, I never saw them! As for Extreme Speed, while it doesn’t really help Mega Rayquaza sweep healthy teams all that much, it was great for picking off weakened foes.

So with everything going for it, you’d think I’d pick Mega Rayquaza almost every time, right? Well.. not quite. See, for all of Mega Rayquaza’s power, I underestimated just how hard this metagame was gonna go towards bulky offense, specfically with status moves that aren’t good news for Mega Rayquaza. For example, plenty of Primal Groudon were running Thunder Wave, and most teams had a Fairy Arceus waiting in the corner too. When I did pick Mega Rayquaza, it still did pretty well, but many times, I couldn’t justify choosing it for a match up because the opposing team was simply too well prepared for it, odd as that sounds!

Oh, I also need to note that quite a few people just used Battle Spot Singles teams in the competition, probably for fun or to get their shiny Tapu Koko. Mega Rayquaza freaking THRASHED those teams into oblivion, usually because their frailer stuff just could not take the Dragon Ascent onslaught! Against those teams, Mega Rayquaza was extremely useful for getting rid of a lot of risk from well played, but less serious teams.

After the competition, I wondered if Focus Sash Mega Rayquaza would have been a better fit, as a response to more hyper offensive teams. However, our very own Jibaku wasn’t a big fan of it either… so I wonder if this team would have been better off with either a bulkier Mega Rayquaza like marilli used, since he seemed to have a lot of success with it... or… I dare say, actually replaced Mega Rayquaza with something else, like another Arceus, or something to help out with that awful Steel Arceus weakness I had.

To be clear though, it’s not like Mega Rayquaza was bad. Far from it, Mega Rayquaza was still a huge threat whenever I brought it, and it still got me some pretty important wins, it was just overshadowed by most of the other team. Overshadowed… yep, the Mario character Mega Rayquaza is has to be Luigi, they’re both green and hey, Rayquaza shares a Flying-typing with Yveltal, who represents Mario! Speaking of sidekicks, Marsia is a good fit for Mega Rayquaza on the Touhou side as well. Mega Rayquaza and Marsia are both pretty straight forward folks who flaunt their power to kick a lot of butt, though can be a bit tricky to use too. In fact, I'm usually horrible at using Marisa in most Touhou games... However, I should note that like Mega Rayquaza, both Luigi and Marisa are not only very powerful, they also have a couple of games in their respective series they break about as hard as Mega Rayquaza apparently broke Ubers, such as Super Mario 64 DS for Luigi, or Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith for Marisa's B weapon!


Normal Arceus
Arceus @ Chople Berry
Ability: Multitype
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Extreme Speed
- Earthquake
- Shadow Claw​

So after these 5 mons were set in stone, I needed one last slot. This was a tough one, I wasn’t sure what I wanted… so I just settled on Normal Arceus, because that seems strong right? Sure, I had two priority users already, but not a sweeper that focused on it! I figured that bulky sweeping Normal Arceus would round the team out nicely as a different kind of sweeper. I also didn’t like the idea of a Sash Marshadow stopping my sweep if I didn’t set up Stealth Rock, so with Chople Berry in… feet I guess, Normal Arceus was going to be my ticket to sweeping without Stealth Rock on the field! Earthquake would help out against Primal Groudon, and while Shadow Claw isn't particularly strong, I wanted as much power against Marshadow and Lunala as possible.

Sadly, this is actually the one Pokemon I totally regret using, it was a big misread of the metagame on my part! Remember how I mentioned earlier how I underestimated how much this metagame was going to focus on bulky offense? Yeah, that was bad news for this Normal Arceus, because it didn’t do much outside of late game sweeping. That isn’t terrible on its own, but the Necrozma duo and Mega Rayquaza were able to do other stuff earlier in the game too. There actually was TWO games where Chopple Berry saved my butt, which was pretty cool! But otherwise, this was the Pokemon I brought the least, and I think my team would have been better off with something else in this slot, like maybe Ho-Oh for Steel Arceus, a Steel Arceus of my own, or Ground Arceus, etc.

So since this is a Pokemon I regretted… hmm… I got it! You know which character many in the Mario fanbase wish didn’t exist? Waluigi! Waluigi has a lot of good memes though so he's got his place, but this team is a mainline Mario game, not some sports spinoff, so get lost Waluigi! Also, I felt sorta like an idiot for using this Arceus… remember how I mentioned that fairies in Touhou are dumber than a bag of rocks? That brings up our favorite Touhou idiot, Cirno the Ice fairy! Arceus seemed really strong on paper, but like Cirno, it didn't really do that much beyond be an annoyance.

Oh yeah, since I regretted using Normal Arceus, and both Waluigi and Cirnon amazingly have offical "bad" art... I needed to add to the collection. I present to everyone, my first contribution towards the artist badge: I call it "Regretceus"! Artists have to have a deep meaning behind their works, right? Well here's mine: This Arceus ate a ton of Chople Berries while investing in HP EVs. However, this Arceus ingested far too many calories, and becoame morbidly obese, and also made a questionable hairstyle choice on top of it. So this Arceus is very sad, regreting the life choices its made up to this point. Thank you everyone, I will accept payment in the form of mint copies of All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros!

Threat List

Yeah I realize rating a team for a format that doesn’t even officially exist anymore seems like overkill, but I love hypotheticals, and this also serves as a team report thread too! I’m going to go over a bunch of threats, covering the top 30 first, and then threats I was worried about or unexpected stuff I encountered. Note that being in the top 30 doesn't automatically mean the mon was good!

Top 30 Used Threats

Mega Rayquaza - Mega Rayquaza can pretty much 2HKO the entire game, so this is always going to be a threat! That being said, Stealth Rock really helped against sash variants, and Fairy Arceus + Yveltal usually kept them in check. While Extreme Speed hurts, Ultra Necrozma was also good at picking off weakened ones (and sometimes with some guts, I’d just not ultra burst and take a resisted Extreme Speed lol).

Primal Groudon- Yveltal tended to heavily punish these thanks to Foul Play and the focus on bulk. I thankfully didn’t encounter any of them using rock moves or high powered Overheats either! Also, my own Primal Groudon usually took them out when they were weakened, and both Ultra Necrozma and Normal Arceus had Earthquake for cleaning up weakened ones. Overall, not a particularly big issue for this team. Oh also since I don't have anywhere else to mention this... I was secretly a bit scared my Primal Groudon was gonna get owned by a regular Groudon lol. Never happened though!

Primal Kyogre - Primal Groudon was my primary check, but note that due to its focus on offense, Primal Groudon was actually 3HKOed by Ice Beam! Mega Rayquaza and Ultra Necrozma also did loads of damage to it, and a lot of them clearly didn’t use a 0 Attack IV because Yveltal Foul Play did a lot too! Still, I have to be very careful about rain boosted stuff, so I never led Primal Groudon against teams with Primal Kyogre due to most Primal Kyogre being slower.

Dusk Mane Necrozma / Ultra Necrozma: Normally, these weren’t too much of an issue, as Yveltal blasted most Dusk Mane Necrozma fairly easily. However, there was one very specific kind of Ultra Necrozma that was a HUGE problem: Substitute Stone Edge Ultra Necrozma. There were a few Ultra Necrozma specfically designed with bust through even the bulkiest Yveltal with a Swords Dance boosted Stone Edge. Frankly, these were terrifying every time I saw them, and it required baiting Light that Burns The Sky in clever ways to beat them. In fact, against one person, I only won because Stone Edge missed! This is the kind of Ultra Necrozma I didn’t even think to prepare for. I saw a few specially based ones, but those didn’t seem to be much of an issue honestly, because while +1 Dragon Pulse does a ton to Yveltal, I ended up never getting in a situation where it was in KO range from it.

Xerneas: Dusk Mane Necrozma was my main way of dealing with this, with Primal Groudon as an ok backup if it was healthy (+2 Moonblast still did tons to it). On paper, Xerneas could totally sweep me if it set up Geomancy at the right moment, but in practice, none of the Xerneas I saw ever got into a good position to pull that off.

Yveltal: Ironically, despite Yveltal being the star of my team, opposing ones could be quite problematic. The big issue were fast ones with Taunt + Toxic, as these would shut down my slower Yveltal, and threaten Fairy Arceus switch-ins, problematic since that’s my main Yveltal check! However, I was able to nail a lot of these Yveltal with either Toxic on the switch from my own Yveltal, or my Primal Groudon’s Rock Tomb after Stealth Rock damage, putting most of them into Fire Punch KO range. Offensive Yveltals were less problematic, with my own Yveltal and Fairy Arceus doing just fine against them.

Normal Arceus: Funnily enough, despite my regret in using one of my own, Normal Arceus wasn’t as simple of a threat to handle as you’d imagine. This is mostly because Normalium Z could blast Yveltal, which would normally be my usual check! I had to bait the Z Attack often into Dusk Mane Necrozma, and there were actually a few Giga Impact ones that I had close games against too! I didn’t lose to any Normal Arceus, but it was certainly a threat.

Marshadow: Boy, every time people brought these, I basically won, this team was way too well prepared against the standard ones, with Primal Groudon, Yveltal, and Fairy Arceus blasting it, Chople Arceus surprising it, and Ultra Necrozma surving Shadow Sneak when at high health. That being said, I was sorta scared of Swagger and Endeavor variants since that’d mess with my usual way of checking it… but thankfully, I didn’t see any of those!

Mimikyu: While Mimikyu had the potential to seriously mess me up due to owning Yveltal and Mega Rayquaza, it didn't give me that many issues in the end. Sunsteel Strike from Dusk Mane Necrozma was the chief reason here, making Disguise useless at stopping its sweeps (though Shadow Sneak hurt while in Ultra forme). Primal Groudon also did pretty well due to the Fairy resist. Thankfully, I didn't encounter any Curse ones, which would have had the potential to mess up Primal Groudon.

Mewtwo: I saw a couple of these, but it honestly didn’t do that much. Pretty much the only Pokemon Mega Mewtwo Y was consistently threatening was Fairy Arceus (and Ice Beam would really hurt my Yveltal switch-ins), and the one Mega Mewtwo X I saw got owned by Foul Play. Dusk Mane Necrozma did pretty well too in case I'd find Psyspam teams with Tapu Lele (I don't recall seeing one of these though). I mean, I’m sure they could have been threatening on Psychic Terrain teams, but I just didn’t see anyone use it well.

Tapu Lele: Like I said, I don't recall actually facing any of these, but I was a bit worried about it in team preview, as its part Fairy-typing and nullifying all my priority sounded a bit problematic. Thankfully, I'm pretty sure Dusk Mane Necrozma would have done fine against it!

Tapu Koko: I was a bit worried about these since Tapu Koko does a great job against Yveltal and outspeeds Ultra Necrozma. I owned these hard with Primal Groudon, but I consider myself lucky for that, because there’s a pretty funny twitter video around of a Tapu Koko destroying Primal Groudon with the same Z-Mirror Move tactic that a Blaziken used against me. Glad I didn’t run into that! Here’s the twitter vid!

Dawn Wings Necrozma / Ultra Necrozma: These were less problematic than I expected, Yveltal still did pretty well against them overall, especially since I wasn’t worried about Stone Edge shenanigans. Also, vs my Fairy Arceus, Toxic meant they wouldn’t win Calm Mind wars most of the time (yes, one of them seriously tried to set up alongside my Fairy Arceus lol).

Lunala: I actually did see one Lunala: A Choice Scarf one. It actually tried to Focus Blast my Normal Arceus, but not only did the poor thing miss, but they didn’t realize I was using Chople Arceus, and I 2HKOed it with Shadow Claw!

Fairy Arceus: This was one of the easier Arceus formes for me. Not only did Dusk Mane Necrozma do well against them, but a lot of them switched right into Yveltal’s Toxic too, putting a timer on their lifespans!

Landorus-T: I usually saw these on Battle Spot Singles teams. Landorus-T actually was sorta annoying since a lot of my team dislikes Intimidate, but they usually didn't do too hot vs Yveltal or Fairy Arceus, so it wasn't a big deal.

Greninja: Greninja was also usually only seen on Battle Spot Singles teams on my end. Again, had the potential to be a pain because of STAB Ice Beam vs Yveltal, but otherwise, it had trouble actually OHKOing anything on my team and took a ton from the Extreme Speeds, so it was easy to handle. Oh, I'm sure there were also a few Ash Greninja roaming around, but my only worry about that was it outspeeding Ultra Necrozma.

Mega Salamence: Besides Intimidate being annoying (and me paranoid of the potential for Roost + Toxic sets against Primal Groudon), this was basically an easy Mega Rayquaza for me.

Mega Metagross: Continuing the Battle Spot Singles trend, Mega Metagross was a common appearance on these teams just like the real ladder. It certainly had the coverage to lay the hurt on my team (especially Fairy Arceus), but so much of my team has strong Ground-type coverage, with Mega Rayquaza in particular outspeeding Mega Metagross, and Yveltal blasting it with Foul Play despite the Ice Punch weakness… yeah, I didn't have many issues with this!

Mega Charizard X / Mega Charizard Y: Yep, more Battle Spot Singles travelers! I don't actually recall facing these two, but I don't think they would have been too problematic, Mega Rayquaza and Ultra Necrozma would have shellacked Mega Charizard Y, while Mega Charizard X probably would have serious issues with Yveltal.

Aegislash: I was a bit worried about this actually, specifically Toxic variants. Mainly, I don't like Primal Groudon or Yveltal getting hit by Toxic, and Fairy Arceus is useless against Aegislash. Thankfully, it ended up not being an issue in the end.

Tapu Fini: This ended up not being an issue, but I was worried about it because Misty Terrain made this a GREAT check to Yveltal, and Nature's Madness would have sucked to face since it'd punish Primal Groudon, who'd otherwise wreck Tapu Fini. I think Fairy Arceus probably would have done fine though, winning the Calm Mind war thanks to Recover.

Mega Gengar: I’m really glad I saw so few of these, because well played ones can trap my Fairy Arceus, and leave me open to Yveltal and Mega Rayquaza in a big way. Thankfully, the two times I saw it, they came in on the wrong Pokemon and too late at that (Normal Arceus and Primal Groudon respectively). I was pretty worried about the infamous “Casinogar” as well, a Mega Gengar with Hypnosis and Hex, but I didn’t run into any of them, probably good for me!

Celesteela: I was fairly worried about this thing while teambuilding. Despite having Primal Groudon, I was worried that just one Toxic switch-in was all it needed to be a big issue, and I damn near trained up my V-create Rayquaza specifically for Celesteela! Most of my team would have had trouble breaking through Celesteela… but I ended up never seeing one I think!

Zeraora: I was vaguely worried about the idea of a Sash Endeavor set, but I ended up never seeing one of those. Primal Groudon blasted most these just fine, and it didn't do too hot vs Dusk Mane Necrozma, Arceus formes, or Mega Rayquaza either.

Lugia: You know I think this had the potential to be annoying with phazing, but I actually never saw anyone use it against me. My team had two Toxic users though, so I wasn't really worried about it.

Magearna: I saw a few of these, and they would make a fool out of my Yevltal due to their Toxic immunity, and owned my Fairy Arceus too. Thankfully, Primal Groudon and Dusk Mane Necrozma did very well against them.

Incineroar: Ok honestly, I think Incineroar mostly appeared from people using their VGC teams in singles lol. This team finds Intimidate annoying, but I had so much coverage against Incineroar that I wasn't worried about it at all.

Ditto: I thankfully didn’t see any of these, but my gameplan against them was going to be to Toxic stall them with Yveltal and Fairy Arceus, and avoid setting up unless needed!

Kartana: Good thing I wasn't running Primal Kyogre! Leaf Blade is still strong on my more offensive Primal Groudon, but Yveltal was a fine bulky check to this, and Kartana was notably one of the few Steel-types that didn't totally wall my Fairy Arceus! Actually come to think of it, Z-Giga Impact would have been pretty dangerous for my team, as would have Darkinum Z, hmm....

Other Threats

Steel Arceus: This was probably the biggest threat for the team, believe it or not, especially since several people high on the ladder had one! I only really had Primal Groudon to beat it, and this more offensive one could only take so many Judgements (none of them I saw had Earth Power thankfully). One player in particular, Aura Lin, beat me 4 times with it paired with Taunt Yveltal! Besides well placed boosted Earthquakes and smart use of Primal Groudon, Will-O-Wisp Steel Arceus could easily set up and sweep my whole team! If I could go back in time, I’d certainly prep for this thing better.

Ho-Oh: I only saw 2 of these, but both times I saw it, it was actually quite a threat. This is because the two times I saw it… they were actually boosting sweepers! Specifically, a Z-Celebrate one almost crushed me due to its power and bulk, while a Curse one wasn’t getting 2HKOed by Foul Play. Both times, I was saved by Primal Groudon’s Rock Tomb, but they were still pretty scary otherwise!

Breloom: I only saw one of these guys, so its not like it was normally a huge threat… but due to my more offensive Primal Groudon, Bullet Seed damn near 2HKOed me actually, I only won because of a Fire Punch burn hax! In general, this team was pretty poorly prepared for anything that abused sleep.

Smeargle: Speaking of that, I actually didn’t run into a Smeargle… probably a good thing, as this team didn’t have much recourse towards a Moody Baton Pass Smeargle!

Deoxys-A: I saw this as a lead. Deoxys-A actually does pretty massive damage to its team with its coverage, but Yveltal and Dusk Mane Nerozma seemed to lead against it well, and priority from Normal Arceus and Mega Rayquaza meant it wasn’t really a threat late game either.

Blaziken / Mega Blaziken: Ok I only saw one of these, but it pulled a stunt I forgot was possible: It used Z-Mirror Move on my Primal Groudon to OHKO it with Z-Earthquake rofl. I had an Ultra Necrozma and Mega Rayquaza in line to mess with the rest of the dude’s team, but he ended up DCing before I could see the results… still, was funny that I fell for that! Otherwise, I think this team would have done just fine vs Blaziken thanks to Ultra Necrozma, Mega Rayquaza, and Primal Groudon all being bulky enough to handle it

Zygarde Complete: I saw like 2 of these, or at least I think I did: in the form of a Zygarde 10% and Zygarde 50%. Both times, they got wrecked by Fairy Arceus, and I don’t think their slow set up would have done well aganst Toxic stalling and Fairy Arceus in general.

White Kyurem: The only gen 5 boxart Uber I even saw. Not gonna lie, this actually was a scary to switch into, but I revenge killed them pretty easily with Fairy Arceus in the end, so it wasn’t too hard to deal with.

Dialga: I saw one of these, and was nervous because of the potential unpredictability + it having a Steel-type STAB for Fairy Arceus… but it didn’t have Shuca Berry, so my Primal Groudon annihilated it. Still, I imagine a Shuca Berry Dialga could have had the potential to be annoying depending on its moveset, especially since it'd set up Trick Room pretty well.

Zekrom: I actually thought about using a mixed Zekrom, but didn't use or see one in the end. Primal Groudon may seem like an obvious switch-in, but I was worried about Draco Meteor slamming me. Fairy Arceus probably would have helped as well. Funnily enough, the #3 team actually used a Choice Scarf Zekrom!

Kyogre: I was actually a bit worried about Choice Scarf Kyogre. I mean, obviously Primal Groudon would blast that thing alongside Mega Rayquaza, but the rest of my team would get hit hard by Water Spout (yes, even Ultra Necrozma despite the resist). I was pretty well prepared for it though. Also funnily enough, that same #3 team that used Choice Scarf Zekrom actually used Rocky Helmet Kyogre!


(thanks Tenshi for the image lol)
This tournament was a blast, a mixture of old and new that formed a nostalgia fueled good-bye to Pokemon I've loved for a long time, some for over a decade! And that's why Wobbuffet is riding Yveltal here. With dexit looming over us with Sword and Shield, I'm really going to miss my Uber pals. But, everything must come to an end, and while Wobbuffet is making it to Sword and Shield, I like to imagine my old blue buddy is giving some teary farewells to the old Uber crew!

By the way, while I may have won this tournament... my team was by no means perfect! Sure, this metagame may be over... but this is more than just a team report! I would love for actual feedback on the team, such as moveset changes, and ESPECIALLY replacements for Normal Arceus. Sure, it may not technically be useful... but I love hypothehicals like this! Like for example, what if Sword and Shield get updated versions that bring my beloved Ubers back? Or, what if aliens invade and force me to play against them?! Ok but seriously, you can post your congratulations or whatever, but I'd appreciate feedback too!


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Hey hold on, there's some bonus features about this format here! I'll even update them as I get more info or think of fun things to add about Ultra Final!
Oh and yeah, I was orginally going to include a massive shout outs part here... but it was taking a ton of time, because turns out I have to give anywhere from 50-100 users a paragraph each! So instead, I'll be making a seperate thread about my love of Smogon for the past decade with this!

Top 10 Other Teams

I may have won, but that doesn't mean all the attention should be on me, because hell, I'm sure the other 10 people below me could have totally won too! Here are the ones I was able to find for the top 11 (there was a tie in the top 10), with links to team blogs / team reports if possible!

#2- X : ???

#3- S E N A :

#4- グリ : ???

#5- そはら :

#6- Ginkgo :

#7- Jibaku :

#8- ぷらずま : ???

#9- ショウキチ : ???

#10- いろセレビィ :

#11- きの :

As you can see... a lot of the same Pokemon show up! Beleive it or not though, there weren't a lot of repeated sets between the top teams, these mons were pretty versatile!

Oh yeah, that's our very own Jibaku at #7. Yep that's right, two old Uber dudes here got in the top 10 \o/

Also, shoutouts to marilli , greilmercenary9 , and TFC (god damn it whats your name now a days lol) for doing really well too!


I didn't have enough room in my replays for Ultra Final battles, mostly because I'm a dork and have a ton of metronome replays saved instead lol. Thankfully however, I put on the auto save replays, and PGL saved most of the replays for me! Here are all the replays PGL saved below, which is.. about half the battles I had! I had 41 fully completed battles, going 36-5 in the tournament, with an extra 2 people DCing against me (so it's really more like 38-5 I guess!)

To be clear, I don't have any way to record them, so in order to view these, you'll have to go to the replay computer inside the festival plaza castle on the actual 3DS games. If anyone wants to record them and put em on youtube though, be my guest!

Pokémon Global Link.png

Now, you may notice that unfortunately, PGL didn't save my losses for some reason. Now, for one of the losses against the dude that wasn't Azuma Lim, I can tell you what happened: I lost to a crit Judgement because my Calm Mind + Toxic Stalling didn't finish on time lol.

However, the only other person I lost to… really kicked my butt, beating me 4 out of the 5 times I battled him! Thankfully, Azuma Lim is on twitter, and just so happened to tweet out the replays where he won! I'm sharing them here, so you too can see how disgustingly weak to Steel Arceus I was, and to see me get my ass kicked! Thank you so much dude for saving the replays, you're a great player!

Mono Pokemon Teams

This being the final competition and it giving out a shiny Tapu Koko, not everyone took this format as seriously as I did. In fact, quite a few people challenged themselves by using mono Pokemon teams: aka, using 6 of the same Pokemon! I faced two of them myself early on in the tournament:

The first one was this Minior team. I actually think I found the dude's team on twitter later. It was cute, and had dual screens Minor attempt to set up 2 Shell Smash ones.

This Glalie one scared the hell outta me, I thought I was gonna get destroyed here by Moody boosts. Turns out, the punchline to this team is that none of the Glalie had moody! Good joke imo!

Here's some others I didn't face, but thought were really funny. If you find any particularly funny ones, I'll add em to this post!

Hahaha holy crap, this poor Rhyperior team!

Yep, that's a 6 Pyukumuku team beating a 6 Arceus team! Guess the dude overloaded on the boosting Arceus or something?

This Unown one amuses me to no end, the two messages actually connect!

If you want to find more (seriously there's tons of these), search this hashtag on twitter: #ウルトラファイナル

One last thing...

Yeah, that's me with Reggie! I made a thread about it last week, but the best part was not only did I get a selfie with him... but yes, if you look super closely on that 3DS screen... that's my Ultra Final team! I'm like 99% sure Reggie had no idea what that was beyond Pokemon, but I had to do this corny thing man. If I went back in time to my 12 year old self and said "in 15 years you're gonna take a picture with Reggie while holding the DS succesor that has a team you won a tournament with in Pokemon gen 7", I'm pretty sure I would have lost my mind!

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